The Critical Reflection paper is 3-page (double-spaced, 1 inch margin, 12-point Times New Roman, word document) is due by noon Monday December 10. No paper will be accepted after due time. Provide your full name on your paper: Reflection Questions Choose one mindfulness practice that we did in class or you did by yourself outside of class: Describe the date, location, and steps of your mindfulness practice. Describe your experience in specific terms. What did you notice and observe during the practice – thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, postures, intentions, impulses, mind states, people, surrounding space and environment etc. What key insight or lesson did you learn from these observations? (A real life example) What implication could be drawn from your insight for individuals, teams, or organizations? Other reflective observation and learning you like to share. Criteria: Specificity of a real life example (inner experiences and observations) (5 points). Originality of critical insight, lesson, and implication learned (5 points). Depth of reflection on your experiences (5 points)*****If you elected to do mindfulness self-awareness practice in lieu of Connect online self-assessment, you must attach your documentation of practices (time, length, notes/journal recorded in Insight Timer) at the end of the paper to receive credits.