The Important Use of the Theory of Signaling

A Research on Corporate Governance

Corporate governance refers to the way an organization is controlled and operated. It designates a process whereby shareholders and suppliers of funds assure themselves of an efficient utilization of their resources, security of their funds and a return on their investment. It is usually spearheaded by the management of an…

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The Important Use of the Theory of Signaling

Companies allow a lot of information to be provided to the investors by media, special releases etc., but the investors do not get the insight at the current company’s condition. Managers of big and small companies possess more information on the value of stocks, current and future cash flows than the potential investors. A…

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A Look at Accounting Frauds in Many Organizations Today

Accounting firms use different accounting procedures however, cases of primary complaints based on some valid reasons that the audit committees readily address. These complaints include those of fraud against investors through fraudulent statements to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the investing public signifi…

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An Analysis of an Operating Budget in the Revenues Received by Target Corporation

The operating budget indicates that the revenues received by Target Corporation would exceed the expenses incurred over the year. These projections would be vital, as they will assist managers and the accounting and administration department to plan effectively and ensure that the company is on the correct path of prosperit…

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An Analysis of Different Types of Costs in Business and Finance

Relevant Cost
Any cost which is relevant in making a decision is relevant cost. In other words, a cost is relevant if non-recognition of it is likely to result in a wrong decision, i.e., any cost which is likely to affect the decision is relevant cost. It can be expressed in yet a different way; any item of cost which is li…

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Understanding the Idea Behind the Stock Split in Stocks Business

A stock split, similar to a stock dividend involves issuance of additional shares to the existing shareholders based on their respective shareholding. This means that a holder of 10,000 shares before a stock split will now own 30,000 if the split is 3 for every 1 held. When there is a stock split, the effect is a reduction…

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An Analysis of the Confidence Level of Customers in an Organization

Due to the direction that the company was taking, the CEO needed to have an analysis of the confidence level of their customers. There has been an anticipation to have at least a 95 % confidence level which is an achievable goal. In this case, the target for customer satisfaction was set at 4.5. Additionally, a sample of 20…

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Peru Ltd. is Not a Subsidiary of Singapore Ltd.

A Consolidated and Separate Financial Statement, according to the International Accounting Standards 27 is defined as the financial statement of a group presented as those of a single economic entity (Hattingh, 1998). A group is comprised of a parent and a subsidiary (s) and the parent has the power to govern the financial…

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The Importance of Maintaining Accurate Financial Records for Keeping a Good Public Accounting Reputation

Public accounting is the practice of issuing confirmatory reports that is in line with agreed professional standards. These reports may include consulting services, financial accounting, tax returns reports or accounting processes in business organizations. Public accounting is not only a record of the past but also a refle…

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A Description of National Pen Company as a Worldwide Leader in Providing High Value Promotional Products For Businesses and Professionals in Every Industry at Low Factory Pricing

National Pen Company is the worldwide leader in providing high value promotional products for businesses and professionals in every industry at low factory pricing. National Pen Company develops two specialized products (Yu-Lee, 2001). The first product is the specialized fountain pen. The second product is the official bag…

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The Mean for the Sales in the 1990’s

In the year 1990, the mean for the sale price was at 163,780. This is a higher number compared to the year 1991 which has a mean of 153,451. Here the mean decreased. This year also had the least mean number of days. In this year still, the mean for the interior were still high but it had the least mean number of beds compar…

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An Analysis of Marginal Cost in Decision Making Process of Managers

Marginal cost is a type of variable cost which refers to the cost of extra inputs that is required to produce a particular output. As a matter of fact, it is derived from the total production expenses with respect to the amount produced. Therefore, marginal costing is a technique in accounting whereby the variable costs are…

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An Analysis of the Areas that Raise Concern in Budget Planning

Budget is a term that is used to refer to an approximation of both income and expenditure for a specified period of time. As such, it bears a plan of all the preset expenses and revenues including savings, borrowing and spending. Similarly, budget planning involves the identification of income and taking into c…

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An Income Statement of Walrus PLC for the Year Ended Match 31 2007

Credit (HK$)      debit (HK$)
Gross revenues                                                                                                         718000

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A Study of Financial Controls

Financial controls are basically all the crucial checks, as well as procedures that assist organizations to meet their duties in safeguarding their assets, manage risks and enhance quality financial reporting. This is achieved through the preservation of enough accounting records and preparing applicable financ…

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An Essay on Internal Control and Control Environment

Internal control is the combination of activities, arrangements, policies and efforts of the workforce in an institution which are aimed at offering a realistic guarantee that the organization will attain its goals and mission. It is aimed at attainment of the organization’s mission. This calls for every employee to be conv…

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An Analysis of the Purpose of an Income Statement

The income statement is also referred to as the profit and loss statement or revenue statement. It indicates how the revenue is transformed to net income. It does take into account all revenues identified in a specific period of account, the costs and the expenses (including write offs) charged against. Write offs include d…

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An Understanding of the Independence of an Auditor in an Organization

An auditor can be defined as a person who has been authorized and appointed to examine records of account and compare the results from different balance sheets that have been provided. An auditor has the independence to record what he feels like as far as accounting is concerned. Auditor independence is the fre…

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A Comparison of the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and the Common Bases of Accounting

“Other Comprehensive Basis of Accounting” (OCBOA) is a term that is used to refer to bases of accounting other that the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). They are defined under the SAS no. 62, special Reports, as comprising of a statutory basis of accounting, income -tax-basis financial…

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A Study of Budgeting

Budgeting is often carried by most firms because it serves as a framework for measuring performance, planning and control. Whereas the budget process results in the development of a single budget, several draft budgets are usually sketched in the process (Bhimani, Horngren, Datar, & Foster, 2008). This draf…

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An Analysis of an Investigation on the Literature Available on Financial Analysis of Two Companies

This paper investigates the literature available on financial analysis of two companies. The paper takes an analytical look at the financial accounts of these companies with a view to comparing their performance during the last financial year. For instance, it focuses on the profit and loss accounts as well as the balance s…

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An Analysis of the Role of Financial Accounting Standards Board in Insurance Accounting

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Financial Accounting Standards Board is a seven member independent board that comprises professionals charged with establish…

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A Look at Activity Based Accounting

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Activity based costing is an accounting costing model in which an organization or a firm assigns costs of activity resources…

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An Analysis of Information Systems in the Accounting and Management Departments of an Organization

Machinery Account
1st January 2000 $ 52000
Dr                                                                                                                                                    Cr Date/year details Cost in $ Date/year Details Cost in $   1st January 2000 Cash account 52000
31st Decemb…

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A Comparison of the Assets of Sherman Lawn Service and Grey’s Groovy Tunes

Which business has more assets?
Equity = Assets – Liabilities
For Sherman Lawn Service, assets are equal to $12000
Grey’s Groovy Tunes assets are equal to $6000 $7000= $13000
This means that Grey Groovy Tunes had more assets as compared to Sherman Lawn Service.
Which business owes more to creditors?
Grey’s Groovy Tunes the…

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