The Different Elements of Etihad Airways That Needs to Be Improved

Feasibility and Sustainability of Innovation The aspect of organizational development approach to innovation in Under Armour is a costly strategy, viable to the risk of failure. The approach to transforming the company’s culture, climate and strategies require close scrutiny. This strategy entails both internal and externa…

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The Different Elements of Etihad Airways That Needs to Be Improved

Factors necessitating change and development in Etihad airways Among the organizations that require interventions towards organizational change are the Etihad airways. Just like any other international airline, Etihad Airways are vulnerable to a wide range of external and internal forces which may influence its operation….

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The History of Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways Etihad Airways was first launched in November 2003. After the Emirates, Etihad Airways is the second largest flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates. It has its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, Khalifa city near the Abu Dhabi international airport. The Etihad Airways has secured a significant market share in the…

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A Study of the Changes and Its Impact in the Organization of Etihad Airways

Dynamics of organizational development and change implementation According to Lewin (1947), the final stage of change and development is refreezing. Solidifying and making the new state of operation more stable and acceptable as a new norm promises organization long-term benefits from the initiated change. This refers to t…

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The Impact of the Implemented Change in Etihad Airways

Change and development After the implementation of these changes, a survey should be conducted to give a feedback on the outcomes. This survey will help in identifying the elements creating resistance to change. The company should be determined to achieve the set development regardless of the outstanding challenges and res…

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The Different Challenges in the Organization of Etihad Airways

Challenges facing Etihad Airways Been a government-owned airline; Etihad Airways is vulnerable to criticism and may not find favor in some of its international markets where its mother government has not established amicable relations. The company, however, adopted a strategy of partnership with other airlines to circumn…

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The Different Areas That Needs Attention in Etihad Airways

Areas that require change in Etihad Airways Among some of the changes is embracing technology. Technology has taken effect in almost every industrial sector. Although airline industry is a service industry, technology can be engaged to come up with more effective airlines that are safe, fuel efficiency and comfortable enou…

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A Study on Advantage and Competitive Advantage in Attaining Improved Financial Results in Multiple Corporations

Advantage versus Competitive Advantage in Multinational Corporations Advantage signifies a lower amount of labour output required to produce one unit of output in the classical trade theory, implying lesser amounts of labour to make one unit of output accessible to consumers (Weder 1995). On the other hand, competitive adv…

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The Problem of Team Polarisation and the Conflict Management in the Organization

Team Polarisation and Conflict Management Primary types of organisational conflict are task conflict, process conflict and personal/affective conflict. At Electron the task conflict points to the disharmony referring to ideas, intentions and objectives. New workers experience process conflict deals with procedures on task…

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The Important Forces and Its Effects on the Operations of Amazon Inc.

Amazon Inc. experiences a number of forces in its natural physical environment which hampers its smooth operation in the industry it operates in. Some of these forces include; climate, weather related events, and power/solar phenomenon. Amazon is an international company with presence in three continents, America, Europe, a…

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An Examination of Walmart’s Retail Strategy

Walmart is an American company that was set up in 1965 and it became incorporated in 1969. The company operates 11,718 retail stores across 28 countries. The company diversifies into different types of retail business such as, groceries, discount department stores, hypermarket stores, and supermarkets. The company generates…

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The Six General Segments in the General Environment

In the general environment there are six known general segments that influence businesses. The segments include; sociocultural segment, political/legal segment, technological segment, Economic segment as well as global segment. All the segments identified affect or influence business in one way or the other. For apple, the…

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The High Level of Competition Between Apple and Its Rival Companies

The level of completion that is posed by companies that compete directly with Apple is very high. The industries’ leading industries such as Samsung, HP, Google Inc., Amazon, and Apple engage in cut throat competition because of their highly innovative products with almost similar features. Samsung and Apple for instance ha…

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A Research on the Global Organizational Context on the Human Resource Department

Globalization is an aspect that has impacted the current generation, and this is because of the efforts made by the ancestors to see to it that there was industrialization which was some form of foundation for economic development. With the economic development, companies have carried out business to the extent that they ha…

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The Importance of Employee Feedback

Employee feedback is important because it because it can directly affect efficiency and production among any business or corporation. Feedback allows an employee to correct mistakes, learn of his or her strengths and weaknesses, and receive positive and uplifting feedback. The combination of all three of these things can al…

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The Importance of Great Training Programs in the Business World

In today’s highly competitive business world, the companies with the best personnel are the ones that continue to progress and thrive. It can prove to be very difficult to find talented, driven, and smart individuals to fill required spots and to keep them motived to strive towards higher heights once they have become estab…

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The Importance of Diversity in Healthcare Organizations

Managing diversity in and around healthcare organizations is crucial in order for these organizations to flourish. Recruitment is a major practice among organizations and help build the best management teams. If diversity is ignored, it will result in lost investments in recruitment as well as the inability to attract and r…

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The History and Products of SAP, a Software Company

SAP (Systems, Applications and Products) is a renowned market leader in enterprise application in terms of software and software related service revenue. Not only is SAP at the center of today’s business and technology revolution, but SAP helps you streamline your processes and it gives you the ability to use live data in o…

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The Unequal Effect of Globalization in Society

Globalizationis the one process sweeping the world by increasingly hyper connectingeveryone with the result of a hyper competition. However, this process is contemplated from Luddites as disruptive and from technophiles as progressive. The question here is: which extreme provides more evidence to be true? As the cartoon h…

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The Negative Impact of the Different Barriers to Change in an Organization

LEADERSHIP AND DECISION-MAKING IN ORGANIZATIONS Introduction Change is an important aspect of an organization. Without change, it would be impossible for many institutions to develop. Change is vital since it influences critical decision making and appropriate steps a company may take for development purposes. It, therefo…

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Marketing Strategies That Have Helped Apple,Inc. Achieve Its Goals to Date

Apple, Inc. Corporate and individual buyers depict a distinct consumer behavior
when they purchase products and services within the target market segment.
Buyer behavior is influenced by a multitude of factors, both in the market
and in the organization. Fathoming consumer behaviors facilitate the
development of a rep…

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The Importance of Organizational Change and Development Processes for Efficiency Improvement

Organizational change Any business organization requires consistent organizational change and development because of the challenging nature that engulfs both its internal and external environments. Organizational development involves the change in the way an organization operates on the basis of policies, culture, job desi…

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The Growth of Under Armour, an American Based Company That Deals With the Manufacture and Distribution of Footware and Sports Apparel

Under Armour Under Armour is an American based company that deals with the manufacture and distribution of footwear and sports apparel such as uniforms, bags, protective gears, gloves, and pants. The company is among the leading manufacturers of casual apparel such as T-shirts, shorts, jackets, and caps among others. The c…

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The Cultural Facets of Persuasion

Facets of Culture In the egalitarian style of management, all the employees share equal responsibilities and power. The cultural facet of persuading is challenged by this style. Persuading and convincing others is deeply enrooted in our culture, where everyone has a varying approach to this. The aspect of leading; the degr…

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The Importance of a High Quality Training Program

Among several articles I read about companies with the best training programs, some characteristics were a common theme among them. Having the leaders of your company keep an eye and encourage great training programs influences a positive response on employees. This positive response from employees provides better results i…

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