The History and Factors Contributing to Homelessness in America

The History and Factors Contributing to Homelessness in America

Homelessness in the United States is an ongoing social problem that continues to be a topic of discussion for politicians, social services, and the general public. At its core, the United States has declared, as a part of its signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that “everyone has the right to … food, clo…

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The Adoption Process Should Be Screened Properly for the Safety of the Child

Imagine having to give your baby boy up for adoption. Yes, it would be hard, yes it would be sad, but many parents give their children up simply because they do not want to take care of them. If a couple really wants to put their kid up for adoption and have an open adoption, some firm rules should be applied. Biological pa…

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The Contributing Factors of Homelessness in the United States

Imagine your younger days as a teenager around Christmas time. You are warm, gathered around a fire with your family, about to open that huge present you’ve been asking for. Now imagine being a teenager around Christmas time, cold, alone and with no place to stay. According to Jewel in her short story “Street Life Is No Lif…

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The Slow Acceptance of Society on Homosexuality in America

Throughout the past history of the United States gay marriage and homosexuality has been completely frowned upon. At this time, in certain states such as Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont it is legal (Jouet, 442). Now, society has begun to accept gay marriage and its social norm is spread…

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Racial Profiling Should Be Addressed by the US Government

Choking, shooting, killing, discrimination. These are terms that can be used to describe police actions in the current media. Recently In the news there have been several occurrences of police brutality and retaliation in response to their unlawful actions. This is a very controversial topic that has been picked apart by th…

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The US Government Should Be in Control of the Internet and Its Censorship

The internet as it stands today is truly the wild wild west. With everything available on the darknet from cocaine to hitmen to prostitutes, and unregistered guns. There is no censorship. No FCC to censor and regulate like TV and radio are subject to. An abundance of anonymity allows for everyone’s voice to be heard equally…

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The Use of Torture Is Immoral and Should Not Be Practiced

Is Torture Ever Morally Justified? In terms of torture and morality, the two could never be farther apart from each other. Torture is among the most brutal and inhumane acts on this planet, but that still doesn’t stop people and countries from performing such vile acts. I am not advocating that we treat terrorists as our o…

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Race and Sex in How to Make Love to a Negro Without Getting Tired by Dany Laferriere

Race in Sex Dany Laferrière, author of How to Make Love to a Negro Without Getting Tired, is a Haitian-Canadian novelist. He is an exiled Haitian man, who immigrated to Montreal, Canada in order to escape the Francois Duvalier regime. Dany Laferrière bravely confronts the harsh realities of displacement and assimilation in…

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Sexual Stereotypes in Studs and Sluts by Tom Burell

QFT #1 When examining the forces of oppression in the context of culture and social dynamics, one can conclude that stereotypes – whether overt or subtle, are particularly effective at shaping the perceptions and identities of marginalized people. While many would openly profess with their mouths that stereotypes are exagg…

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An Essay in Support of Tom Burell’s Analysis of Violence in the Black Community

QFT #2 In Tom Burell’s Homey-Cide, the author examines the horrifying levels of intra-racial violence that plague black men, and the black community’s collective silence in confronting the issue. He argues that the epidemic levels of “black on black violence” are a manifestation of centuries of hatred, oppression and viole…

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An Analysis of Racial Politics in the Ghost of Cornel West by Michael Eric Dyson

Summary Black academics and intellectuals have always played a crucial role in the battle for justice and racial equality. While gifted thinkers such as W.E.B. du Bois, and Booker T. Washington or Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X have all contributed invaluable insight into forging a better future for Black Americans,…

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The Responsibilities and Required Qualities to Be an Effective Social Worker

The responsibilities and job expectations of a social worker are actually right in the title “social worker”. It is someone who works in a social environment and interacts with society to help children, men & women in areas of physical, emotional, spiritual, economical, behavioral and mental needs. The required educational…

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Overcoming the Gender Wage Gap

Making Way For Equal Pay Women in the United States have endured a variety of hardships as opposed to men. Unlike men, who are born into this society with many innate benefits and privileges, women have to fight for their civil, political and social rights. If women do not speak up and fight for what they deserve, they will…

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Women Should Find Ways to Narrow the Wage Gap

In order for the gender wage gap to shrink, it is necessary for women to take initiatives because the gap will not shrink itself. Women need to take an initiative and fight for equal pay. Many women like Annie Houle, a grandmother of seven, have decided to accept the challenge. In “How to Attack the Gender Wage Gap? Speak U…

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A Summary of the Social Construction Theory

Social construction theory is a theory of knowledge in sociology that examines the development of jointly constructed understandings of our world. This theory is based upon two assumptions; that humans behave rationally according to their perceived view of the social realm and that language is the most essential tool for h…

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The War on Drugs and Racial Profiling

The “War on Drugs” is a term used to describe the campaign for the prohibition of drugs deemed ‘psychoactive.’ This term was popularized during a press conference by president Richard Nixon on June 18, 1971 where he famously said that drug abuse is “public enemy number one” after learning that ten to fifteen percent of the…

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A Different Approach Should Be Used to Solve Wicked Problems

A wicked problem is a social or cultural problem that is very difficult or impossible to solve because of incomplete knowledge on the subject, economic burden posed by possible solutions, or the complexity of the issues and social construct that surround it. Often differing opinions about how to best go about solving a wick…

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The Value of Animals in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, a Novel by Philip K. Dick

In Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep the material value of real animals is a major theme. Animals have become objects of wealth for humans on the post World War Terminus earth. Animals are still not appreciated for their intrinsic value. The novel also begs the question; can we replace biology with techno…

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Dick Teresi’s Star-Spangled Stupidity: Flag Etiquette

Presumptuous patriots often criticize others for not putting out flags on national holidays. However, in many cases, these people are hypocrites, violators of the flag code. In Star-Spangled Stupidity,” Dick Teresi illustrates the right and wrong methods of putting up a flag in order to mock Americans that abuse it. With…

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Criminal Justice and the Media Biases and Misrepresentations

As I walk down the street and spot a police officer, I suddenly try to act as normal as possible and get nervous, fearing the officer will stop me just for being suspicious. Many of my fears of the police stem from their portrayal by the media as strict by the book enforcers and brutal abusers of force. While law enforcem…

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A Discussion on the Effects of the Modern Society on the Natives’ Ability to Hunt and Provide for Their Families

For hundreds of years, the native people of the north have relied on their environment to provide the necessary items they need to survive. Native tribes, such as the Inuit, have taken to the frozen sea ice in hunt of food, supplies, and provisions to keep their families alive in the harsh winter conditions of the arctic. F…

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A Discussion on the Drug Problem in America

Altered states of minds have been somewhat of a taboo for humanity for centuries, so much so that people spend their lives in prison for possessing certain drugs. Some cultures hold certain drugs with a high degree of reverence, such as Rastafarians with marijuana. Other cultures condemn its use, such as the United States;…

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An Analysis of Paul Dunbar’s Response on the Racial Climate of Late 19th Century

Dunbar’s Response to the Racial Climate of the Late 19th Century The racial climate of the late 19th century was one filled with deception, stereotypes, and hatred. Hate groups, fueled with their contempt for blacks, used propaganda to encourage the public towards viewing blacks as savage creatures rather than fellow memb…

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A Comparison of W. E. B. Du Bois, Ida Wells and Booker T. Washington’s Argument on Civil Rights Movement

Du Bois, Washington, and Wells’ Arguments During the Civil Rights Movement In the late 1890’s and early 1900’s, the Reconstruction of the south had become a thing of the past, but the struggle of African-Americans to find their place in society was still a big issue. Disenfranchisement and Jim Crow discriminatory laws stun…

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The New Division of the Roles of Women Within the Family in the 1800’s

Society’s standards during the nineteenth century lead people to have certain expectations of women. Taking care of the home, raising children, following fashion, and growing up with a very weak education were all aspects that were widely accepted to be very typical of a woman’s life. Beginning in the early 1800’s, “the old…

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