The Controversy Surrounding the Company Napster for Breaking Copyright Laws

The Rothschild: A History of Banking and Business

The Vienna branch of the Rothschild banking consortium was established by Salomon Rothschild in 1815, after the end of the Napoleonic Wars. His brother Carl established the Naples branch only a few years after him. The biggest struggle that the Rothschilds faced during these early years was acceptance. Anti-Semitism kept th…

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The Controversy Surrounding the Company Napster for Breaking Copyright Laws

Napster and Bertelsmann to join forces Napster is one of the largest Internet sites around today where people go to download music. All of Napster’s registered users are able to exchange music files without a fee. However by late June or July, this may be changing. Napster was created by a college student, whose goal was t…

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A Case Study Demonstrating the Use of Work Environment to Justify Immoral Acts


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An Analysis of Agency Problem in the World Today

If people have no faith, I dont know what they are good for. Can a vehicle travel without a link to a source of power? Confucius Agency problem is a worldwide problem wherever it is in western countries or China. It is inevitable during the development of the firms organization. As long as the inter…

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A Discussion About the Public Perception of CPAs in Today’s Society

This paper will discuss the public perception of CPAs in today’s society, pitfalls that they may encounter, methods to prevent some of these negative behaviors and consequences they may face should they fall short. Most “Who Do You Trust?” surveys rank politicians, lawyers, and used car salesmen at the bottom and…

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The Importance of Ethics in an Organization and the Role of the Senior Executives in Defining and Managing It

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An Analysis of Corporate Manager

As a corporate manager of a publicly held company, one is responsible for the interests of many different stakeholders. In the past, it has been a very common assumption and practice that corporate managers of a company should strive to act solely for the benefit of shareholders, or owners of the company. Corporate managers…

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A Description of Public Relations as the Process Used By Businesses or Organizations To Present The Most Favorable Image For Them To the Public

Public relations is the process used by businesses or organizations to present the most favorable image for them to the public. It is the responsibility for public relations professionals to provide carefully crafted information to the target audience about the individual, its goals and accomplishments, and any thing else t…

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An Analysis of Checks

Checks are written everyday at almost every place of business. At age 18 anyone with the adequate amount of money can open a checking account of his or her own. One aspect of checking account functions that many account owners are not familiar with is the processing of their checks after they have been written. When groce…

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An Analysis of Electronic Commerce

Electronic commerce has its ups and downs for consumers. On one hand, online shopping holds the potential for more convenience and broader selections. On the other, it has bred confusion over the legitimacy of electronic records. Being that the Internet is one of the fastest growing forms of business, it is offering the co…

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Business: An Opportunity to Meet Your Financial and Personal Goals

Business is an extraordinary avenue to meet both your financial and personal goals because of the endless job opportunities. You are on your own and your own boss all at the same time. Since you are on your own, you have all the privelages of setting the structure and limitationsw of your business. You can set your own hour…

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An Analysis of the Importance of Time Management for Everyone

Many people have busy lives, especially someone who has to juggle more than one task per day. The people in particular that I am talking about are college students. How some of us have jobs and need jobs that help keep us in school. The tough part is that we have to spend most of our time on school which leaves very litt…

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An Analysis of Non Profit Organization in the United States

There are approximately 495,000 taxexempt/nonprofit organizations in the United States (excluding churches) that may receive taxdeductible contributions. Of those with incomes above $25,000, roughly 55,000 are classified as human service organizations and another 28,000 are health related (Hodgkinson and Weitzman, 1996). Th…

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The Right Recipe to Make Commerce Successful

Commerce is unexpectedly confident and serene, alert, adventurous and unwearied. (84) Through the personification of commerce Thoreau is able to show that commerce fluctuates in the same manner as humanity. The adjectives he uses to describe commerce show that commerce has some of the same tendencies as humans, and Thor…

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How to Gain Competitive Advantage and Profitability According to Michael Porter

Michael Porters video discusses how to gain competitive advantage and profitability in the market place using specific strategies. Competitive advantage is the positioning of a company in its competitive environment. The starting point and key to have superior competitive advantage is to improve faster than the competitors…

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The Need and Importance of Customer Service in an Organization

Have you ever been to a fast food restaurant and the employees treated you as if it was a burden on them to wait on you? They are rude and sometimes even obnoxious and by the end of your contact with them, you do not really want to give that company your business anymore. Do you feel like laughing when you hear advertisemen…

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A Biography of Isaac Asimov a Businessman

Isaac Asimov was born on January 2, 1920 in Petrouchi, Russia. His parents were Judah and Anna Asimov. Isaac also has a sister Veronica and a brother Stanley. In 1923 his family immigrated to the United States. He and his family grew up in Brooklyn, New York. In Brooklyn his family ran a small candy and magazine store. This…

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An Analysis of the Way Internet Is Changing the Way We Do Business

Internet-Changing the Way We Do Business Today most of everything has been replaced by some form of technology. Many people have lost their jobs due to a change in technology. When will these technological advances stop? Will everyone have to be replaced by robots or computers? How far will a company have to downsize…

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Henry Ford’s Passion to Change the World of Automobiles

Henry Ford, an extremely hardworking man, was very curious in his early life because he liked to take things apart and ask many questions. He designed and manufactured many cars, including the Model T which was the second largest selling car totaling over 15,000,000. In addition to doing this, he managed an enormous company…

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An Overview of a Hierarchy in a Business

In any form of business, whether it is a fast food franchise or a large insurance firm, there is a hierarchy of employees. There are basic employees that provide rudimentary skills, managers that guide and manage employees, and the owner(s) that run or head the business or organization. A large concern in every business…

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A Description of a Team Player Who is Associated To Any Type of Profession a Person Participates in

A team player can be associated to any type of profession a person participates in. The dictionary defines team players as a number of people associated together in work or activity. Team players are the type of people with a tremendous personality who contribute and motivate themselves in many areas. They include the mili…

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An Analysis of the Conversation With Booker Page

During the conversation with Booker Page he exhibits different qualities. Some of the qualities that he exhibits are work oriented, caring, and goal management. Booker shows that he is work oriented because of his long dedication to working on a ship. This is also evident when he talks about how the ship has a calling and…

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An Introduction to the Blanket Purchase Agreements BPAs

Qualified firms will be awarded Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) and will be assigned a unique identification code. Individual procurement requirements will be posted to the Office of Procurement’s Home Page in the form of Requests for Quotation (RFQs). BPA recipients will be notified via electronic mail of any procure…

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The Rle of Data Mining in Business

In todays business world, information about the customer is a necessity for a businesses trying to maximize its profits. A new, and important, tool in gaining this knowledge is Data Mining. Data Mining is a set of automated procedures used to find previously unknown patterns and relationships in data. These patterns and rel…

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The Life and Success Story of Henry Ford

Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863 to William and Mary Ford. He was the first of six children. He grew up in a rich farming household in Dearborn, Michigan. He enjoyed a typical childhood, spending his days in a one-room schoolhouse and doing farm chores. Ever since he was young, he showed an interest for the mechanical a…

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