The Impact of Drug Trafficking on Society and the Economy

The War on Drugs in the United States and Sweden

Question 1 In the United States, people became aware of drugs in the 1800’s. At the peak of the American Civil War, the most commonly used drugs were opium and cocaine. Morphine and heroin, at that time, were largely used for medicinal purposes i.e. for pain relieving and treating respiratory illnesses respectively (The Un…

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The Impact of Drug Trafficking on Society and the Economy

At the mention of drug and substance abusers, one might not expect to find highly respectable figures in the society. However, a quick scan of the background of numerous public figures and you will realize their secret or not-so-secret addictions to drugs such as opium and cocaine. Sigmund Freud, a renowned neurologist and…

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The Controversial Topic of Same-Sex Marriage in the Democratic Country of America

Democracy and Same-Sex Marriage The debate whether same-sex marriage should be permitted nation-wide in our United States of America has always been a much-heated issue. The topic is so controversial that it has become a polarizing issue and has caused many disputes and problems amongst our citizens. However, times are cha…

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An Overview of Sociology and the Different Sociological Theories

Question #1:  What is sociology? In what ways is it a science? What are the other social sciences and what do they study?                 Sociology is the scientific study of societies and relationships between groups of people. These relationships may be between individuals of various social classes, various races, and ev…

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An Overview of Deviance and the Factors Affecting Deviance

Deviance is the act of violating a social norm within society. Every individual within a society deviates, however the degree of deviation is what matters. Sometimes deviation can be a positive endeavor as it can express one’s individuality. However, these positive deviations may also be negative if performed at a poor time…

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The Solution for Eradicating Drug Addiction in America

While some view drug addiction as an illness and others view it as a crime, we can all agree that it strongly affects each and every one of our lives. When asked the proper way to deal with those afflicted with drug addiction, I believe a sensible drug policy should be enforced rather than cut and dry basis. We should view…

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Thinking for a Change, a Cognitive Behavioral Program for Youth to Learn to Solve Their Problems Without Getting Into Trouble

A great cognitive behavioral program that teaches youth how to solve problems without getting into trouble, understand how their thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and values work in a normal non-violent community, and how to rehabilitate juvenile delinquents is called Thinking for a Change. This treatment program is located in…

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The Interconnected Benefits and Consequences of the Drug Laws of the United States

In today’s age, all countries are interconnected. One country’s decision cannot only affect their neighboring countries, but any country in the world. These effects can be either positive or negative, depending on both the action and reaction of all countries affected. For example, the United States’ drug laws have negativ…

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Sociology and the Disciplines of Social Science

Sociology is the scientific study of societies and relationships between groups of people. These relationships may be between individuals of various social classes, various races, and even various religions. Sociology may seem very straightforward to most people as we experience it first-hand every day. However, a sociologi…

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The Solutions to Prevent Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence is a matter that has become very prominent in the last 20 years. Statistics show that every 90 seconds, someone is injured because of this entirely preventable crime (Blincoe, Seay and Zaloshnja). Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that almost 30 people in the Unit…

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Understanding the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Sides of the Argument in Abortion

When people think of the word “abortion”, a multitude of emotions work their way into people’s minds. Biologically, a newly formed zygote is considered life according to the Cell theory; and the ending of a life is no laughing matter. Because of this, there are many ethical implications that come along with the act of abort…

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American Class System and Social Stratification

What is social stratification? What is meant by a caste system vs. a class system, and what are some examples mentioned in the lecture? Describe the American class system and outline the characteristics of the different classes. Finally, discuss the purpose of social stratification — is it a good or a bad thing according t…

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Sociology: The Science of Societies and Social Interactions with Other Human Beings

Sociology is the scientific study of societies and the social interactions between groups of people. We probably already know a lot about sociology because you are consistently living in it, and you get to see the interactions between different societies and cultures within a population. However, as you are constantly liv…

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The Misunderstanding of Reciprocal Altruism by the Society

The public has always had a bad taste in its mouth about evolution. There are many people who dismiss it as bogus, stating that there is no proof behind it; that evolution is made up by atheist scientists who want to ruin religion. This is not true though; there are many religious people who believe evolution. That is ju…

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The Problems of the South American Country Haiti

Far beyond the equator, there lies a country in South America named Haiti. Haiti is an impoverished country, much like the rest of the third world countries that are located around the globe. Within Haiti, there are many problems, to say the least. To say there are only problems in Haiti would even tend to be an understatem…

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The Stigma of Mental Illness

The Stigma of Mental Illness On December 14th, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut, a young man entered into Sandy Hook Elementary School carrying multiple guns and proceeded to shoot and kill over twenty individuals in the building. It was later discussed in the media that this young man was suspected to have Asperger’s, a form…

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A Discussion on the Role of Categories in Society

Categories are the epitome of society; they are essentially involved in every aspect of normal daily life. There are categories for movies, novels, food, clothing, animals, music, and even people. Some of these categories are relatively essential. It would be a nightmare to go shopping in a grocery store that didn’t separat…

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Has Contemporary Society Transgressed Into a Gender-Neutral System

Has contemporary society transgressed into a gender-neutral system? A gender system is a systematic way of classifying individuals into a gender in a socially constructed manner. The “ancient” gender system has often resulted in the continued oppression of women, especially women of color through focus on solely hegemonic a…

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Am I Part of the Lower Class?

Journal 3: What Class Am I? I have always considered myself part of the middle class. However, after our discussion in class and after completing the reading, I have begun to question that. Sure, I’m attending a middle class school and in regards to our wealth/income, my family is definitely middle class. However, my behav…

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Madison’s View on Factions

Madison’s View on Factions According to Madison, one of the most common sources of factions is the unequal distribution of property. Those who have and those who don’t have property will always have different interests within their society, which leads to division. In some cases, this division can lead to the formation o…

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Abortion Should Be Made Illegal Due to the Science of Fetal Development, Its Effects on Women and the Morality and Ethics of Abortion

What’s Really Going On In The Womb It seems today that no one can come to an agreement on the morality of abortion and whether or not it should be legal. Every point brought up to discuss which side is correct always seems to end in further debate and disagreement, similar to the debate of when life actually begins. Pro-li…

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Homosexuality in the United States and the Issues of Same-Sex Marriage

The legal concept of marriage within the U.S. has been under attack bydifferent groups of people for decades. Some of these groups are the ones who value the entity of marriage itself, including gay men, lesbians, the religious groups that oppose same-sex marriages, and the senators who have the ultimate say in what forms o…

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An Analysis of the Key Elements to Determine and Identify the Suspect and Motives of the Crime

Abstract This paper analyzes and identifies the key elements of a hypothetical scenario in which a woman is found naked and dead in some bushes of a residential area. Some important factors which will play a major role in identifying the people and motives who are the cause of her death are the location where she was found…

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Marijuana Should Be Legal for Its Benefits

Should Marijuana be legalized? If it is legal, marijuana also known as pots and weed can give happiness and entertainment to the user. There are some countries that legalize cannabis, while other illegalize it. Some countries claimed that cannabis cause negative effects such as reduced ability of sperm in term of smokin…

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Is It Appropriate for Students and Teachers to Be Friends On Facebook

Is it appropriate for students and teachers to be friends on Facebook? Facebook is one of the most popular social networks nowadays which most of people use it for communicate with others. We use it to post our lifestyle, things, pictures, videos or even we can comment our own opinions. But sometimes it is inappropriate…

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