The Benefits of a Mentorship Program

The Benefits of a Mentorship Program

A mentorship program benefits both the mentor and the mentee. Mentoring has been around for many years, and is often used as a coaching technique in organizations to familiarize a new employee with the processes that take place within an organization. Many times a sales person or consultant will take the new hire under thei…

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An Overview of the Accounting Cycle, the Effects of Omissions, and Financial Statements

The Accounting Cycle is a combination of processes that occurs at various periods throughout a designated time period. The time period can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, based on the needs of the organization or company for which the accounting cycle is being performed for. The cycle consists of…

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An Overview of the Six Sigma and TQM Management Philosophies

VI. TQM “TQM is a broad management philosophy embracing all activities through which the needs and expectations of the customer and the objectives of the organisation are satisfied in the most efficient and cost effective way by maximising the potential of all employees in a continuing drive for improvement” (Antony, 2009)…

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The Advantages of Management Information Systems

Warbenton uses manual data entry and analysis processes in its operations. Much time is spent gathering data spreadsheets from various departments for re-entry into a master spreadsheet. The data is then presented as the monthly profit and loss statement. If a department needs to change its data after initially turning it i…

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A Business Strategy for the Los Angeles Tribune to Boost Revenue, Reduce Cost, and Effectively Manage Employees

The Los Angeles Tribune is facing potential turmoil at this given point in time. The cost of paper is currently rising, the circulation revenue is down, and the current number of employees cannot continue to be supported if revenue continues to shrink. Drastic measures must be taken to boost revenue, reduce cost, and effect…

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The Ethics Surrounding the Accounting of a Business or Company

“Restatements of revenues, inventory, and earnings, and the use of derivatives and off-the-books partnerships all circumvent the accountant’s responsibility to present a company’s financial status accurately” (Duska, Duska, & Ragatz, 2011). Accounting and business professionals alike have a responsibility to all stakeholder…

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The Importance of Leadership Providing Purpose, Direction, and Motivation

This paper is to shed light on what it means to be a great leader that carries strong leadership traits. A leader is someone that provides purpose, direction and motivation. This paper will discuss how that is done and why it is important that is done. Without the proper leadership we would not carry out our daily tasks wel…

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The Issue of Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

“Employee claims of religious discrimination have climbed as the U.S. and workers’ expressions of faith have grown more diverse, creating legal headaches for companies and exposing the complexities of managing religion on the job” (Trottman). Religious discrimination is a growing problem specifically in the United States fo…

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A Study of the Business Strategy of Our Store

The retail industry is ever changing and ever growing. Any strategies utilized to provide an edge for an industry should be determined and integrated from the beginning. The retail industry has also become more competitive through online tactics and stores that are able to guarantee products the same day an individual order…

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The Function of Leadership and the Qualities and Characteristics of a Good Leader

One of the most important and integral keys to an effective and efficient organization is to find and invest in good leaders and the function of leadership overall. Leadership can often make or break a company. The function of leadership is often a complex subject and is ever evolving as companies grow and change. There is…

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An Analysis of the Works of Sony Corporation

Abstract This paper seeks to analyze the workings of Sony Corporation. Sony has numerous business within the United States as well as in Tokyo, Japan. While their main headquarters is in Tokyo, Japan, Sony has smaller headquarters to some of their subsidiary companies in New York city within the United States. According t…

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The Concept of Supply Chain Management

To define supply chain management, one must break down the words and
ultimately combine the concepts of each. Supply chains are “essentially
organizational frameworks based on exchange and dependence between firms,
each with its own objectives and motivations and drawing a payoff, whose
risks it must also sustain and manage…

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Conflict Management in the Workplace

“Every unaddressed conflict wastes about eight hours of company time
in gossip and other unproductive activities, says Joseph Grenny, co-founder
of VitalSmarts, a training and organizational development company in Provo,
Utah” (Lytle, 2015). Conflict is never an ideal or easy situation to deal
with. Some people avoid it alt…

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An Analysis of the Marketing Strategy of Nature Lodge

Executive Summary Nature Lodge is an innovative business idea which combines luxury,
conservation, and convenience into one package. With the growing awareness
of environmental conservation and the ever growing need for the amenities
of a luxurious stay, Nature Lodge is able to meet the needs of a diverse
customer bas…

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Understanding the Shareholder Theories

Stakeholder / Shareholder Theories Businesses tend to base their decisions on the theory they hold truest. The two primary theories that businesses regularly choose between are the stakeholder theory and the shareholder theory. “In U.S. law, managers are considered fiduciaries of the owners of the firm (its stockholders) a…

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The Management of Remote Workers and the Issues Involved in Managing Them

Many individuals think it would be ideal to work remotely. They often picture a person in their pajamas or robe waking up any time they would like and working in the peace and comfort of their own home without the pressures of commuting to an office location. This, however, is not the case for many remote workers. There are…

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A Study on the Market Strategy of Ciroc

Ciroc, which is a subsidiary of Diageo has an existing customer base through the marketing efforts regularly performed by both Diageo and Ciroc. We have a current list of distributors as well as vendors. We will never have enough customers though. The primary initiative of the company is to continue attaining and retaining…

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An Analysis of the Sony Brand Promise

Every company makes promises prior to the introduction and launch of a new product. This was indeed the case when Sony was looking forward to the launch of the Playstation 4 (PS4) gaming console. The brand promise for this product is as follows: “Unmatched content, gaming, apps, and exclusives make PlayStation®4 system the…

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An Identification of the Characteristics in Customers in the Marketing of Ciroc Vodka

It is imperative that the target market is reached through all marketing efforts. In order to assure this, and to be effective in all marketing efforts, the target audience must be identified and separated from the rest. There are several questions that should be asked prior to marketing Ciroc Vodka. Ciroc vodka is not for…

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The Five Tasks of a Leader During the Strategic Planning Process

Abstract Leaders are not born. They are developed over time. Likewise, strategic planning does not occur overnight. It is a process with many tasks involved, tasks that must be implemented by leaders and followers alike. This paper will discuss five of the tasks that a leader must complete during the strategic planning pro…

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The Intangible Assets Contributing to the Value of a Franchise

As in any industry and sector, sports franchises are valued based on many factors and determinants. The factors that contribute to a franchise’s value are often intangible assets. These intangible assets, which would include such things as player contracts, media rights, stadium contracts or lack thereof, and the current re…

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An Overview of HTC, the Products Associated with the Company, and Its Strengths and Weaknesses

HTC has been around for over fifteen years and will continue to be around for another fifteen years at the very least. Although many media sources speculate that HTC is going to die as a company, it has proven to remain at the forefront of technological advances and will continue to do so. HTC is a smaller company then Appl…

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The Importance of an Effective Online Marketing Strategy for Ciroc Vodka

Effective utilization of online marketing strategies will boost sales and gain loyal customers. It is very important to not only have a very visible presence in all the social networking sites, but also to maintain a website and blog exclusively for Ciroc Vodka. Diageo, our parent company, currently has a great website whic…

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The Organization Design and the Organization Development Definitions

Question 1, Part A Organization design and organization development are perfectly complimentary concepts. Provide definitions and examples to support your perspective. Organization development, as defined by Cummings and Worley (2014), is both a field of social action as well as an area of scientific inquiry, which cover…

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The Controversies Surrounding the Practice of Tipping

Hello, my name, is Tylar and I will be your server tonight. But before I get to our specials and those new craft beers we just got on tap, I think we should have a little talk. There’s been a lot of conversation lately about a cultural institution we Americans have followed for the past 100 years, one that is entirely ingra…

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