The Definition of Justice and Injustice Through the Works of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Definition of Justice and Injustice Through the Works of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Justice Defined Everyone knows that injustice is one of the most dangerous things in our society today. It is a fact that we learn when we are very young, and it is drilled into our heads throughout our life. Why is injustice something that we fear so much? It is because it doesn’t just hurt the people where they occu…

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A Project on Stopping Human Trafficking in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Stop Trafficking of People (S.T.O.P) Background Information: History: The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) was first discovered by Portuguese navigator Diego Cao in 1482. During the Berlin Conference, in 1885, Henry M. Stanley made treaties with native chiefs that enabled the DRC to be a personal possession of King…

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A Research on the Issue of Homelessness in Chicago

Research Paper: Homelessness in Chicago Nationally the average age of a homeless person has decreased in recent years to nine years old (“Fast Facts”). People who are homeless have no house, no car, and few personal possessions. These people who have very little are considered homeless, but it is important to define what…

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The Battle Against the Cruel Acts and Practices Against Animals

In the world we live in animals are everything. They provide us with food, nutrients that help us survive, and most importantly, long lasting meaningful relationships that better our lives as well as theirs. Despite this, animals are mistreated and abused anywhere ranging from factory farms to households across the world. T…

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A Discussion on the Nerd Culture

Rise of the Planet of the Nerds If there was any doubt before, there is now none to acknowledge as the rise of nerd culture is upon us. When computers became a daily necessity for most of us, icons like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs rose beyond their nerd roots and into the pop culture lifestream. When the Internet became just…

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Choosing Between Race and Heritage

The Heritage Choice Roberto Santiago wrote his essay about being black, having grown up in a Latino community, and his struggles over the way people treat him. Some say that Santiago has to choose between his black and his Latino heritage. To them, I ask: why? Why is it so important that they choose between those two? Race…

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Illegal Drugs: What We Should Do About Them

Illegal drug use throughout the ages has stirred up many problems in society. They have been overused and people have died; people have killed so they can get their fix; people’s lives have been ruined through the many side effects of many drugs; political controversy has stricken up a movement against anti-drug laws. Marij…

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The Importance and Influence of Right Guidance and Equal Opportunity in the United States

Assignment 2 The United States of America is now the one and only world power; it is the nation of innovation and originality, and almost all technological, economic, social, and entrepreneurial revolutionary breakthroughs and milestones throughout modern history originated in America. The iPod, the Nash Equilibrium Theory…

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The Evolution and Revolution of Women Throughout the History of the United States

How are the women of today who we see them as? The working women of today’s modern world would not be in the position they are currently at without the bold and courageous women of the early United States, who fought to attain equal treatment, freedom, and opportunity to that of a man’s. Women, before the Industrial Revolut…

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A Discussion on the Behaviors and Attitudes of Fraternity and Sorority Leaders and Members on the Use of Alcohol

Academic Summary 1: In the article “Fraternity And Sorority Leaders And Members: A Comparison Of Alcohol Use, Attitudes, And Policy Awareness,” written by Anne M. Fairlie, William DeJong, John F. Stevenson, Andrea M. Lavigne, and Mark D. Wood, the authors discuss their studies on attitude and behaviors of Greek leaders fro…

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A Research on the Influence of West Coast Gangsta Rap on the Increase on Violence in Los Angeles in the Mid 1980’s to Early 1990’s

Literature Review 3 Research Question: Did West Coast gangsta rap instigate violence in the suburbs of Los Angeles in the mid 1980s to early 1990s and if so how? Citation: Leland, John, Stanley Holmes. “Criminal Records.” Newsweek 122.22 (1993) 2-6 EBSCO Host. Web. 27. Feb. 2016. Summary: For this literature revie…

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One of the Deadliest Mass Shootings in the History of the United States on June 12th 2016

Guns don’t kill people; people kill people, but what happens with one of those guns when it is placed in the wrong hands? These weapons have the ability to protect, but also the ability to do harm to others. One of the deadliest mass shootings in the United States history occurred 12 June 2016. This attack was propelled by…

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An Analysis of Hong Kong’s Positioning Strategy

Hong Kong Asia’s World City The modern city of Hong Kong has a uniquely foreign impact unlike the rest of China – to the point where most people still see it as a distinct entity separate from “regular” China – a history that extends over three centuries. The modern city that became Hong Kong was started as a trading post…

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An Essay in Favor of the Social Contract Theory

Social Contract Theory: One Theory to Rule Them All If I had to choose a single ethical theory to base all of my ethical decision-making on, I would probably choose Social Contract Theory. Both Utilitarianism and Social Contract Theory most closely resemble the way I personally see the world, but I believe the former is be…

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Racial Issues in America: Hate, Anger, and Misunderstanding

Conversation paper: Hate, anger, and misunderstanding in America: Race The research I’ve done for this assignment has opened up a surprisingly frank view on race in America, and how racial issues lead to hate, anger, and misunderstandings. Economics has played a role in race relations since the start: A major issue of th…

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The Influence of Society’s Views on Masculinity on Gender

Throughout history women have been portrayed as gentle and passive, meant to cook, clean, and compliment their more masculine counterparts. Meanwhile men must be tough and strong, able to provide for their family and protect their honor. Due to these historical expectations, a stereotype of men and women have developed over…

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An Analysis of Different Definitions of Feminism and Gender as a Social Construct

What is Feminism? When I showed a female friend the first reading assignment of my women and gender studies class, she cringed. As soon as she identifies the author, Jessica Valenti, she shrieks: “Oh no, she’s terrible! Please don’t acknowledge her; she’s what gives feminism such a bad rep!” I was very surprised to see di…

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Gender Pay Gap as a Direct Result of Gender Discrimination

Women have not always had equal footing in the American workplace. Throughout the years, women have come to represent a large percentage of job holders in the United States. As women continue to compete with men at all levels of industry, a noticeable difference in the wages of men and women has been recognized. This differ…

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The Effects of the Trend of Inequality on Women in the Modern Workplace

The topic of equality has been at the center of the American culture since the nation’s creation. Although the United States has been focused on building itself as a nation where everyone can enjoy liberty, not all of its citizens have enjoyed it equally. One group of people who has been consistently subjected to inequality…

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A Discussion on the Impact Alcohol Has on Society

In the modern world of 2013, alcohol is all around us. It’s advertised in mass media, there are bars all over the cities, and even convenience stores carry the massively consumed substance. With the widespread availability of this legal drug, it inevitably falls into the hands of minors, the one group of people that alcohol…

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A Discussion on Manchin Amendment 715, Joe Manchin’s Latest Piece of Gun Control Failing to Pass the Senate

Senator Joe Manchin’s latest piece of gun control legislation, known as Manchin Amendment 715, failed to pass the Senate due to a lack of majority vote. The bi-partisan legislation, championed by Manchin himself, President Obama, and Republican Senator Pat Toomey proposed the implementation of universal background checks fo…

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What It Means to Intervene in a Global Humanitarian Crisis

What it Means to Intervene Where does responsibility for crimes against humanity end and unnecessary intervention begin? The road there is almost indistinguishable. It seems that every day the news media criticizes some country somewhere for not intervening at this time, or doing too much elsewhere. For the average person,…

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Persuasion of Traditional Cultures in the 21th Century

Persuasion of Traditional Cultures in the 21st Century You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. That has been the mantra when dealing with stubbornness in regards to certain longtime leaders that western civilizations have viewed as either hostile to western beliefs or hostile to making noticeable quality of life adjustment…

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The Changes in Sexual and Inherently Religious Life in the Twentieth Century

Before the twentieth century, many facets of sexual and inherently religious life remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years. The church, pre-modern era, worked to shape this aspect of human behavior, and created an “ideal” gentleman and lady who were bound together in holy matrimony. While this was always the “ideal”…

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An Analysis of the Influence of Gender and Social Status on the Acquittal of Lizzie Borden

The Real Reason For Lizzie Borden’s Acquittal Following the brutal murders of Andrew Borden and Abby Borden, authorities arrested Andrew’s daughter, Lizzie Borden, for the murder of her father and stepmother. Lizzie Borden went to trial and was found not guilty, a verdict which many today disagree with. There has been much…

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