The History and Emerging Trends in Funeral Service

The History and Emerging Trends in Funeral Service

Emerging Trends in Funeral Service While all species on earth experience death, only humans have rituals dictating what happens afterwards. Throughout history, a few common procedures for after-death care have emerged. Entombment, burial, and cremation are all historically regular ways for a body to be disposed of. Howe…

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The Role of Cultural Characteristics to Behavior Patterns

Culture refers to an integrated unit of learnt behavior patterns that
identify the people of a given community. It entails customs, institutions,
and convictions well as technology that vary from one geographical region
to another. Variation in culture is ubiquitous (Vaiman, 2015).Discrepancies
in beliefs, behavior an…

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An Argument in Favor of Abortion Because It Is Every Woman’s Right and a Choice

When does life begin for human beings? For some, life begins when you are first conceived; others believe that life begins when you take your very first breath of oxygen after you are born. In my opinion, life begins when you first begin having a pulse, as your heart begins to grow and develop. Life begins, and ends with th…

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The Issue of Drug Abuse in the United States

The United States War on Drugs Drug abuse is a very serious problem that had flooded the United States. When people begin doing drugs, you begin a trek down a dangerous path, which can lead to divorce, owing money to people, and quite possibly death. Drug abuse can affect anyone, even those who you would least expect. One…

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The Issue of Racism in the Police Force in the United States

The Police Force in the United States are Blatantly Racist Police officers are supposed to protect the innocent, and stop those who break the law. Yet, there has been a dangerous trend occurring, and it goes back much farther than the events of Ferguson, Missouri. Police officers have been targeting blacks for decades, and…

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Effects of Gun Control on the Firearm Industry in the United States

Effects of Gun Control on the Firearm Industry Over the past years, and especially since President Obama has been elected, there has been much debate on gun control. Call for change in the United States’ regulation of firearms has mounted in the aftermath of massacres such as those at Virginia Tech, the Aurora movie theate…


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Adam Lanza and the Sandy Hook Tragedy

Adam Lanza and the Sandy Hook Tragedy On December 14, 2012 Adam Lanza took the lives of twenty six and seven year olds, six adult staff members, his mother, and himself. This all took place in the small town of Newtown, Connecticut. To the town of Newtown violence was a foreign affair. Before the Sandy Hook shooting there…

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American Success in Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, Rocky, Whiplash and The Pursuit of Happiness

USA: The Land of Opportunity USA is often called as the land of opportunities. Stories and myths about success that emerged throughout the years confirm that, anyone regardless of race or sex can achieve success through hard work and determination which can be rooted back to Weber’s work Protestant Work Ethic and the Spiri…

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The Main Causes and Effects of Poverty on the World Today

Singer Argument Response Poverty is a universal issue and affects the majority of the world population. Singer argues the solution to this problem lies in funneling the excess money of the rich to those who need it more. However, although many needs exist in this world, people have a right to choose what they do with thei…

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Understanding the Key Drivers of Globalization in Our World Today

Globalization is a concept that has been introduced to facilitate the free sharing of services, goods and knowledge between different nations across the world. Many people consider globalization as a uniting factor. When trade, opportunities and information is shared freely between all nations, humanity continues to develop…

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A Rhetorical Analysis of After Ferguson by Steven Shieh and Raven Rakia

August 9th, 2014 may have seemed like an ordinary day for many, but it was transformed into one of the most controversial dates of the last decade. Michael Brown, an unarmed African American teenager, was shot and killed by a police officer named Darren Wilson in the town of Ferguson, Missouri. This event has since become t…

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The Stereotypical Misconception Throughout the American History

22 March 14 Stereotypical Misconception The era when all men were supposedly created equal was an era of discrimination and segregation. African Americans in the trough out history and especially in the 1960’s have been shunned and hated just for the color of their skin. They were unable to attend the same facilities as w…

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A Research Experiment on People’s Behaviors While Eating

The question was raised as to whether individuals more frequently expressed content when being presented with their food by another person or when allowed to retrieve it for themselves. This question encompasses both the purpose of this research and the behavior observed. Prior to this research, a survey was conducted where…

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The Morality of Abortion in Judith Thompson’s Piece, A Defense of Abortion

The Morality of Abortion In her piece “A Defense of Abortion,” Judith Thomson defends, as the name implies, a woman’s right to an abortion under certain circumstances. She does this by arguing that, again, given the right circumstances, abortions are not morally impermissible, though she does not do so in the method tradit…

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The Question of Whether Homosexuality Is Unnatural

Is Homosexuality Unnatural? Leiser disputes the assertion that homosexuality is wrong based on the premise that it is “unnatural.” He does this by examining five different definitions/ conditions implied with the word “natural” and explaining why either homosexuality meets the requirements of being natural or why, if found…

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Family Time and It Relates to Child Development

Family Time as it Relates to Child Development It is not uncommon for parents across the globe to attempt and force family time upon their begrudging children. The reasoning often issued to the kids, who could just as easily be wasting away in front of a television, is “because it’s good for you.” The children, as one ca…

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The Origins and Growth of the Terrorist Group Al-Qaeda

In January 2009, a union from the al-Qaeda Saudi Arabia and Yemeni branches came together to form a new Islamic militant organization under the name Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Originally under the leadership of Osama Bin Laden’s former private secretary, Nasir al-Wuhayshi (CNN), AQAP represents one of the mu…

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An Analysis of the Poverty Situation in the United States

The Underdogs of Poverty To be an underdog can mean many different things. For example an athlete that is not favored is considered the underdog. Looking at underdogs in retrospect, it stretches far beyond a boxer losing a match in which he is making hundreds of thousands. It is amazing knowing that in today’s day and…

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The Power of Islam in the essay To Any Would-Be Terrorists by Naomi Shihab Nye

The Terrorists in us In the essay “To Any Would-Be Terrorists”, the author Naomi Shihab Nye, addresses an audience of Middle-Eastern extremists following the tragic event of 9/11. She describes her life as an Arab-American in the United States to capture the readers’ attention, and knowledge of her culture to empathize wi…

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An Analysis of the New York Times Article “37 Who Saw Murder Didn’t Call the Police”

If you had the opportunity to go back in time and save someone’s life with no more than a phone call would you do it? I’m sure you would, along with the 37 bystanders who witnessed the assault of an innocent young woman who cried for help, yet did nothing. Although it is not surprising to hear about homicides often occurri…

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Gender Roles in the Story of Rabi’a

Religion often dictates gender roles and creates a distinction between the roles of men and women in society. In the Islamic culture, females have been known to be suppressed by males when it comes to obtaining positions of leadership and power. Whether it is taken literally or contextually, gender plays an important role i…

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Education and Economic Equality in the United States

Since the United States of America was formed, the term “Equality”
has been a buzz word, a goal, and an illusion. One of the persistent
ideologies in America is that of hard work. This ideology states that if a
person works hard, he or she can rise out of poverty and into wealth. In
America’s current economic climate, the…

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The Freedom of American People

Medal of Honor Essay Before shipping off to Iraq, Sergeant Paul Ray Smith wrote a letter to his family saying that he was “prepared to give all that [he is], to ensure [his] boys make it home okay” (Sherman). He and hundreds of thousands of other soldiers fight for the freedoms of America. Citizens of America are able to…

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The Conflict Between Israel and Palestine

Palestine and Israel have always butt heads on everything. From real estate quarrels to cultural differences they just can’t seem to get along. Palestinians have always wanted to have their own land to rule their own way and it just so happens that the Jewish people of Islam want the same thing (go figure.) Then just split…

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Three Criminological Theories; Social Control, Social Learning and Strain Theories

Crime has been a major factor in our society for as long as someone can remember. We the people have been part of or have witnessed crime on almost daily basis without even knowing it. Crime can range from illegally downloading music from a software or the web to killing a human being. Although the penalties and classificat…

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