The Difficulties and Challenges Faced by Immigrants Crossing the Border to Come to the United States

The Difficulties and Challenges Faced by Immigrants Crossing the Border to Come to the United States

Difficulties of crossing the border & fear of deportation when being in the United States Many immigrants come to the United States for a better future for their families and themselves, but not knowing the difficulties they must face crossing the border to get here first. Immigrants know it is not an easy thing to do migr…

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The Neglect, Abuse, and Absence of Parental Care in the Childhood of Ted Bundy

Growing up as a child, Ted Bundy experienced neglect, mental/physical abuse, lack of discipline, and absence of parental care. These factors and many more created one of the most notorious serial killers in history. He was a social outcast and didn’t have many friends, which made him feel insecure and eventually caused him…

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Legalizing Weed

Legalizing the weed In 1970, Marijuana was classified as a schedule one drug in the United States of America due to its “low medicinal value, and high potential for abuse.” (Bostwick M.D. 1) However, in recent years, patients suffering from glaucoma, cancer, epilepsy, anxiety, alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and m…

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The Disadvantage of Low Income Communities

From the start, the low income communities have been at a disadvantage because of the limited assistance received from the city compared to high income communities. This has created a gap that has been increasing since 1990 between the money deposited in high income areas and low income areas that will eventually leave the…

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Makeup is Genderless

Makeup is Genderless When we’re born we’re thrown a script, we memorize our lines, and study our character. With our costumes laid out for us in the morning and we perform to a world that tells us how to act. Today more and more men throw away the script given to them, pick up a makeup brush, and choose to be who they are….

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The Global Phenomenon of Population Ageing

Population ageing has emerged as a global phenomenon in the wake of the now virtually universal decline in fertility and increases in life expectancy. Many countries are confronted with new demographic realities that spread from the cities to the villages. In my opinion, more problems than benefits will surface with this tr…

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A Discussion on Candida Moss’ View on the Impact of Prostitution on the World

Rhetorical Analysis, “What Prostitutes Gave the World” Prostitution, also known as the oldest profession in the world. The actual definition being the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment or just a little simpler, selling your body for money. Whatever your opinion, whether you fee…

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The Importance and Role of Intersectionalities

Intersectionalities Various intersectionalities can be limiting because society likes to cluster everyone into a general box when there a smaller communities made up within it. It is especially problematic in the queer community because people like to generalize the entire community which is collectively made up of lots of…

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A Study of Ireland’s Reaction to the Influx of Syrian Refugees

Irish Response to Syrian Refugee Crisis The first anti-government protests in Syria began around 2011 but it wasn’t until recent years that the situation has spiraled out of control. Families quickly began to emigrate by any means possible, but mostly on foot. Neighboring countries were soon overcrowded with the refugees a…

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Urban Spaces and Its Social Benefits

The Social Benefits of Urban Spaces Good urban spaces are the key to building a strong community. It does not matter whether the community is in a city or a suburb; the key to building a good urban space is in the layout of the area. Some cities, especially older European cities like Madrid and Paris, use their urban space…

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Are Children Born With Gender Preferences?

Gender Identity The article, Pink v blue – are children born with gender preferences?, discusses the correlation between the colors pink and blue, and femininity and masculinity. In current society, blue is seen as a masculine color and so decorates anything that is pitched toward a male audience, from shampoo bottles to t…

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The Increasing of the Death Toll From the Use of Firearms

The death toll from the use of firearms in the U.S. is increasing at an alarming rate. Homicides and mass shootings involving the use of a firearm have become so common in our society that every media outlet seems to report about gun related violence each day. After the shootings of the Sandy Hook Elementary School inciden…

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The Social Factors That Contribute to the Social Issue of Underage Drinking

What Social Factors Contribute to Underage Drinking? Peele, Stanton. “Underage Drinking Can Lower the Risk of Alcoholism.” Addiction, edited by Jennifer A. Hurley, Greenhaven Press, 2000. Opposing Viewpoints. Opposing Viewpoints in Context,…

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The Acts of Terrorism in Spain

Attacks in Spain Prior to September 9, 2001, terrorist attacks were not uncommon; however, terrorism wasn’t much of an issue until almost three thousand lives were lost that day. When you hear the word terrorism, you imagine guns, bombs, and lives becoming endangered or lost. Even the most ordinary objects of daily living…

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Tobacco Users Addiction and the Effects of the Use of Tobacco

Users and nonusers refer to the same factors when discussing their decisions. Friends, Family, and the media greatly influence whether someone starts to use tobacco. Most people who become addicted to tobacco start using it during their teens. Friends are important influences. Teens with friends that use tobacco are more…

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The Serious Issue of Syria and the International Cooperation Required to Solve the Problem

Syria: An International Nightmare The ongoing war in Syria has proven to be a very difficult situation to find a long term solution. The factors playing in the war have also been very difficult for the international community to end the conflict. On one side of the conflict there is the Assad regime backed by Hezbolla…

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The Importance of Individuality in Making a Person Unique and Different with One Another

Conformity Essay As humans, we all have aspirations along with values and a desire to belong. However, this desire to fit in can often cause us to lose what makes us human, our individuality. In the ‘Sociology of Leopard Man’, Logan Feys makes very bold claims relevant to today. He states, “To be human is to be an individu…

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The Extreme Invasion of Privacy and the Violation of the Fourth Amendment by the National Security Agency

Did you know that Martin Luther King Jr. was wiretapped by the government? Well, plainly; this is an invasion of privacy. The Department of Justice has a division specifically dedicated for spying on terrorists, it is called the National Security Agency. Although they do catch some terrorists, that is not all they do; they…

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Mary Wollstonecraft and John Stuart Mill as Advocates for the Women’s Advancement in Society in The Rights of Women and The Subjection of Women

Mary Wollstonecraft and John Stuart Mill both argue that the character of women has been corrupted by their social position (Mill makes similar arguments about socio-economic class). Do you agree? To what extent does a person’s opportunities and role in society shape them as a person? Can this be overcome? More than of…

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Feminism and Race

Feminism and Race Many women shy away from the idea that the ideologies that they preach to multitudes are biased and only based on the account of their own self-identity and the identities of the similar individuals surrounding them. When it comes to feminism, this has been seen as a problem. There is a lack of understa…

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The Issues and Conflicts Surrounding Immigration

Conflicts surrounding immigration have been taking over politics and news headlines today. These issues may surround different concerns such as terrorism as well as the Mexican border, but the questions asked and debates presented would be extremely recognizable to an individual living in the 1900s. One continuous issue wit…

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The Future of the United States and the Acts of Immigration

Immigration: The Future of America Many of the billionaires, stars, and greatest innovators in American history have been immigrants. These people have left their country to seek a better and brighter future. From ebay founder Pierre Omidyar born to Iranian parents, to Steve Jobs who was the son of a Syrian immigrant fleei…

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The Effects of the Greed by Erich Fromm, a German Social Psychologist

Greed: An In-Depth Perspective What is Greed? Erich Fromm, a German social psychologist, defined it as the following: “Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy a need without ever reaching satisfaction.” The true roots of greed come from a genuine psychological addiction. Greed is…

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The Scope of Corruption in India

CORRUPTION ESSAY 7 (500 WORDS) Corruption has been spread like a disease all over the India as well as abroad. It has become one of the most speedily increasing social issues in the Indian society. It is generally initiated and promoted by the opportunistic leaders. They never think about the nation’s benefits and do lots…

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A Study of Demographics and Macro Health Indicators in India

Changes in demographic and macro health indicators in India 2005-12
The State wise changes in Sex Ratio, Decadal Growth Rate, and Population 7
& above was compared and recorded by the research scholar based upon
comparative census reports for the year 2001 and 2011. It was evident that
the comparative change of…

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