The Face of Homelessness and What the Homeless Face in El Paso, Texas

The Face of Homelessness and What the Homeless Face in El Paso, Texas

The Face of Homelessness And What the Homeless Face Homelessness in El Paso, Texas has been a major problem for the community for as long as someone can remember. People with as much as three pairs of clothes and two foods a day are exposed to live in the outside of the cities with extreme temperatures, illness, disease,…

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The Importance of English or The Native Language for Immigrants in America

Blood, Bone, and Skin In ”The English-Only Movement: Can America Proscribe language with a Clear Conscience?” Jake Jamieson argues the pros and cons of establish a rule where English is the official language of the American nation. Although Jamieson states the benefits of how this act can affect Americans, he also argues…

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The Past, Present and Future of Assassinations

Assassinations have changed a lot over the years. There are records of assassinations Before Christ and there continues to be assassinations to this day. The assassination industry will tend to grow and shrink in the future. In the years past, and years to come, assassinations have been and will continue to be a part of the…

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An Analysis of the Article, A Vindication of the Rights of Women

Victorian writers retain many of the thematic interests, literary innovations and values of British Romanticism, but present them in a tentative, less radical, more measured and self-conscious way. Because both eras have so many aspects in common, it can be difficult to differentiate exactly where one era ends and the other…

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The Immigrants and Refugee Crisis of EU

After the world war II, it causes a large amount of human population become displace and flee from their own countries. Currently, there are 60 million displace and 4 million are Syrian refugees who are fleeing from discrimination, persecutions and horror of conflicts. They are fleeing to the neighbor countries, especially…

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The Issue of Slums and Poverty

In the world that we live in today, around 827 million people live in poverty, commonly called “slums”. In these slums, there are families, around three to four people, sometimes more, living in homes made of mud, cardboard, grass; the homes are made of any material the family can get their hands on. Often in counties like…

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Revolt on the Margin; Dr. King and Malcolm X

Revolt on the Margin In the early sixties, civil and human rights Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X presented two different solutions to the problem of segregation and violence in America. Dr. King supported nonviolent civil disobedience, something he discusses in his 1963 “Letter from Birmingham Jail”. Conversely, X…

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The Disadvantages of Child Labor by Florence Kelly

Florence Kelly on Child Labor During the late 19th century and early 20th century child labor was a common practice that inflicted harsh labor on young children. Florence Kelly was one reformer of the time that attempted to challenge the legality of child labor. Within her speech before the convention of the National Ameri…

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A Look at Animal Cruelty and Its Various Forms

Animal Cruelty Everyday animals around the world are being beaten, neglected, or even maliciously murdered. Domestic animals are a constant target for violence from angry owners and unforgiving households. Not only are domestic animals the ones receiving abuse, but African animals and marine mammals are as well, like eleph…

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An Analysis of Poverty and Wealth in The One Percent by Jamie Johnson

The One Percent The documentary “The One Percent” is about the gap between America’s poor and the one percent of the population that controls almost half of the country’s wealth. The film is by Jamie Johnson, a member of the very wealthy Johnson & Johnson family. He touches on the subject we covered in class about how th…

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The Issue of Less Than Half Child Abuse Cases Being Investigated in the United States

A Voice for the Voiceless Every ten seconds a report of child abuse is made. Out of all the referrals made yearly to Child Protective Services, less than half are actually investigated (Childhelp 1). Most of the reported abuse is at the hands of someone the child trusts, such as a parent or guardian. Child abuse is defined…

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Three Categories of Bullying: Physical, Verbal, and Relational

“Just Say KNOW To Bullying” As a founder/leader of the anti-bullying club at my school, Cool 2 Be Kind, I know quite a bit about the topic of bullying. Bullying can be divided into three different categories: physical, verbal, and relational. Physical can be described as hitting, pushing, tripping, etc. Verbal bullying of…

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An Overview of the Pokemon Craze

Pocket Monsters, is also called Pokémon for short as well, since the first version Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green put on sale in 27 Feb 1996s, it was loved and esteemed by worldwide people, then now a day, the Pokémon reached the 20th anniversary in 2016. Since the Pokémon game become the one of the most popular video game i…

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The Effects of Social Discrimination on Our Lives

Social discrimination is unequal treatment of people based on illegal reasons. This involves consideration based on race, region, religion, gender ethnic group and class to which a person is a member of. This discourages individual merit consideration as individuals are treated in accordance to the social position and statu…

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Describing the Unfair Distribution of Wealth in the United States

An Economic Manifesto: Changing Cash To Fruit One of the biggest problems facing America today is the unfair distribution of wealth between the upper, middle, and lower classes. Millions have to scrape by everyday, just to survive, working at low-income jobs that any high school student could be doing. All the while, only…

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Social Development of Teenagers in Church Environment

Social Development Teens in general seem to always have a difficult time of transition to adult hood. This is the group most bombarded with cultural shift, relationship change, pressure from school and pressure from peers. All of these different pressure points have differing effects on teens depending on who they are, wha…

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The Ideal Black Male Through Anti-Black Sentiments in the U.S.

The “Ideal” Black Male For centuries, society has been plagued with racism and coerced into treating certain races inferior to others. Despite the fact that United States of America has been able to pass the largest hurdle by guaranteeing equal rights for all races, racism towards African Americans is as prevalent, if not…

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Rodney King, a Man Brutally Beaten by Someone Who Was Supposed to Protect the Citizens

*Get out the car, get out the car NOW!* *don’t move or will use force* after that night a man’s life changed for the worst. As you all may or may not know Rodney King was beating half to death by someone who is supposed to protect us as citizens, but instead the “law” is killing or damaging our “BLACK” men lives. In my repo…

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An Examination of the Relationship of Knowledge and Attitudes Toward Sex

Abstract This study examines the relationship of knowledge and attitudes toward sex. We hypothesized that a positive view of sexuality is associated with a higher Sex IQ. Using a computerized survey 724 responses of various ages (M= 21.65, SD= 4.62) and consisting of 64% women 34.2% men and 1.8% others were collected. Co…

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An Analysis of Peter Stearns Gender in World History

An Analysis of Peter Stearns Gender in World History The media today is dominated by headlines about gender inequality in society as a whole, often cited as the fault of the generation before us. In fact, the issue of gender inequality spans for many millennia, with roots in early agricultural societies. Yet surprisingly,…

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Sexual Development in Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go

Sexual Development Parallels in Never Let Me Go Sexuality throughout history has been subject to countless rules and regulation by thousands of different societies who desired to wrest control of such a fundamental part of human development. In the modern era, there still are visages of these attempts to control sexuality…

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How Prohibition Suppress Change in America

Prohibition: How it’s Another Failure to Suppress Change in America “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,” morbidly put by one of our founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin. Change is inevitable in all societies and nearly everything is subject to it. Whether it stems fro…

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The Impact of Sexual and Gender Based Violence on Reproductive Health

Impact of Sexual and Gender Based Violence on Reproductive Health Domestic violence is the most prevalent form of gender-based violence. In most cases, domestic gender based violence occurs when her male partner inside their home abuses a female. At the domestic level, forms of gender based violence can include physical vi…

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A Look at Gender equality in Education in the African Country of Côte d’Ivoire

Gender Equity in Education        Côte d’Ivoire faces one of the largest gender parities when it comes to equal education for males and females. Due to the household duties, discouragements, and lack of resources, there is an extremely low rate of female school attendees starting at primary schooling levels. There are d…

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The Criminal Activity of Ned Kelly and Why He SHould Be An Australian Icon

Ned Kelly: hero or villain? One man not only caused a lot of controversy but also changed Australian history forever. Ned Kelly should be considered a villain because of the terrible person he was, not only did he rob and steal but he also committed murders. This essay will discuss why Ned Kelly was considered a criminal,…

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