The Concept of Gender and Sex in a Social System

The Concept of Gender and Sex in a Social System

Almost everything is socially constructed, gender isn’t real.Sociologists have to think themselves away, so to speak, in order to look at the deeper social context of human behavior. Each culture is fundamentally different because each social system is vastly different. Each social system includes some form of gender socia…

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Feminism and the Role of the Mother in a Nuclear Family Ideal Model According to Dr. Spock

Before 1960, the nuclear family ideal model was the idea that each
family had a mother who stayed at home to cook, clean, and take care of the
kids; a father who worked a 9-5 job to provide for the family. Together,
the mother and father would have several kids who were happy children that
went to school, played outside aro…

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The Uninvited Guests: A Look at the Illegal Immigrants in the United States

Between Friend and Foe: Illegal Immigrants in the U.S.             The topic of illegal immigration into the United States from Central and South America has grown increasingly contentious of late. While people have always argued over whether or not this is good or bad for the economy and for the American society, a couple…

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The Age of Identity in the Article Hair is Political by Charles Blow

Summary: Age of Identity
In the article, “Hair is Political,” the author, Charles Blow, discusses
his personal experience in reference to his daughter’s resistance to
straightening or altering her hair in any way. As her friend states that
alterations with hair were no big deal, she responds with “hair is
political.” In the…

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Cognitive Restructuring Could Prevent Deviant Behavior

There are numerous examples of scenarios that would fall under the purview of the strain theory, but for the purposes of this discussion I’ve chosen a specific on to use in this case. I have decided to go with a young, ambitious graduate student who didn’t get into the grad school they had always wanted to go to. Their en…

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The Importance of Diversity in a Community

Diversity in a Community Diversity, within a community, can be defined as the coming together of people from different backgrounds to form a group. It plays an important role in the “learning” part of a learning community by bringing in different perspectives and creating a realistic reflection of society, especially in th…

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An Argument Against the Introduction of New Programs for Immigration Citizenship

We Don’t Need New Programs For Immigration Citizenship Illegal immigrants should not be granted new or improved programs to easily become citizens. There is no need to change the status quo, as it will result in higher taxes overall, and completely overpopulate the United States. The problems presented by the affirmati…

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An Argument Against the Rape Culture in the United States of America

Research Paper Rape culture is situations in which sexual assault, rape, and general violence are ignored, trivialized, normalized, or made into jokes (Ridgway). Rape culture in the U.S. is being ignored by law officials. There is cases in which rape allegations are thrown out of court based off of growth development, or…

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The Impact of Class and Race in Sentencing Individuals Who Committed High Profile Crimes

White Males are more likely to get a shorter sentence than Latino/Hispanic and Black males when being convicted of committing a white collar crime. White collar crimes, what is it? White collar crime is an umbrella term for a collection of similar non-violent offenses, usually characterized by the use of deceit, concealm…

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The Changing of Identity in Black Like Me, a Nonfiction Book by John Griffin

Gray White to black then back in the end, only John Howard Griffin would change his skin color and throw away his comfortable life just for the experience to be documented in a magazine. John Griffin, in his own nonfiction novel, chronicled his journey and events throughout the South during the 1950’s’ and 1960’s as a blac…

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The Reasons Why Tattoos are Acceptable in Professional Environments

In the beginning of their presence in the United States, tattoos weren’t at all common for the average person. It was at first more common to see tattoos on a soldier, or someone who’s in a gang, than it was to see one on an ordinary citizen. Likely because of this, people who were aware of this trend thought negatively abo…

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The Stereotyping of Gender, Sex, and Living in a Binary World

From the moment we’re born, we’re assigned labels and put into boxes. We’re told blue is for boys and pink is for girls by our parents, by the television, even by stores. When a man wears pink or takes an interest in fashion, he’s “embracing his femininity”. You can walk into Wal-Mart and find toys put in sections for girls…

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An Overview of the White, Male, Heterosexual, Middle-Class, and Binary-Gender Privileges in America

Privilege is everywhere, observable and, with how the world is, unavoidable. You’ll see the “benefits” in Donald Trump, consequences in a Planned Parenthood. With human nature it is inevitable that somebody will see someone who looks different and begin a conflict, ending in a winner who would then declare themself naturall…

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The Effects of the Concepts of Masculinity and Femininity on Society

I personally hate the terms masculine and feminine. They imply that random things such as wearing nail polish, being visibly emotional, talking expressively, etc. have intrinsic genders. Objects and traits don’t have genders. Despite my deep dislike for the terms, I recognize and appreciate that they are incredibly useful….

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Food as a Way Of Social Inequality

Food is a major part of everyone’s everyday life. It’s hard to imagine life without it. However, many people do not stop and think that there are in fact people that do not have food in their everyday life. There are people that go days, maybe even weeks with little to no food. How, you may ask, do people not have food to e…

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The Biological, Legal, and Emotional Meaning of a Family

Family is defined as a social group whose members are bound by a legal, biological and/or emotional ties. Family holds a lot of different meaning for people. To some, family is everything and to others, family means nothing. Personally, my family means the world to me and though we are going through a rough time right now,…

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The Question of Gender Role Socialization

Gender role socialization is the subtle, persuasive process of becoming masculine or feminine. This socialization has become a norm in our society. We do it unconsciously because it is just the way things are. Girls are pink, boys are blue. Girls play with dolls, boys play with cars and action figures. Girls are delicate, b…

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The Degradation and Humiliation of Native Americans

“In Whose Honor?” The Native Americans that once owned the land that we now call the United States of America have become a rare and nearly extinct group. Tribes are close to nonexistent and reservations are scarce. Not only did the early colonists run the Native Americans out of their land as well as massacre them but as…

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Marriage Equality is Moral

Marriage Equality is Moral For decades, same-sex marriage has been a controversial topic for many people in America. In 1996, Congress passed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).(x) This act allowed individual states to choose whether or not they wanted to recognize same-sex marriage. It also included an article that woul…

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The Different Ways of Helping out in Society

As a young person, how can I help society? Many people are working hard to make the world a better place. As the saying goes, “become the change you wish to see”, as a young citizen of my country, I can dedicate some time to make the society in which I live in a better place. Looking at the larger picture, helping societ…

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The Misconception of Society on the Idea of Feminism

Who Cares about Feminism? According to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a feminist is “a person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes.” Over the years, the message of feminism has been seen as a negative movement that seemed to lacks relevance and importance. Though there are many negative misc…

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A Discussion on the Discrimination Against People With HIV/AIDS

Avert (n.d.), HIV & AIDS stigma and discrimination, Retrieved February 20, 2015, from This source explores different ways to overcome stigma and discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS and change people’s attitude toward HIV/AIDS. It informs the reader that t…

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The Societal Issues of Using Drones

“Advances are making it possible to solve the grand challenges of humanity. But they are also creating new nightmares” (Wadhwa). A big issue in today’s world involves the use of drones and whether or not they are an invasion of privacy. Throughout this essay I will discuss this issue in relation to a South Park episode. Sou…

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A Personal Assessment of Social Class Using Melvin Kohn and Adrie Kusserow’s Theories

Social class can affect many things about a person such as personality, sense of self, beliefs, and values, for many different reasons. After reading Melvin Kohn’s Social Structure and Self DirectionI have discovered the specific ways in which this is true. Throughout this essay I will us this reading along with Adrie S. Ku…

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An Essay Opposing the Use of Corporal Punishment

Guerra, Kristine. “She beat her son with a hanger – and said Indiana’s
religious freedom law gave her the right” The Washington Post. 1 Sep. 2016. Web. 8 Oct. 2016. In Kristine Guerra’s article, “She beat her son with a hanger – and
said Indiana’s religious freedom law gave her the right,” s…

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