The Importance of Educating of Environmental Science and Women Rights to My Ideal Community

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Beauty is perhaps one of the most controversial topics dating back to the beginnings of time, as it can be perceived as many different things by many different people. The most appropriate thought to describe this theory is the proverb “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. This adage was first seen between 300 and 201 BC…

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The Importance of Educating of Environmental Science and Women Rights to My Ideal Community

In this contemporary society, issues concerning economy, politics, and environment significantly affect the world’s development and maintenance. Due to many limitations such as technology, people are unable to achieve their ideal goals while constructing their community. The idea of utopia emerged centuries ago, and it help…

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The Consequences of Owning Guns in School

The use and regulations that come into possession and the use of guns is a topic of discussion that ignites the worst part of our lives. Mainly, they are for the sake of protection of oneself but I believe there are also ways that are decent to use that will end up with fewer injuries if they are used. Such is like hauling…

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An Analysis of the Unconstitutional Texas Sonogram Law and Its Invasion of Personal Life

Prior to the Supreme court rulings on January 22, 1973 abortion was prohibited in most of the 50 states. But in some states, access to facilities that perform abortion remains limited. In Texas for example, a woman seeking an abortion has to receive a sonogram from the doctor who will also be performing the abortion. During…

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The Crime Statistics in New York City

Cultural Anthropology Crime in New York City Crime in New York City has been dropping since the mid 1990s. As of 2015 it is lower than the national average for big cities. Organized crime has been part of New York City since the 19th century. This all started with the Forty Thieves and the Roach Guards in the Five Poi…

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The Serious Problem of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the United States

This paper explores the significant problem of sexual assault and sexual harassment in the United States. In order to decrease the incidence of sexual assault and sexual harassment, legislators have passed regulatory laws aimed to reduce recidivism amongst convicted sexual offenders. As a result, sex offenders living in the…

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The Unfair Treatment of Women in Abby May Alcott’s Untitled Appeal to Citizens of Massachusetts and Lucretia Mott’s Discourse on Women

Women’s rights has been a main issue in America for decades, centuries, ages….etc. It is caused due to the fact that many people, especially men, belittle women in this society to a certain. These texts,, “Untitled Appeal to Citizens of Massachusetts” by Abby May Alcott, the chart with numbers showing representation of whit…

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Looking at Different Areas of the Globalization Process in Order to Understand How Young People Construct an Identity for Themselves

In order to understand how young people construct an identity for themselves which can be called global we need to look at the different areas of the globalization process. We need to look at it from aspects such as political, economic, social and one of the main one being a cultural point. The term ‘globalization’ has diff…

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The Psychological Motives and Processes Involved in Racism

Many sectors of American culture seem to be very engaged in efforts to promote racial equality and the celebration of diversity. On the other hand, clearly racism has not completely disappeared. Though we often hear about deep-rooted institutional and cultural forces that contribute to racism, it seems like we less often he…

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Osama Bin Laden, One of the Most Notorious Terrorists of the Decade

Osama Bin Laden is one of the most notorious Terrorists of the decade. He helped fuel an organization that attacked our country, and changed the way of living for millions of people. Although he was a terrible individual, he is one of the best leaders for his people. His way of communicating and influencing others created a…

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How the Federal Government and the Policies Set Forth by Them Affect the Community Policing Operations of the State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies

Each day, numerous law enforcement officers throughout the country put on their uniforms and patrol their assigned areas of duty. The agency they are employed by dictates how they patrol, when they work, whom they will be working with, amongst other things. However, it is not only the local agency that dictates how they con…

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Urbanization in Southeast Asia

Urbanization in Southeast Asia is a way to make the way of life more livable for foreigners rather than its original inhabitants. The articles “Concrete Jungle or Geocultural Cipher? Reading Lineage into the Perils and Prospects of Metro Manila” by Jose Edgardo A. Gomez Jr. and “Chapter 2 A History or Messiness: Order and R…

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The Issue of Police Brutality and Injustice in the Story of Kalief Browder

At a time when the nation faces a crisis of mass incarceration with more than 2 million people in prisons and jails, the personal story of one Bronx man is revealing just how broken the criminal justice system truly is. The devastating story of Kalief Browder is a story that affected many and brought police brutality and i…

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Dickens’ Views on Normal Social Behavior in A Christmas Carol

Dickens presents Scrooge as an outsider in this extract by the way he is described. He is an outsider because he is miserly and heartless. He uses the weather in the first paragraph to show how Scrooge is ‘colder’ than anything and how the weather can throw at him: “heaviest rain, and snow, and hail, and sleet’. The listing…

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The Importance of Guiding Children Regardless of Growing in a Single Parent Family or Raised by Both Parents

For many years, children growing up in a single parent family have been viewed as different. Being raised by only one parent seems impossible to many yet over the decades it has become more prevalent. In today’s society many children have grown up to become emotionally stable and successful whether they had one or two paren…

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An Overview of the Progress of Equality in America

Brown vs. Board of Education – The Case for Equality in Schools Today, most students in American schools don’t have to think twice about sharing a carpet, drinking fountain, or bathroom with their classmate of a different race. However, this was not always the case. As recently as the 1950’s, students were segregated bas…

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The United States’ Views on the Polygamy

In society, polygamy is seen as barbaric and goes against the norms of most cultures and traditions. Nonetheless, sexual exploitation and the mistreatment of women and children continue to transpire without support from the outside world (Gibson, 2012). Many polygamist groups within the United States are not always held to…

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Jeffrey Dahmer, the Milwaukee Cannibal-Murderer

Jeffery Dahmer is an infamous serial killer, known for his gruesome torture and murder of many innocent men. Dahmer was nicknamed the “Milwaukee cannibal-murderer” because he began consuming the flesh of the men he would murder (Waxman, 2016). His actions were hard for many people to understand after he was arrested on July…

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A Communitarian-Inspired Model of Civil Disobedience as an Applicable Compliment to Justice-Based Accounts of Civil Disobedience

Liberal, Republican and Deliberative Democratic Civil Disobedienceand the Curious Case of Edward Snowden In his Theory of Justice (1971) John Rawls provides an outline of the conditions of the standard liberal model of civil disobedience about when and how civil disobedience is justified in ‘nearly just’ liberal democracie…

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The Effectiveness of Prisons Over Rehabilitation

Prisons over Rehabilitation Essay Do you think it is better to have dangerous criminals locked away or back in society after a brief rehabilitation session? The point of prison is to have lawbreakers and dangerous people separated from everyone else, and it is in the best interests of society as a whole to be away from the…

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The Classification and Characteristics of the Gender Roles in the Society

The Classification and Characteristics of Gender In contemporary society, gender differentiation can be highly controversial. Gender dimorphism is a popular theory that the only genders are male and female based on the male and female bodies (Jacobus 749). Judith Butler questions the validity of this, arguing that gender “…

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A First-Hand Experience of the Unequal Treatment of Women

The idea that women are physically inferior to men has been prevalent in our society for an extensive amount of time. This has been very problematic for women, and the structure of this concept limits the possibility of reform. The unequal treatment of women develops differences between men and women; these differences are…

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The Solution to Prevent Sexual Assault in Society

Suffering Paper Millions of men and women suffer from some form of sexual assault every year. Sexual assault is the blatant disrespect for personal space and continuous harassment towards someone. Rape is a crime of forcing someone to submit to sexual intercourse against his or her will. Both of these vile crimes can cause…

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The Multiple Fallacies in the Author’s Argument in A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Gun, an Article by Linda M. Hasselstrom

Why A Peaceful Woman Carries a Gun In the article, “A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Gun,” the author Linda M. Hasselstrom creates an argument for why she, as a peace loving woman, carries a gun. However, the argument has multiple fallacies. Ms. Hasselstrom claims that she has ethical appeal because sh…

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The Rise of Fascism in Europe

The Nature of European Fascism Fascism is defined as a totalitarian philosophy of government that glorifies the state and nation and assigns to the state control over every aspect of national life. The name was first used by the party started by Benito Mussolini, who ruled Italy from 1922 until the Italian defeat in Worl…

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