The Idea of Gender Dysphoria in Oranges and Sweet Sister Boy

The Case of Comfortability of Serena Williams

The Silent Threat…Comfortability! The threats of mass deportation! The registration of Muslims! Black Lives Matter! Race relations have always been a topic of discussion within the United States, however; it has escalated to new unprecedented heights. The promotion of equality is nothing new, but what has hindered its prog…

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The Idea of Gender Dysphoria in Oranges and Sweet Sister Boy

Life, Lyfe and Liphe “UGH! It’s disgusting. I mean it’s bad enough that they have to exist in the first place – but they don’t have to be happy about it” (Avicolli 1). “Yea… I know what you mean…but at least they were unhappy about their ‘condition’. I found it very reassuring to know that Michael went to confession eve…

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Terrorism as a By-Product of American History

Terrorism in America, like America itself, is a product of the many populations, issues and conflicts that co-exist within the nation’s borders. The United States is nearly unique among nations for its ability to “contain multitudes” in relative harmony. On examination, a substantial amount of terrorism in American history…

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The Four Levels of Conflict and Their Characteristics and Effects

Individual Conflict Living a happy and peaceful life is one thing that every single being yearns to experience. The phenomenon is however not easy to realize. Different families have their ups and downs, strengths and weaknesses. These explain the ever-present factor in the family: conflict. Many definitions exist for the…

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A Comparison of the Toronto Neighborhoods of Annex and North Riverdale

Introduction Toronto is Canada’s largest city and among the biggest cities not only in North America but the world. The city has a diverse population of approximately 2.8 million people. The city covers an area of about 243 square miles. Toronto’s infrastructure enables it to be one of the nation’s most effective neighborh…

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The Issue of Sport Segregation by Assigned Sex at Birth

ABSTRACT In this paper, the author dissects the common notion of sport segregation by assigned sex at birth. She identifies social consequences of the accepted sex binary and its application in athletic competition. Sex is a spectrum and any deviation from ‘normal’ in chromosomes or hormones can cause ‘abnormal’ anatomical…


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An Analysis of the Gun Control Versus Gun Violence Debate in the United States

GUN CONTROL VS GUN VIOLENCE Guns are a controversial topic that has been around for decades in the United States and all around the world. There are two groups of gun politics in the United State: gun control and gun rights activists. The group of gun control believe that guns should be taken off the streets and the g…

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The Problem of Alcoholism and Its Negative Impact on Our Health

The prevalence of alcoholism and its associated morbidities are more
elevated in the Native American population when compared to the general
population. The problem of alcohol abuse negatively impacts individual
health, family relationships and community functioning. The literature I
used for research identifies key facto…

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The Statistics and Stories on Human Trafficking According to Polaris

Human Trafficking Statistics and Stories Polaris is a non-profit organization which combats human trafficking and collects data on human trafficking. Data is collected through hotline calls and active or solved cases, so it is not extensive and not necessarily representative with accuracy to true statistics. However it pro…

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The Impact of Terrorism on All Sectors of the United States Society

Terrorism and how it can impact all sectors of the society Terrorism has been a significant challenge not only to the United States but also across the globe. The manner in which terrorism is spreading and its changing strategy has made it very difficult to develop a counter strategy which can be able to create a better en…

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A Study on Understanding Stereotype Threat Among Fourth Graders

Summary of the article The article provide a significant role on the impact of stereotypes on the wellbeing of both male and female based on the underlying focus on the element which outline that female performances are usually impaired in a gender stereotyped domain in situations where negative gender stereotypes are ac…

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An Overview of Single-Parenthood and Its Impact on Family

Describe a single-parent family that you know. There are many single parenthood families in the current society. Our immediate neighbor has been living with her son for the past 5 years. The family is very organized and it is very difficult to know that there is no father figure. The child is well behaved despite the const…

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An Analysis of the Disease Model and Psychological Model as Key Models of Addiction

Models of addiction Models of addiction provide a greater understanding on the underlying issues that influence drug addiction among individuals. There are a number of key processes that provide a greater focus, and understanding under which it is possible to develop a greater understanding under which it is possible to de…

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A Rebuttal of the Concerns of Justice Scalia on the Competencies of Human Service Workers

Justice Scalia provides a very negative focus on the competencies of social workers especially considering the roles they play in ensuring a positive engagement where it is possible to have a better environment under which they can effectively perform their duties. Human service workers are faced with unending ethical dilem…

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Opioid Abuse and the Prevention of Substance Abuse

There have been significant developments within the focus on drug abuse where new strategies are being formed. Drug abuse involving prescription drugs is a significant current issue which is a serious public health concern. Prescription drugs are legal drugs that are provided to patients as treatment where they are expected…

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The Goal of Client Advocacy for Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Client Advocacy for alcohol and drug treatment Alcohol and drug treatment requires critical focus on the key characteristics of clients where they can be integrated into the society. There are always issues that need to be addressed in ensuring that the alcohol and drug treatment intervention that is put in place focuses o…

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The Key Role of Culture in Linking Up Societies

Culture is a strong link that binds different individuals within a given society. It creates an effective environment under which it is possible to have a greater focus under which key decisions within a given society can be based. Culture therefore is critical in defining critical values within the development pattern of i…

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The Issue of Dual Diagnosis in Substance Abuse and Depression

The current issue that need to be addressed in this case is dual diagnosis that involve substance abuse and depression. Depression and substance abuse are key elements that are having detrimental influence on public health and thus require significant focus on a crucial intervention that would provide effective counter meas…

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Should CCTV Be Reduced in the UK?

Introduction Britain has an out of control surveillance culture that make it the most watched nation in the world with 5.9 million CCTV cameras for a population of 64.1 million people, this equates to roughly 1 CCTV camera for every 11 people. No matter where we go, who we see or what we do we are more than likely being…

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The Moral Dilemma Surrounding the Act of Abortion in Why Abortion is Immoral

Why Abortion is Immoral In the article; Why Abortion is Immoral, Don Marquis talks about abortion being morally wrong but only allowed with rare exceptions like rape or incest. He assumes that it is based on a major assumption. Many of the most insightful and careful writers on the ethics of abortion—such as Joel Feinber…

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The Effects of Peer Pressure on Teenagers

Library Project The article I chose summarizes the affect peer pressure has on teenagers. Being written in the year of 2008, the numbers and statistics might be slightly different, but for the most part I doubt that the final outcome will differ due to these changes. With a title that does not completely cover the full ext…

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The Societal Standard of the Concept of Masculinity

Societal Expectations for Masculinity There are many different ways that society convinces males they need to act a certain way to measure up to its standard of ‘masculinity’. Oftentimes, instead of being comfortable acting and feeling however they want, males are forced to live up to the expectations that older men, wom…

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Feminism and Its Effects on the Government

Feminism and Government Feminism is loosely defined as the advocacy for political, social, and economic equality of the genders. Despite the fact that the principles feminists advocate for seem like they should be basic rights, generations of people had to fight extremely hard to get to where we are today. Thanks to the br…

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The Offensive Gender Roles Forced by Society to Children

Gender Paper For my project, I decided to visit Toy’s R Us before it closed permanently. When I entered the store, the first thing I noticed was the clear-cut color split of the aisles. Blue on one side and pink on the other. If that wasn’t clear enough about who each aisle was catered to, there were even signs that said,…

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An Analysis of Racism as Portrayed in the Media

Portrayal of Racism in the Media “We must always be on guard against racism in any form and shape.” Media sources have great power. Many people are influenced by the media and its perception of current and past events. Media’s portrayal of racial stereotypes is based on location and cultural factors. Many media sources lea…

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