The Causes of Failure in Marriage That Lead to a Divorce

The Causes of Failure in Marriage That Lead to a Divorce

The Causes of Failure in Marriage – Divorce From the past to the present, most people often date someone, love each other for a time, and then they decide to live together for the rest of their lives. It is called “marriage”. However, some marriages do not obtain happy endings. Many arguments happen in their families and t…

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A Critique of Boxers in Boxes, Danes and Drains, an Article by Gary Baker

Societal concern regarding the rise in the number of abandoned pets has sparked debate about its social effects within the community as well as the health effects on these unfortunate creatures. The editorial, “Boxers in Boxes, Danes and Drains” is a serious consideration of the increase in the number of stray pets as a res…

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Defensive Attributes and Practices in Erving Goffman’s The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life

Erving Goffman describes in “The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life” different defensive attributes and practices to maintain performances. The first one he mentions is dramaturgical loyalty. He states “it is apparent that if a team is to sustain the line it has taken, the team-mates must act as if they have accepted c…

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The Aging Population of Singapore and Its Impact on the Nation’s Economy

Explain the implications of an aging population for the Singapore economy (from 2011-2025) Since its separation from Malaya in 1965, Singapore has undergone two different phases of economic development, which are “take-off” phase and the period of liberalization and rise of modern services. Different strategies towards dif…

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A History of the Production of the Fashion Doll, Barbie

The American toy-company, Mattel manufactures the fashion doll, Barbie. The first doll came in to the market by March, 1959. The first colored Barbie doll however was manufactured in 1967 and with it came with a lot of controversies of racisms; claimed to have been produced using the existing head molds for the white dolls…

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An Argument in Favor of Max Weber’s Critique of Power in Society

I do agree with Max Weber’s argument because of the following reasons: Weber mentions that “the ruled, for their part, cannot dispense or replace the bureaucratic apparatus once it exists”. He later goes on stating how the apparatus is based on “expert training, a functional specialization of work, and an attitude set on…

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Discussing the Effects of Urbanization in the Work of Simmel

I agree with the following two points Simmel makes in his work “The Metropolis and Mental life”. One of the main points Simmel makes about the effects of urbanization is that the money economy has always been based on the metropolis. He states, “money economy and the dominance of the intellect are intrinsically connected”…

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Discussiong Pareto’s Argument Regarding the Elite Class and Whether It Exists in the United States

In my opinion, Pareto’s argument about societies having elites who control the government and economy does apply to the United States today. Pareto divides the elite class into two classes: “a governing elite, comprising individuals who directly or indirectly play some considerable part in government, and a non-governing e…

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The Problems of Today’s Working Class in the United States in Relation to Karl Marx’s Proletariat

In relation to Karl Marx’s Proletariat, I do not see many similarities in the problems of today’s working class in the United States. I actually believe the problems are quite opposite from each other. First, Marx indicates how “with the development of industry, the proletariat not only increases in number, it becomes con…

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The Issue of Gender Inequality Between the North and South in the United States

Gender Constructs between North and South America Throughout the times, gender has been an issue of great importance in society. Diverse cultures have created boundaries between men and women, and have consequently allowed men to have more power in society over them. This division has existed for centuries now, and has gre…

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The Social Problem of Poverty in the United States and the Solution to the Issue

Poverty in the United States Poverty is a crucial issue occurring in different areas of the world. Although it affects most countries, undeveloped countries find themselves the most threatened. Poverty occurs when the government’s annual income is insufficient to ensure that the vast majority of its citizens are living up…

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Women and Their Equal Rights to Register with the Selective Services to Be Drafted to War

Men all over America during the time of the Vietnam War, World War One and World War Two had the same dreadful worry that they were going to be part of the next group to be drafted in the war. At the mere age of eighteen, all men that are physically and mentally fit have a legal obligation to register for the draft. But now…

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The Impact of Globalization in the Rise of Crime Rates in Society

Globalisation refers to the idea that the world is becoming<br /> increasingly interconnectedness and that barriers are disappearing, leading<br /> to the creation of global markets for instance. Globalisation has led to<br /> crimes such as drug crimes, cybercrime, smuggling tobaccos and human<br /> trafficking. These crimes are caused by the imp…

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The Relationship of the Cultural and Historical Specificity of Gender Inequality in Mitchell’s Not Enough of the Past:

Cultural and Historical Specificity of Gender Inequality Over the past years, anthropologists have had a difficult task to separate sex and gender from other culturally constructed identities such as race, class, and nationality. Notably, the project of understanding human experience with a focus on the institution of slav…

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The Concept of the Human Culture of Conformism

If you agree with an epistemic peer about whether some proposition, p, is true, then you gain your justification for believing in it. It becomes an accomplishment to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you believe in something else. People may not like the idea that an individual comes up with but it is…

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The Origin and History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The conflict commenced in 1967 when Israel decided to extend its territory to the area occupied by the People with the Palestinian origin, around West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Jewish state, Israel, located on the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea is under the control of the Arab population of Palestine. On the other han…

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The Impact of Bullying and the Need for Immediate Action on the Social Issue

Bullying Bullying refers to an unwanted, aggressive behavior among school-aged children that is characterized by real or perceived power imbalances. The bullying behavior is often repeated by those who carry it out to their fellows. The behavior has the potential to be repeated at any time if proper action is not taken. T…

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The Impact of Bullying on Teenage Suicide in Contemporary Society

Bullying as a Cause of Youth Suicide Abstract Youth suicide is a global problem that is often experienced by teenagers. The phenomenon depicts a wrong and destructive decision that portrays teenagers to be useless beings in the society. Major contributing factors to youth suicide include low esteem and self-image that cre…

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A Review of Brutality Through the Philosophy of Michael Bronski and Kay Whitlock

Brutality against the Humanity of Others Brutality that is promoted by the disrespect for the humanity of other people refers to the violence that a given group of people experience because of the hate from other people of different race or origin. For instance, brutality in America involves a systematic violence against t…

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A Review of the Social Animal, a Book by David Brooks

Book Review of “The Social Animal: A Story of How Success Happens” by David Brooks David Brooks is a well known thoughtful columnist in the New York Times in the United States of America. His book “The Social Animal” has attracted attention from politicians on both sides of the Atlantic and Classic ideological divide. His…


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Why the Conflict in Syria Violates the Just War Theory

I feel that the conflict in Syria violates the Just War Theory. The rules of Just War include human right not to be killed or tortured, and also that other countries must intervene during mass killings and genocide. People are having their human rights taken away, and the intervention from the US as well as other countries…

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The Worst of the Men’s Right Movement and Why We Still Need Feminism Represented Through Varioud Books and Articles

Through Jon Krakauer’s book, “Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town” and Mariah Blake’s article “Mad Men: Inside the Men’s Rights Movement—and the Army of Misogynists and Trolls It Spawned”, we can see the worst of the men’s’ rights movement, as well as we why still need feminism. While Krakauer’s books is…

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The Different Struggles of Feminism in Society Today

Many people do not truly understand what “feminism” means. There are a lot of negative stereotypes attached to it, such as the “rabid hairy man-hater.” Feminism is a movement about equality and choices for women. However, it effects men too, and in a positive way. It also involves issues of race, gender, and sexuality. Thes…

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A Critique of Abortion and the Politics of Motherhood, a Book by Kristin Luker

Abortion is a highly polarizing issue in America, and most people have strong opinions on it. In Abortion & the Politics of Motherhood, Kristin Luker analyzes it as a complex issue related to religious beliefs, attitudes about sexuality, historical context, and gender roles. Some people might think that is everyone could ag…

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A Review of Seham Elmalak’s Article on the Impact of Nurseries Located Inside the Prison

The article by Seham Elmalak is written to address the issue of babies who are born in women prison and the constitutional rights that the babies deserve. Written in 2015, the article makes reference to the various laws that protect the human rights in America. Seham Elmalak notes that the focus of the legal profession is t…

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