The Importance of Brand Audit

The Importance of Brand Audit

Brand audit In the long run, the goal of the repositioning strategy is to attain brand leadership through the creation of strong brands (Aaker and Joachimsthaler, 2000). Strong brands have brand equity and identity. These assets are divided into four namely; the perceived quality, brand awareness, brand association and br…

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What Are the Attributes of Effective International Managers?

Attribute of Effective International Mangers Flexibility It is well acknowledged that human resource management is burdened with numerous processes and guidelines that necessitate companies to put a lot of effort in standardizing across their entire enterprise. International managers are expected to understand that flexib…

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What Does it Take to Have an Advantage in the Accounting Field

Accounting Opportunities Introduction Accounting is the processing, measurement and communication of financial records and information in regard to the economic entities (Coyne et. al. 2010, p.36). Proper financial planning and record keeping is a vital aspect to the success of any company. In the world of business today…

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A Convenience Store Salesperson Should Strive to Provide a Friendly, Efficient and Professional Service for the Customers

Retail Management Convenience store, unlike general stores, are tailored to meet the specific needs of the people operating in the location of the store and for this reason, the understanding the local market determines its success. Each market has its own purchasing power, product needs and peak hours for instance the pro…

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Information to Assist the Private Client Advisor in Making a Relevant Decision

Information to Assist the Private Client Advisor in Making a Relevant Decision Sustainable manufacturing is the production of manufactured products (such as oil and gas) which make use of a production process that ensures that impacts that affect the environment negatively are highly minimized, ensures that energy and natu…

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A Research on Arch Coal Company, an American Fossil Fuel Company

Fossil Fuel Company in USA, Arch Coal Company Fossil fuel is an encompassing term that is used when referring to deposits organic materials that is formed from decomposed animals and plants. Fossil fuel can be of three forms that are, coal, natural gas, and oil. Most companies that deal with fossil fuels specifically focus…

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A Discussion on Consumer Behavior and Its Relation to Their Decision to Buy a Particular Type of Product

Consumer Behavior Consumer behavior attempts to describe how people come up sometimes with individual decisions to buy a particular type of a product. It addresses several questions such as why do you thing you usually buy? How did you decide to move into the new house you leave in? Do you buy products of the same brand mu…

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The Importance of Accounting and Financial Skills for Managers

Accounting Accounting and financial skills are necessary for managers of a company in order to run the company smoothly. It is because the primary objective of a business is profit making in that manager are expected to portray high managerial skills in order to run the company towards achieving the set objectives. Manager…

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The Issues of System Vulnerability and Abuse in Business

System Vulnerability and Abuse Most businesses today experience the challenge of external intrusion from unauthorized users into their information systems. These intruders access sensitive and confidential information thus the company needs to put in place security and control measures to prevent such accesses. For instanc…

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The Issue of Labour Disputes on New Zealand

Labour Disputes Labour disputes involving the employer and the employees result to workers strikes and lockouts. Workers strike as they fight for better-working conditions and increased pay among other factors. These workers strikes and lockouts result to a loss of workdays, decrease in investment and business activity. Th…

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A Discussion on the Need for Internal Audit in All Sectors of Business Operations

Internal Audit Introduction Increasing complexities in business operations have led to a growing need for audit in all sectors of business operations. This is because; audit guides managers towards making sound decisions for the future of the business. Therefore, auditing is a process of examining financial records withi…

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The Factors That Have an Impact on Designing, Packaging and Marketing of Fashion Accessories in Japan

Industry: Retail, Fashion Accessories in Japan Due to the few limitations restricting people to move one place to another and country to another country, people of different backgrounds and diverse cultures have learnt to live together. Regarding the organizational culture, it is the way an individual industry has learnt t…

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Holland and Barrett Entry Strategy in The Global Market

Holland and Barrett Entry Strategy in The Global Market Introduction International trade management involves how a particular company internationalizes itself and how it does involve global marketing in its trade management. Trade management involves the various steps that are followed towards the exchange of services and…

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What is External Auditing and Why is It Important?

External Audit Roles Unlike internal auditing, external auditing if performed by individuals who are external to an organization. External audit is an independent activity that involves examination of financial statements that are prepared by organizations. This activity is usually carried out as a compliance with the stat…

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A Case Study of the Starbucks Company

Case Study of the Starbucks Company The case study is about the barriers and opportunities that are faced by Starbucks, which is the heritage of the America’s coffee culture. Starbucks Company was started by Howard Schultz after going for a trip in 1983 to Milan in Italy. Howard realized that coffee in the Italian culture…

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What is Business Ethics?

Business Ethics Literature provides a clear understanding of business ethics as a system that encompasses moral principles that are practical in the commercial world. It also helps us understand the fact that business ethics as a scientific area that is wholly new since it conglomerates politics and law of theory as well…

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A Report on the Human Resource Management in Mandarin Language Training Organization in the United Kingdom

Mandarin Language Training Organization The human resource is a function undertook by an organization that is designed for maximizing the employee performance in the employer’s strategic objectives service. The human resource is mainly concerned with people’s management within the organization by focusing on systems and po…

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A Discussion on the Necessity of More Flexible Employment Laws

International Human Resource Management Introduction Currently, companies have gone further to exploit international markets in order to widen their market coverage due to the increased local and global competition from other companies producing their compliments. The success of this only happens with an effective and a r…

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The Effectiveness of Risk Management Planning

Effectiveness of Risk Management Planning The risk assessment planning is a crucial thing when identifying the risk and developing its strategy to enhance solving of the risk. The risk management plan acts as a portfolio of finance which realistically shows the liability of a company as well as its income and assets. Howev…

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An Analysis of the Book On Becoming a Leader by Warren Bennis

Bennis, Warren G. (2003) On becoming a Leader review Warren Bennis has for years convincingly argued that leaders are not born but rather, they are made. Examining into the qualities that define leadership, the people who demonstrate it, and the techniques that anyone can apply to achieve it, his exemplary work On Becoming…

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An Analysis and Control of Production Cost

Analysis and Control of Production Cost Introduction The cost incurred by the company is the production cost that is a combination of labor and raw materials. Costs provide an overview of the total construction expenditure (Jstor, 2015 p. 436). Cost planning techniques are influenced by a reasonable factor that is the con…

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A Discussion on the Necessary Qualities of Expatriate Managers

The Challenge of Expatriate Managers, and Comments two on Classmates’ Posts. The most important qualities of an expatriate manager are flexibility to adapt to new environment and the ability to change fast to cope with the cultural practices of the people in the area of work. The expatriate manager should be flexible enoug…

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The Advantages of Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management Supply chain management is the process of managing how goods and services flow within an organization and the final consumer. It comprises the raw materials’ movement and storage, transformation of these raw materials and components into finished goods then delivering them from the point of origin t…

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A Demonstration of the Ten Determinants of Service Quality in Supermarket Management

Service Quality Service quality is mainly the comparison between the expectations with the performance. A firm with high service quality always meets the customers’ needs while it remains economically competitive. Being a management consultant at a supermarket is not an easy task particularly when it comes to producing the…

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An Argument in Support of KFC Corporation’s Handling of Chickens

KFC Corporation Even after seven years of the campaign held by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), KFC Corporation remained intact, and its operations were learning steadily as usual. However, its employees were harassed by the demonstrations held, where PETA was behind all these. PETA’s allegations were t…

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