The difference between managing IT in the public and private sector

You are responding to a proposal from a California State agency to develop an IT training seminar for the agency’s senior executive managers.  These managers are increasingly being called upon to make agency-wide decisions that require an understanding of IT management issues and challenges.  The proposed training calls for three sessions to be delivered within a 6-week period.

You have decided that the format of the training is very important and that you cannot do a good job if you are forced to cover all the relevant issues in this short period.   So you have proposed an ingenious idea:   You will divide the topics into three groups that correspond to the three training sessions you have proposed.  The first will be topics that you will provide in-depth instruction; the second will be areas in which you will cover the major issues and challenges; and the third group will be issues that you will merely summarize and touch lightly on and hope for a following contract that will enable you to elaborate later. The topics you have chosen to include in the training course are the following:

· The difference between managing IT in the public and private sector

· Critical management issues in information sharing

· Enterprise architecture

· Strategic alignment and linkage to mission objectives

· Performance management

· E-government

· Broadband, mobility, and Internet policies

· Privacy and security

· Knowledge management and big data

· Ethics

· The future of technology management

The Agency CIO loves your idea and has asked you for a more detailed prospectus of how you will conduct the three sessions.  Specifically, you are asked to indicate how you will divide up the topics among the three sessions and to outline the course content you will provide for each session.  You will obviously have to provide much more detail to a few topics in session one and just a high-level summary of issues and challenges to the topics covered in SESSION THREE, and something in-between for SESSION TWO.  Write a prospectus not to exceed 1000 words that describe:

a. A list of the topics you will include in each of the three sessions and the overall theme that you want to convey to the students from all three sessions and why you selected them.

b. Your approach for presenting the three different levels of training required in each session.

c. The key information you will convey in each topic and each level.

d. The sources you will consult in developing each session.

e. The three most important learning objectives from each session.

Obviously, you will provide a more in-depth answer to the topics presented in the first session.