The Effects of Uber Lowering Their Prices

Sway, a New Product in Microsoft Office That I Worked On This Summer as a Software Engineering Intern at Microsoft

I spent this summer as a Software Engineering Intern at Microsoft in Redmond, WA. I worked with another Software Engineering Intern on a core feature for my teams product: Sway, which we expect to appear in their product a few weeks after we leave. Sway is a new product in Office, preview-released last October and releasin…

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The Effects of Uber Lowering Their Prices

Why Uber’s Price Drop Could Actually Trigger Higher Prices This article pertains to Uber, the taxi-like car service, and how they have dropped their prices by 15% within the New York City are. They also changed their minimum fee from eight dollars to seven. Uber made this change in prices because the demand for the service…

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An Overview of the Methods, Future Search and Open Space Conference Used by McDonald’s

Future Search is an effective method of examining a company’s current operations and planning out strategies for the future. The McDonald’s organization operates on a global scale. There are thousands of different employees who work for the company. The scale of the organization means that strategic planning is an important…

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A Recommendation to Use Future Search for Meetings

Introduction Organizations have different ways of structuring meetings. Some traditional conferences involve speakers that do all of the talking. Participants merely take notes and try to remember what was said. In comparison, there are also other types of conferences in which participation is high. Employees give their id…

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A History of Virgin, One of the Most Successful and Highly Regarded Corporations of Today

Virgin is a multinational corporation that employs over Fifty Thousand employees and operates in over Fifty countries. It is currently number 359 on the Forbes Fortune 500 List. Founded by Sir Richard Branson in the early 1970’s, Virgin has grown to be one of the most successful and highly regarded corporations today, with…

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My Beliefs in the Protection of the Rights of an Individual

I would consider myself a free market capitalist. I believe that the government should remain small and exist for the sole purpose of upholding the law, providing civil justice, and protecting the rights of the individual. I believe that minimum wage and welfare should be phased out and government required health care shoul…

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The Impact of Religion in the Business World

Modern day organizations range from small family owned and operated business such as any local business to the multi-million dollar, global corporations such as Apple Inc. Each and every one of these organizations experience daily problems and setbacks. These problems are as varied and plenteous as the organizations that th…

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The Technical Skills Required to Be a Secretary and Administrative Assistants

Secretaries and administrative assistants are among the most important of the business workforce and probably the most underappreciated. These hard working men and women help to organize mundane tasks, schedule meetings, and relieve the stress of their employer. According to the American Institute of Stress, in 2013 compan…

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Peter Gibbons Saved Starbucks from Losing Money on Inefficient Logistics

In 2008 Starbucks was alerted to a rise in logistics expenses despite their rapid expansion in both store locations and profits. As executive vice president of global supply chain operations, Peter D. Gibbons, took a closer look he discovered some major steps that were required to boost the company back into high profits. H…

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Starbucks Takes Advantage of a New Pay Method to Satisfy Customers

Change is an ever present feature in the life of every individual, household, corporation, city, and nation. Some changes go un-noticed and other changes can shake a nation, affecting generations to come. In our culture technology has progressed rapidly. The first form of communication was simply speaking to the other pers…

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Starbucks Pursues LEED Certification as a Goal in 2015

Green strategies are the next best thing for companies that desire to keep up with the ever changing culture. Starbucks is leading the way with innovations that are changing their products, kitchen appliances, and stores. Beginning in 2012 Starbucks focused on better quality coffee, ethical treatment of their farmers and ha…

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The History of the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus

No other form of American entertainment has been as deeply ingrained in the heart as the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus has succeeded in doing to generations of Americans. P. T. Barnum said that his idea for the beginnings of his circus were “Greater than anything he had ever done . . . [It will be] the largest g…

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The Moral and Ethical Problem of Harassment in the Business World

There are many problems in the environments of the organizations that make up our business world today. Many of these problems are deep moral and ethical dilemmas that plague most every organization and every business person will be confronted with at some point during their business career. However for any believer that en…

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The Biggest Threats and the Business Strategy of Costco

On July 12 1976, Sol and Robert Price raised $2.5 million from relatives and family friends to found and open Price Club. A remodeled airplane hangar in San Diego California was the very first warehouse club specifically designed for business shoppers only (Costco). During the past 38 years Price club, now known as Costco W…

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Choosing Seven Companies Out of Seven Industries in Which to Invest

Beginning on September 11, 2015 each member of Fin 405 invested $100,000 into stocks of their choice and instructed to keep track of and maintain each stock. Using Google Finance I chose seven companies out of seven industries in which to invest. These companies included Home Depot, General Electric Company, LinkedIn Corpor…

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Starbucks’ Invention of the Semi-Permanent Cup to Eliminate Waste

To help eliminate waste, Starbucks has invented a “semi-permanent cup”. As Starbucks continues to implement measures to go green, they are seeking every possible way to eliminate waste, cut down on air pollution, and help their farmers grow the products in an environmentally friendly way, all this while making continuous pr…

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Good Business Leaders and Their Characteristics

Conviction- a leader who not only says he cares about his employees, but then also acts upon his statements shows true conviction and integrity. Communication- not what you say but what you do. Daily decisions and actions that directly benefit the company, its stakeholders, employees, and the community speak louder than w…

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The Effectiveness of Six Advertising Strategies Targeting Kids

The article six strategies marketers use to get kids to want bad stuff by Bruce Horovitz gives example after example of advertising schemes that worked and some that did not. In 2006 companies targeted kids ages 7-12 as nagging tools to get the parents to purchase greater amounts of toys for Christmas. Companies spent mill…

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Xerox’s Downward Spiraling and Recovery in Customer Connection

Customer connection begins by portraying a very bleak picture of a downward spiraling company known as Xerox. The founder of the company Joe Wilson had a vision for the customers because he realized that a company remains in business and profitable because of the buying power of customers. Unfortunately Xerox and its employ…

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REI, a Niche Market Specialized in Outdoor Recreation Equipment and Clothing

REI represent a niche market within the United States, the company specialized in outdoor recreation equipment and clothing. REI must take special care to ensure that any new market they enter has a need for their specific products. REI sees the importance of analyzing a new market before they enter it, they search for sha…

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A Discussion on the Monopoly Created by a Patent

Patents create a monopoly because only one company or individual is able to produce a product. This prevents other producers from entering the market. This concept is especially restrictive when the demand for the product is inelastic; if the product does not have substitutes the monopolistic producer is able to set a price…

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A Research on the Correlative Connections Between Events and Promotion

  1. Introduction This research paper is created with the purpose of looking into the correlative connections between events and promotion. Narrowing down the focus of the research, the researchers will be looking at a hallmark event occurring yearly in the city of Neuchâtel and collect quantitative data by implementing a su…

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An Analysis of Mark Dowie’s Arguments on the Destruction of Native Societies due to the Closing Off of Protected Areas

Conservation The topic at hand is conservation. Conservation organizations like the
World Conservation Society (WCS), WWF, IUCN, and others aim to protect
endangered species and territories all over the world. They gain support
for their causes because the pubic believes they’re fighting for morality
and saving baby animal…

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A Proposal for the Richman Company’s Information Technology Department for Information Security and Access Measures

Policies outline user information, administrators, and security configuration responsible for order execution which ensures the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of Richman Company’s networks. It acts as a guideline from which, all contractors and employees must be accustomed to, and also states rules that all us…

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The Influence of Voice Strategy and Voice Content on Supervisory Responsiveness in an Organization

Explaining the Process of Leaders Respond to Employee Voice: A Politeness Theory Perspective Abstract:Supervisory responsiveness plays an important role in organizational innovation and performance improvement. Based on politeness theory, the present study examined how voice strategy (directness and politeness) and voic…

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