The Importance of Flag and Why Flag Burning Should Be Banned

The Importance of Flag and Why Flag Burning Should Be Banned

Flag burning in the United States should not be permitted. The flag
should be respected by the citizens of this country and treated well. It
does not drag the floor when one walks with it; it does not fly in the
rain; it does not fly after the seams are ripped and the colors are faded;
and when it is in poor shape, it is…

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Jane Addams’ Social Work

The field of Social Work, you will find, is one that is graciously underappreciated in nearly every developed country around the world. It is hard, emotional, low-paying work, and those that do it work with some of the most damaged people you will ever meet-wither it be physically, mentally or socially. Yet there are very f…

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The Historical Improvement of the Issue of Women’s Fight for Equality

Today, women are still fighting for their rights in society. They have, however, come a long way in their fight for equality. Looking back at history shows how women struggled for equality and also shows how daring and passionate women are to fight for equality and against unfairness. Most developed countries today have equ…

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A Discussion on Good Manners and Its Impacts on Society

Discussion 1 The thesis statement, “Good manners make our society work,” is not a strong thesis statement. Strong thesis statements are typically things that can be tested in some way (Duxbury, 2008). For one, it is difficult to test out the impact of manners. This is also true because the author of the thesis statement di…

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A Solution to the Huge Problem of Drugs and Drug Addictions in Our Society

Drugs are a huge deal all over the world. They are spreading everywhere, every single day. There are a huge variety of them, some that have been out for years and others that have been out for a couple of weeks. The selling and reproduction of drugs on the streets of America has become a huge problem in our society today. T…

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The Perspectives of Meghan Daum and Sophie Downes on the Issues of the Letter Regarding Trigger Warnings by the President at the University of Chicago

In response to the letter regarding trigger warnings by the president at the University of Chicago, two individuals issued their take on the whole debacle. Meghan Daum’s article, “When it Comes to Campus Groupthink, Trigger Warnings Aren’t the Half of it.” Originally published in the Los Angeles Times on September 1, 2016,…

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Social Conservatism in the 1950’s in Pink Think: Becoming a Woman in Many Uneasy Lessons by Lynn Peril

Conservatism: A Social Construction In Lynn Peril’s Pink Think: Becoming A Woman in Many Uneasy Lessons, Peril depicts social conservatism as a key characteristic of society in the 1950’s. Consumer capitalism and commercial advertisement not only helped perpetuate social conformity, but also defined gender roles and expect…

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The Rights of Freedom and Independence in American Society

The Perennial        Since the very birth of America, freedom and independence have always been rights entitled to all American citizens. The American citizen, who executes these rights, uphold these values in every decision he/her makes everyday of his/her life. However, what specifically appeals to the American individu…

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Is it Possible to Be an Individual Within a Society

Individualism within Societies Is it possible to be an individual in a society? Individuals are
created and molded by their surroundings. I don’t think I am an individual
so much as I am the product of an environment that has poked and prodded at
me until I grew a pair of balls- and other appendages. In all seriousne…

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The Relation Between Uneven Power Structures and Social Structures

Power is the ability to do certain things that other people would not
have access to, often to the detriment of another. Equity is the fair,
unbiased treatment of everyone, regardless of social stature or other
determining factors. These concepts cannot coexist; with power, comes
inequity, and with equity, the toppling of p…

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The Relation Between Virtual Violence and Actual Violence

Virtue Violence vs. Actual Violence The video game industry has evolved into a dominant player in the entertainment industry, and video games of all genres, especially violence, have quickly become one of the most popular forms of media (2). Many people are under the impression that video games breed aggression and vi…

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The Changes in the Treatment of Women in Society

Women have always been discriminated although it has decreased in the past years, a simple example is the name of their category (‘‘females’’) which in Latin is ‘‘femina’’ meaning (fe= faith) and (mina= minus); concluding they have less faith, an inferior being. Ladies were depraved from a learning process that did not perm…

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An Argument in Favor of Further Development of Centers for Heroin Addicts

The idea of centers for heroin addicts should keep on growing even though a low percentage of people disagree because they feel they are legalizing the drug, but on the other hand they are offering the drug dependents a secure area to stop the spread of disease (ending the exchange of syringes), they reduce the uncomfortabl…

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A History of the Controversy Regarding the Legalization of Marijuana in the United States

In 1906, the federal government made their first attempt at regulating marijuana with the Pure Food and Drug Act. This act required medicine companies to include cannabis and other various substances on the labels so worried customers could avoid it. By the early 1920’s, there were twenty-six states that had passed laws pro…

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A History of the Exclusion of Certain Races Trying to Immigrate to the United States

During specific times of American history there was a great amount of exclusion towards certain races trying to immigrate to the United States in hopes of new opportunity in the land of the free. This influx of immigrants from foreign lands threatened the newly established sense of nationalism, the moral values of the upper…

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A Comparison of Physical and Inner Beauty

The qualities that many people can have sometimes reflect on how the person represent themselves. The most common perception that is looked upon is the physical appearance of a person. This can be a contrastive idea to how the look of a person overshadows the inner beauty that one may have. When deciding on the comparing fa…

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The Influence of Violence on a Person

Any form of violence can obviously have a negative impact on a person. This can either affect a society in no way whatsoever, or it can result in putting its people in a very dangerous situation. Whether the person’s frame of mind is stable or not is the debate people should make. This is especially true when there are peop…

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The Importance of a Community

Communities Usually community refers to a group of people living in a common geographical location. This group of people obeys some social norms and some common value among themselves. As such, there are so many communities throughout the world separated by languages, cultures, or geographical locations. However, the…

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The Injustice in the Act of Racial Profiling by Police

Racial Profiling By Police: A Matter of Justice Since this country was founded, discrimination based on race is, and always has been, an as issue that plagues our nation’s minorities. While this long standing problem has certainly become less prevalent throughout history, it continues to be an issue as shown through racial…

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The Difficult Job of an Anti-Drug Advertiser

Anti-Drug Advertising: A Delicate Balance When dealing with anti-drug advertising, the job of advertisers can prove extremely challenging. Rather than promoting the consumption of a product, their job is to deflect their target audience of teens from desiring one of the products they will be tempted by throughout their ent…

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Addiction as a Disease: A Crucial Classification

Addiction As Disease: A Crucial Classification When a person finds themselves faced with addiction, there are also faced with choices that might seem impossible to make. The choice to be honest and come to terms with the reality of their addiction, the choice to seek help, and even the choice to stop using the very thing t…

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Drug and Alcohol Abuse among Adolescents May Lead to Long Term Psychological Disorders

As young people grow older, they experience many different changes. While some changes may be positive, there are also some changes that adolescents have difficulty coping with. Young people seek to establish their independence as they go through their teen years. On the downside, some teenagers engage in risky behaviors du…

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Cultural Assimilation of Immigrants in the United States

It’s no secret or surprise that cultural assimilation is a huge topic of conversation in the American society. There are strong stereotypes when looking at all minorities within the general population that stem from ignorance and make the transition over to America more stressful for immigrants. This has led to an oppressio…

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The Differing Opinions on the Implementation of New Gun Control Laws

Gun Control The end of 2012 sparked a huge uproar for the implementation of gun control laws. On December 14, Sandy Hook Elementary School fell victim to a school shooting using a .223 caliber, semiautomatic weapon. This resulted in the death of six staff members and 20 children ages 6-7. Since then there has been a fierce…

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Gender Stereotypes That Have an Influence on People From Their Birth

Gender Assignment Gender stereotypes has and always will be an issue in our society. Even with the victory of more rights, it will not negate the fact that stereotypes are part of a functioning society. Whether it is at work or at home, there are specific areas outlined for and by the separate genders. From birth we are se…

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