The Factors That Led to the Memorandum of Understanding Between Aston Martin and LeEco

The Factors That Led to the Memorandum of Understanding Between Aston Martin and LeEco

Abstract: Recently, Aston Martin ( A British Luxury Car manufacturing company) and China’s LeEco (One of China’s biggest technology company specializing in a next generation multi-platform Internet engine across video streaming, content, cloud, application and Smart device businesses, also formerly known as LeTV) have sign…

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An Overview of and Its Business Experience Reviews is a website/cellphone application that allow users to leave online reviews about their experience from various businesses. These businesses allow consumers to eat, shop, drink relax and play. The best way to narrow down and decide which new experience to try is by browsing through and reading previous customer rev…

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A Research on the Review System of

What is the first thing you think of when you’re trying to find a new restaurant to eat with your family and friends? The norm would be to take out your cellphone and open the Yelp app. Yelp is a website/cellphone application that allow users to leave online reviews about their experience from various businesses. The easies…

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A Review of the Rise and Fall of the Company Iridium Communications

The Rise and Fall of Iridium Since the 1960’s, there has been usage of communication satellites that orbited at an altitude of 22,000 miles. However, Satellites at this altitude requires extremely large phone and voice delays. Hence, there was the birth of Iridium’s satellites which was much closer to Earth, which meant…

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A Company Overview of

Abstract is a well-known online marketplace today that connects buyers and retailers together. It first started out as an online bookstore – and later developed into selling many other products such as DVDs, videos, apparel, electronics, food, toys, and furniture. It is considered one of the top companies…

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A Case Study on the Impaired Debt Securities for Company A

Throughout the course of normal operations, unforeseen circumstances may lead to adjustments within the entries in the general journal. One of the more common adjustments that accountants do not like to make, is the entry for impairment. Company A’s situation provides us with an opportunity to look at the necessity of reali…

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A Case Study on the Background, Issues, and Analysis of the Litigation Losses of Danle Corporation

Unfortunately, every so often a corporation will run into legal trouble. This can range from small, insignificant law suits to class action law suits. It is critical to be transparent with external investors when disclosing financial statements. A study of Danle’s class action law suits can provide significant insight on th…

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The Importance of Leadership in Winning the Conference

Leader on the Team I thrive in a fast-paced, high-pressure situation. Every challenge is an opportunity to show how I can overcome adversity. Yet success is not always measured nor realized by individual accomplishments. I learned the hard way the most fulfilling achievements are made with others. Six months ago I step…

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An Experience and Opportunity to Work for Partners for the Common Good

It was already dusk when I shut the door to Partners for the Common Good for the last time. For the last 10 weeks, I have spent countless hours inside the intimate setting of this company’s office. There are only 11 of us total, and there is no doubt I will miss each one. The work has been challenging, but the growth and co…

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A Road to Making an Internship in an Accounting Firm in New York City

It was preached to me the second I entered senior year in high school: internships lead to jobs. I understand that in this highly connected world the ability to get a job almost solely depends on connections. Once I exit college, I am practically guaranteed to work for a company that I worked with in college – a company tha…

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The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and E-Harmony

Corporate Social Responsibility and E-Harmony Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the social responsibility for a company to make based upon the “right” thing to do versus the legal actions that they have to do. In other words, CSR is a decision making process that business owners make from all ends to decide what the…

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The Importance of Diversity in the Workplace in America

Ant farms, chewing gum, hula hoops, and the evolution of Rock and Roll music are only a few of the 1950’s great and popular fads in America. What was not popular however, was diversity in the work place. In an article by pertaining to diversity in the workplace, over 60% of all American businesses were compri…

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A Comparison of Managers and Leaders in an Organization

President Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs, and Oprah, are all very different people, but what do they have in common? They are all leaders. It takes a unique talent to be a leader, and the position is not for everyone. It could be argued that leadership can be taught there are specific differences between a leader and a manager…

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a skill that involves failing and succeeding through personal experiences when developing and progressing an original idea in the business world. That would be a personal definition. This definition doesn’t stray far from Merriam Webster Online’s short definition of an “entrepreneur”, which is “a person…

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An Analysis of the Role and Influence of Advertising on the Evolution of the American Dream

Cataloging (cADaloging) the American Dream: An Analysis of the American Dream and Its Evolution through Advertising Infamous for their exasperating ubiquity and manipulative behaviors, advertisements have long been known for their role in selling products. However, while its use as a medium for communication has remained c…

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Internet Usage Should Be Monitored and Controlled by the Company

With the growth and introduction of new technologies the internet has rapidly taken over a great deal of workplaces as both a tool, and a hindrance to work. With its ever growing and expanding list of uses it’s only natural that some issues would arise surrounding its use within the workplace, including how to go about sett…

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An Analysis of the Issues of Privacy and Its Effects of the Members of an Organization

These days the lines drawn for the privacy rights of employees have been blurred by ever advancing technology, now more than ever it is critical that employers know the difference between lawful actions, and invasion of privacy. The issue of privacy is one that affects all members of the organization, managers can use the i…

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An Analysis of People’s Attitude towards Their Job in Living to Work, an Essay by Dorothy Sayers

In her essay “Living to Work” Dorothy L. Sayers notes the two main attitudes people take when approaching their jobs, and draws a correlation between their quality of life, and how they view their jobs. While I agree that the way we view our jobs will ultimately determine a big part of how happy we are as human beings (espe…

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The Role and Importance of Innovation in Providing Satisfaction to Customers

Innovation is defined as a new idea, device, or process. This means that for innovation to take place, a product or service has to be original in what it is offering and provide further satisfaction to customers. By providing this satisfaction, a company will increase it’s value and attract new customers while retaining old…

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The Important Topics in Business and Their Influence on My Life

We have covered a variety of topics in Business throughout the semester that have shaped my understanding of today’s business world and have contributed to my own personal career development. By briefly learning about a diverse selection of sections present in business, I was able to take a glimpse into all sorts of careers…

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The Standards in Ethical Decision-Making Practices in Businesses and Individuals

Ethics is the moral judgments that govern businesses and individuals alike. These judgments are based off of, on the simplest level, what is right and what is wrong. Ethics is more than the “cultural norm” due to cultures as a whole sometimes being corrupt and following skewed “ethical practices.” Due to this, ethics has to…

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The Role of Social Media in Hiring Employees

Social media has made it easier to share the details of your life with friends and family. Keeping in touch with distant relatives and building new relationships with the people around you can now be done in an instant. Social media is an effective way to build social skills and expose oneself with a variety of diverse idea…

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Business in Action Reflection: A Report on a Field Trip to Hyland Software

Business in Action Reflection I visited Hyland Software for my field trip. Hyland is composed of many different jobs, the main position being Computer Programming professionals. At Hyland, they create individualized software platforms for businesses that want to reduce their paper waste and increase their organization ef…

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The Concept and Characteristics of Leadership

The concept of leadership is highly dynamic. The bottom line, however, is the need for effective leadership in any organization. Over the years that I have served in the police force, I have often been tasked with the responsibility to oversee certain duties. Such a call often necessitated me to stand my ground on various i…

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The Pursuit of My Dream of Personally Running a Business

Everyone in life has a dream and would want the dream to come true someday. It feels good for one to do what they are passionate about. People have different personalities and thus what one cares about is different from another person. Personally, I care about running my business in future. I believe I can achieve the idea…

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