The Importance of Executing an Effective Strategic Plan in a Company

The Application of Marketing Principles in Firms and the Importance of the Marketing Field

The study of marketing has traditionally focused on the exchange
between a commercial firm and the public as consumer of the firm’s product. In recent years, the applications of marketing theory have been extended
to include firms in the nonprofit sector as well as those companies that
produce a service rather than a tangi…

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The Ethical Issues Surrounding the Enron Scandals

Enron Scandals and the Lack of Ethics Involved Analysis of Issues Related to Social Contract Theory and Kant’s Categorical Enron company was established in the year 1985, after the merging between Houston Natural Gas co. and InterNorth Inc. After this merge, the CEO of Houston Natural Gas hastily rebranded Enron company…

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The Importance of Ethics in the Field of Accounting

Ethics in Accounting is important because without ethics, nothing would be honest. Small business as well as big businesses rely on ethics in order to conduct their businesses properly. According to Usurelu from the Accounting Ethics – Responsibility Versus Creativity article, “Ethics is all rules of conduct shared by a par…

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Understanding the Fraudulent Acts of Mislabeling Seafood Products in Seafood Fraud

Seafood fraud—mislabeling of seafood products—is a world-wide issue. This can cause drastic changes to the seafood industry. It can make prices of seafood go up, it can harm fishermen’s jobs, and can make some people want to stop buying seafood because they do not know if it was illegally caught and imported to be portrayed…

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An Overview of the Operational History and Business Strategy of Walmart Inc.

Walmart Inc. has been operational since the year 1962 where it has been able to navigate through significant operational challenges to remain the largest retail store in the world. The company has more than 11,000 stores in 28 countries. Walmart moves products to approximately 200 million customers through its numerous stor…

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Case Management in Social Environment

Case management focuses on client wellbeing and thus termination of case management in most cases simplify the achievement of the underlying objectives that informed the development of the case management concept. There is need to ensure that the case management is able to achieve client and case manager’s objectives in ens…

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The Key Role of Important Concepts in the Development Process of a Business Leader

Introduction to the topic Organization management and leadership are crucial elements that need to be considered effectively in ensuring that there is a positive development within an organizational environment. Organization management entails putting in place critical operational measures that can ensure that the organiza…

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An Analysis of the Marketing Processes of Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corporation

Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp. Marketing Processes Analysis Introduction Marketing provides a clear engagement within a given environment and thus creates a better understanding of the key underlying issues, which an organization puts in place to ensure that it is well engaged in a given industry. It is therefore importan…

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The Significance of Demographic Factors in the Specific Target Population within the Market Environment

Demographic characteristics The demographic factors that will form the key focus on target market engagement will include Age and income of the individuals. There is need to focus on a specific target population within the market environment where it would be easier to integrate positive elements which can ensure that ther…

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The Ethical Theories and the Development of Values in Business Organizational Culture

Discuss the development of values, including what ethical theories underpin organizational values. Values play a key role in defining business organizational culture where employees can be able to relate effectively as well as ensuring that there is a greater emphasis on the existing relationship with its clients. Ethical…

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The Influence of Leadership Strategy on the Global Firms

I do not agree with the statement based on a simple understanding of the existing different cultural focus in different countries across the globe. This means that the level and leadership strategies that will be put into focus are completely different. Globalization focuses on critical development of key resources, which a…

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A Discussion on the Healthcare Insurance on Mature and Secure Group

There are difference healthcare covers which are put in place to provide an understanding on the need to ensure that the healthcare cost is covered. Every individual is therefore required to ensure that they subscribe to the available health insurance covers and ensure that they pay monthly premiums in order to avoid accrue…

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The Key Concepts of Organizational Development

Different concepts have been discussed and each of the concept is important in developing a better focus on organizational management and leadership. Organization management and leadership are crucial to the wellbeing and overall development of an organization considering key elements that need to be considered in improving…

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The Importance of Communication Process within an Organization Development

Communication is very important process within any organization development under which it would be possible to focus on key strategies that can be achieved through critical focus on the well communicated policies that have been put in place. The merger in this case between the Yinscape and Yanngsearch will require effectiv…

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The Importance of Assessment to Client Development

Assessment is an important process, which helps in detecting important information regarding client situation where the most appropriate intervention is put in place to improve the client situation. Reassessing a client is aimed to collect sensitive information from the client where it would be possible to develop a greater…

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The Relevance of Re-Energizing the Mature Organization to the British Airways Case

How was the accompanying reading, “Re-Energizing the Mature Organization,” germane to the case on British Airways? Mature organizations have a better strategic development platform that is crucial in creating an effective environment under which it is possible to have success when focusing on transformation. Thus, mature c…

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A Strategic Evaluation of the Global Market Strategy of Apple Inc.

Strategic evaluation encompasses significant steps within organization environment, which play an important role in helping the company achieve competitive advantage. It entails a plan of action that are developed with the main aim of achieving specific goals. Apple Inc. is a highly engaged technology based organization, wh…

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The Market Strategy of the Apple Company

Apple as company has significantly been engaged in the market and thus its products have been significantly embraced due to its innovative and creative aspect, which has really attracted many consumer. The Apple Company especially with its key product, which is the iPhone products, has been significantly engaged and thus it…

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A Report on the Impairment Testing of the Company

Part A Boom Logistics (i) From your firm’s annual report find out the asset/s that your firm has tested for impairment. In this case, the company has impaired assets of the operating fleet as well as assets held for sale, impairment for receivables. (ii) How did your firm conduct the impairment testing? The firm cons…

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Understanding Abell’s Three Dimensional Business Definition Model

Business environment requires critical consideration of important elements under which better decisions can be made. Decisions can be effectively made if there is clear understanding of the existing internal and external environment under which a business operates. This analysis create a better understanding on key elements…

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Magretta’s Views on the Concept of Value

Management Magretta defines value-based on what customers consider as value and consideration of efficiency as a form of value. Also, Magretta refers to the perspectives of marketing mindset and maximization of shareholder value as foundations of defining value of products. Defining value based on what customers consider a…

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The Challenges Faced by the Commercial Banks of United Arabs Emirates

Commercial Banks of United Arabs Emirates Commercial banks in UAE and the entire Gulf Region have had numerous challenges. These challenges have affected their operations and service delivery to the customers. The economic foundation of UAE as an oil-producing country has made financial institutions to always try to align…

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The Importance of the Human Management and Management Evaluation of an Organization

Human Management and Management Evaluation Evaluation involves the assessment of programs, projects and the
policies of an organization. The process enables the organization to
analyze the sustainability, and effectiveness of the program they implement
to achieve its set objectives. For instance, the personnel is eva…

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The Importance of Government Intervention in Creating Sustainable Environment for Businesses

Introduction The government plays an important role in creating a conducive
environment in which business people are able to start and sustain their
business. Creation of an enabling environment encourages people to invest
in the economy, a situation which creates employment opportunities for the

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The Importance of Executing an Effective Strategic Plan in a Company

Effective strategic and plan implementation is essential for every
organization. For a manager to ensure success and achievement of
organizational goals in a firm, certain strategic mechanisms must be
applied that involve all members of an organization equally. For instance,
a plan that connects all members of a group must…

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