The Importance of Effectively Managing Distribution Channels

The Importance of Effectively Managing Distribution Channels

Channels of distribution are important to the marketing mix. Distribution channels can have a huge impact on the final product that the customer receives, and therefore has a huge impact on what can be marketed to the target market. Therefore having a supply chain management strategy is an important part of the overall mar…

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An Analysis of the Macro-Environment of Demographics, Culture, and Social Trends for the V Fusion + Energy

Launching an innovative new product called V Fusion Energy Nearly 2 in 3 people wish they had more energy, but 40% of consumers do not believe energy drinks are healthy for them. This is a huge opportunity to develop and market a new product. If our company can convince the 40% of consumers who do not believe energy drin…

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The Five Stages of New Product Development

New Product Development The primary stages of new product development are creating ideas, screening, development, testing, and launching. The first stage of generating ideas usually requires brainstorming. But ideas can also come from customers or employees who just happen to good feedback. A new product idea could be some…

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The Evolution of Macro-Environment of Technological Advances

Abstract This essay is on the macro-environment of technological advances. I used my previous employer named TKG as an example. TKG was an engineering consulting firm, which made it a business-to-business (B2B) services company, meaning it only sold services to other businesses. (Grewal, D & Levy, M., 2013, p. 10). Over ti…

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Withdrawal Behavior and the Solutions to Address the Employee’s Exit at the Navmaster

The Navmaster is experiencing a high rate of turnover among its sales staff. An employee’s exit of an organization is his or her final and most significant physical expression of withdrawal behavior. Withdrawal behavior occurs when a staff member has inadequate organizational commitment which occurs due to a lack of the t…

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An Analysis of the Tweeting Habits of Three Managers from Different Companies

The three managers I chose were very different in their Tweeting habits. Flatley rarely Tweeted and when she did she was usually responding to others or congratulating coworkers. She posted little to highlight achievements or values of McDonalds. Borchers’ Tweets revolved around tech news and advances that involved his c…

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The Focus of the Efforts of Dannon’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Dannon’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts are focused on health and nutrition, people, and nature. Through the Dannon Institute, the company researches and provides the public with information about how to maintain a good diet and nutrition to advance public health. They focus on educating children about healthy ea…

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A Narrative of My Management Strategy as a Transactional Leader

Leadership and Motivation Transactional leaders explain the job requirements of employees, give rewards for good work, create work place structure, are thoughtful and consider the social needs of the team. Transactional leaders focus on doing things well, but not necessarily evaluating if they are doing the right or best…

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The Management of the Mechanical and Electrical Departments

Team work and Leading Teams One experience I have working in teams is at my former employer known as X-nth. The team structure was divided into two separate departments, the Mechanical and the Electrical departments. The Mechanical side was made up of the mechanical engineering manager, the mechanical engineer, the mechani…

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The Different Organizational Structures and the Team Approach

Organizational structures There are five organizational structures known as the functional structure, the divisional structure, the matrix structure, the team-based structure, and the virtual network structure. Having different organizational structures is known as departmentalization. (Daft, 2013, p. 307) The functiona…

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A Personal Education and The Ethical Dilemma and the Hypothetical Scenario

Ethical Dilemma So here is the hypothetical scenario, I am a manager at company LHEM (Large Heavy Equipment Manufacturing). LHEM outsources the manufacturing of a specialized piece of equipment to a firm in another country. We will call this company FF (Foreign Firm). The outsourcing of this piece of equipment has saved…

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The Early and Modern Management Theory in the United States

Early and modern management theory In early America, many industrial managers had an autocratic style of management. Managers were controllers who managed work being done by their subordinates as well as the behaviors and attitudes of their subordinate workers. This management style was closely related to Douglas McGregor’…

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The Apple’s Communication Methods and the Business’ Strategy

Apple inc. communication methods Apple inc.’s Former CEO Steve Jobs was known to be shrewd, yet harsh in his internal communications with in the Apple corporation. Jobs was known to criticize severely. According to Fortune magazine who interviewed former Apple employees, “Apple is a brutal and unforgiving place, where acco…

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The Origin of the Apple Inc Organization and Business by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs

Apple Inc. was founded by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs in 1976. In 1983 Steve Jobs recruited former Pepsi executive John Sculley to become the chief executive position. Two years later in 1985 John Sculley basically betrayed Steve Jobs and had him fired, supposedly due to low sells and Job’s demanding management style. Ste…

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A Case Study on the Apple’s Tax Ethics Issues in the United States

According to The Washington Post, Apple Inc. “has legally avoided paying U.S. federal income tax on billions of dollars of net income has many outraged and questioning the ethics of their actions.” (Bentley, 2013, para 2) According to The Washington Post, A senate committee investigation found the following: Apple consid…

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The Role of a Manager in a Company or Organization

One of the manager’s main functional role in a company or organization is to create goals for the organization or department. In the course of my career there was a familiar saying that “Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things.” It was Peter Drucker who said it first. Often, the manager has to…

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The Risks of Experiencing Ethical and Legal Issues in the Media Workplace

Legal and Ethical Issues That I Might Face In My Work Experience Working in an advertising firm can be very tricky. For my work experience, I will be taking a placement in an advertising firm based in London and hopefully leading to a a permanent position. There are three departments with three specific key roles. There…

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The Importance of Corporate Strategic Planning in Business Marketing

Marketing as defined by the American Marketing Association is “ the activity, set of institutions, and process for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at a large” (Peroni,2014). My definition of marketing would state the different type of…

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Pharmaniaga Berhad, One of the Largest Integrated Local Healthcare Company and Leading Pharmaceutical Company in Malaysia

Company Background Pharmaniaga Berhad was founded in 1994 and nowadays it is one of the largest integrated local healthcare company and leading pharmaceutical companies in Malaysia. According to Pharmaniaga annual report 2008, Pharmaniaga was incorporated on August 1998 and become a first local healthcare company listed on…

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What is the Consumer Behavior Like in Terms of Nutrition?

(1) In the modern day, thinking people are getting increasingly more concerned with their health in terms of what they consume. Although, young adults may not be as wary of the importance of healthy living for the longevity that one can benefit from it as older adults do, they are sure to be wary of how they look or how t…

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Issues With the Family Business of H.L. Reed’s

H.L. Reed’s is a family owned business and operated by the grandson of founder. Its sales performance drop to 940 suits in 1989, 35% decrease compare to 1985. The slow response to H.L.Reed’s declining sales could be contributed to below reasons. Issues with family business The continuity of family business rely much…

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A Discussion on the Diversity Goals of Employee Recruitment and Selection Conducted at Ernst & Young

Discuss the diversity goals of employee recruitment and selection conducted at Ernst & Young which gathers a global pool of talents and retaining the right employees for the company. Employee recruitment and selection is known as searching for the potential candidates who with the qualified skills, knowledge, and working…

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A PESTEL Analysis of EkoKar

PESTLE 1.1 Political and legal Local councils have given grants and government have provided interest free loans which allowed EkoKar to buy some parts of Lags Lane site and have it refurbished. They have also taken on the unemployed skilled workforce in that area as a result from the shutting down of Panther Cars. 130 c…

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The Concept of the Single and Double-Loop Learning Model

Introduction Chris Argyris established the single and double-loop learning model. The concepts are critically based on the action model. The single loop learning is the most common learning method that most organizations have adopted in solving the problems and brings improvement in the group, but it does not explain the c…

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The Importance of Teamwork to the Success of International Companies

Introduction Teamwork is the key competence in many successful international companies such as Cisco, IDEO of Whole food. A team is a group of individuals who willingly work together to meet their set goals and objectives (Amir and Sanders, 2015). The main reason as why most organizations prefer teamwork to any other met…

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