The Factors to Consider in New Market Expansions

The Factors to Consider in New Market Expansions

COUNTRY ISSUES Culture, Social, and Demographics: When examining any company and their possible expansion into new markets you must first examine the culture, social, and demographic issues impacting foreign businesses. The Colombian culture has begun to show a bias towards American products as recently as 1998. As writte…

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An Introduction to the History of the Stock Market Crash of 1929

The stock market crash of 1929 and the year 2000 bug are very similar. Black Thursday was not one of the brightest days in American History. This day was the cause of a nation downward spiral that closed 4000 banks, starting the great depression, and leading to stock that at one time would decrease 89% to the value some had…

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A Design of a Single User System for Solving the Needs of a Startup Business

XYZ QUICK LUBE Co. The purpose of this exercise is to design a single user system, to solve the needs of a startup business. The business I chose is a service oriented, automotive oil change company. This system will need to satisfy the business needs of a small company, including database queries, inventory management, cu…

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An Introduction to the Issue of Broadcasters

Clearly, something is wrong. Broadcasters are licensed to serve “the public interest, convenience and necessity.” They are paid to deliver receptive audiences to their business sponsors. Few industries are as public relations-conscious as television. What compels them to endure public humiliation, risk the…

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How to File for Bankruptcy in Canada

This received a 27/28 in my OAC law class so, have a blast….. WHEN FILING FOR BANKRUPTCY IN CANADA The law sometimes seems to pervade all aspects of our lives and an involvement with bankruptcy and insolvency law has proved to be almost unavoidable for business people in Canada during the 1990 s. In simplest term, co…

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A Look at the Selling Points of Napster and the Controversy Surrounding It

Music over the Internet has become a popular form of entertainment. Daily, people download and listen to music online. The rapid growth of such sites as Napster and MP3.COM is evidence of the popularity of online music. While music lovers enjoy this free access, the music industry is taking its stand in court. Industry repr…

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The Debate over Whether Napster Is Wrong in Allowing Sharing of MP3 Files over the Net

Napster Debate The Napster software (, launched early in 1999, allows internet users to share and download MP3 files directly from any computer connected to the Napster network. The software is used by downloading a client program from the Napster site and then connecting to the network through this…

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An Argument Against Shutting Down the Napster Software

Napster can be defined as software that allows users to share MP3 libraries with one another no matter where the users are located. This software also provides search capabilities for songs, chat capability between users and an internal audio player which allows the shared files to be listened to by the users. Napster has b…

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A History of the Credit Card Abuse in the United States

Credit cards have become such a familiar feature of the life style in the world that it is difficult to imagine a consumer economy functioning without them. The credit cards are nowadays the most convenient of all types of payments. The boom of the credit card industry has affected everyone in the world of the “plastic…

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Why All Modern Cars Look Alike

Why Do All Modern Cars Look Alike? We ask ourselves every time we see heavy traffic, is there no variance anymore amongst car models? In the old days, as a matter of fact only five ore ten years ago every single car brand seemed to have it’s own personality, today they look more like a cluster of copycats. What wen…

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An Introduction to the Lack of Generational Wealth in the Black Community

Why is there a Lack of Generational Wealth in the Black Community? Today African American communities are falling apart tremendously. Crime is rising; children are killing more than they are working. Economics are lowering; people tend to spend their money in other communities where businesses look more professional than t…

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Where and Why Whirlpool Should Expand to Maintain Competitive Advantage Within Appliances Industry

Whirlpool Corporation Problem Statement: Where and how should Whirlpool expand to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage within the appliance industry? Analysis: The U.S. appliance market was completely saturated in 1986. Increased pressure from other companies like GE who implemented a $1 billion restructuring pr…

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An Analysis of the Boeing Corporation

Boeing Corporation Analysis Paper Table of Contents Paper Objective Commercial Aircraft Industry Summary A.Industry Profile B.Typical Industry Competitive Strategy C.Porter Competitive Model Analysis D.Globalization of the Industry E.Importance of Information Technology to the Industry Boeing Company A…

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A Study on Customer Relations and Interpersonal Skills

In the food and Hospitality industry, Working with Colleagues and Customers is an important part of the job. Customer relations and interpersonal skills are the two most important skills that a person working in that industry will need to know about. Customer relations techniques include a number of skills, such as effecti…

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An Analysis of the Financial Reports of the Bristol Myers Squibb Company

Joseph Esposito Intermediate Accounting II Dr. Ahmed Goma Bristol-Myers Squibb Company “A Critical Analysis to Disclosure in Financial Reporting” Bristol-Myers mission is to be the preeminent global diversified health and personal care Company. Bristol-Myers seeks to achieve success in the global marketplace…

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Why Good Business Goes Hand in Hand with Good Communication

1 November, 1997 Business and Communications When someone mentions the word communication, one’s thoughts turn to a newspaper, the radio, television, or another more common means of mass-type communication. One does not usually make the connection between communication and other institutions such as business. Good busi…

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An Insight to the Life of Andrew Carneige: The Richest Man in the World

Andrew Carnegie: The Richest Man in the World Andrew Carnegie: villain or hero? In order to aptly answer that question one must first clarify what definition of hero and villain are to be used. Webster defines hero as: and person, especially a man admired for courage, nobility, or exploits, especially in war, also as, the…

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An Analysis of the Project of Total Quality Management

Business Management Group Project (TQM) TQM stands for Total Quality Management, which is “a cooperative form of doing business that relies on the talents and capabilities of both labor and management to continually improve quality and productivity using teams”. (Joseph R. Jablonski Implementing TQM) The origin…

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An Introduction to the Life of Bill Gates

Bill Gates Bill Gates has proven himself to be the wealthiest man alive. He initiated the monster computer software business called Microsoft and has produced the most widely used computer software programs to date. Bill Gates is a transgressive person meaning he has both helped society progressively and regressively. Bil…

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A Description of Rewards for Having “Good Business Ethics”

Rewards for “Good” Business Ethics Business ethics can be viewed as the principles and standards that guide behavior in the world of business. Especially in today’s society, understanding and practicing the concepts of ethics is a key factor that many organizations stress among employees. In order for organizations to sur…

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An Introduction to the History of Businesses in Canada

Businesses in Canada Technological changes today, and in the near future, will be the greatest influence on Business, as we know it. With the development of computers and robots, the requirements for many industries will fill up extremely quickly. By having machines to perform complex and monotonous operations by humans,…

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An Introduction to the Business Analysis; Max Muscle

I-BUSINESS ANALYSIS INTRODUCTION Max Muscle will be a great business. Max Muscle is what some people call a “body building store”. We will sell supplements to help people lose weight, gain weight, build muscle, and stay fit. Max Muscle also has its own line of clothing which our will store carries as well as some other c…

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An Introduction to the Analysis of Entrust Technologies Inc

The full name of the first company I chose is Entrust Technologies Inc. The state and year of incorporation is Texas in 1996. The company was a spin-off of Nortel Networks. The worldwide headquarters for the corporation is 4975 Preston Park Blvd Suite 400 Plano, Texas 75093. The Chief Executive Officer and President of the…

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An Analysis on Different Class of Accountants and their Specializations

Accountants Thesis: An accountant has many choices to what particular field of accounting to specialize in depending on the financial information she wants to analyze and how it is done. Class: Accountants Special Interest: Analyzing Financial Information Subclasses: Financial accountants Tax accountants Internal audi…

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An Introduction to the Life of Howard Robard Hughes

Howard Hughes-A Flying Life Howard Robard Hughes was a very inventive, attention getting man. He was an out-spoken entrepreneur who was best known for his hard work and dedication in motion pictures and the aviation industry. His inherited fortune gave him the opportunity to start building on his dreams at an early age. A…

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