The Benefits and Difficulties of Becoming an Accountant

The Benefits and Difficulties of Becoming an Accountant

ACCOUNTANT Imagine your dream life, making tens of thousands of dollars a year,
traveling constantly, and living in or near the big city. All of this can
happen if you become an accountant. Being an accountant requires some hard
work and determination during the short period of preparation. The hard
work pays off bec…

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Greed as the Cause of the Downfall of Huey P. Long and Father Coughlin

Huey P. Long began his live in the Deep South in the state of Louisiana. Surrounded by conservatism and what used to be the confederate states, he was raised in a small secluded town which didn’t quite fit in. This town was very progressive, and an outsider would probably consider is to be socialist. Everyone offered themse…

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My Experience of Volunteering at the Central Florida Leadership Academy: What I Learnt About Being a Teacher

Final Reflection This past semester and school year I volunteered at the Central Florida Leadership Academy. This is a charter school about 20 minutes away towards down town Orlando. The school contained both middle school and high school students. I chose to complete my service with a high school math teacher because that…

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A Comparison between the Social, Political, and Business Environments of Turkey and Japan

Introduction Turkey, a country that got its roots from Central Asia, surprisingly enough doesn’t share too many similarities with its distant neighbor, Japan. These differences are mainly due to differences in political stance, but they do share some random similarities within their culture as well as in points of their hi…

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The Behaviors of Multinational Corporations to the Acts of Bribery and Corruption in the International Level

“For the only way in which a durable peace can be created is by world-wide restoration of economic activity and international trade.” ~ James Forrestal Introduction Multinational corporations present an interesting dilemma in the world of international trade and, even more specifically, international trade law. On o…

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The Unique Platform of the Zipcar Business of Robin Chase

Finding out your start up business is not where in needs to be financially I’m sure is a nightmare. Knowing that the business you have put so much effort and time into is not going to break even is not something Robin Chase ever thought she would have to accept. I think the most important thing she would have to decide at t…

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A Study of Labor Statistics During and after the Great Recession

A slowdown of economic opportunity, a downward spiral of the business cycle or a loss of jobs are all terms that have been used to describe the Great Recession of 2007 that peaked in intensity in 2009. The recession shook the nation as nearly every household was affected in one way or another. For many families the reality…

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A Comparison of the Similarities and Differences in Application of Medium in Elephant and Rider and Preparations for a Hunt

I chose to compare “Elephant and Rider” and “Preparations for a Hunt”,
from the Metropolitan Museum of Art because they both represent powerful
artistic visions of the Mughal period in the 16th century. Both are
paintings from India during the Mughal occupation using mediums of
watercolor and ink. The difference in applicat…

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The Benefits of Simple Format and Style in the Advertising Campaign of Nanoviz

Nanoviz has a limited budget for advertising, but this can be a benefit if it is utilized the correct way. The optimal way to advertise with these limited funds available is to make them stretch as far as possible while making the ads something that will catch the consumer’s eye and generate interest in the product. One w…

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A Report on the Projects of Tony Serve, a Radio Talkback Host, Involving Production, Distribution, Exhibition, and Context

Over email, I asked Tony Serve, radio talkback host and online and broadcast media professional, trainer, and consultant from Perth, Australia, several questions to find out more about his work. His jobs are generally freelance, so there are several different projects we discussed that involve production, distribution, exhi…

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How I Would Use My Rhetorical Skills as a Middle Manager

Introduction As a middle manager, power is a difficult concept. Its undertone of privilege and inequality can counter the core of equality in the company environment. In this situation, we have a family to business affair that can make the company fail or not fail based on the decision that I make regarding the nephew of t…

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The Business Application of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Background Analysis CSR is described as a business scheme designed to ensure that the
invention and allocation of wealth are done to benefit the stakeholders
involved with the organization. This can be done through the execution and
integration of ethical measures and sustainable…

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The Topic of Collaboration in the Essay The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention by Thomas Friedman

Writing Sample #2 In Thomas Friedman’s essay, “The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention”, collaboration is the main focus of the essay. In economics countries collaborate, making the world flat. The supply chain of a Dell notebook includes multiple countries collaborating together to produce a product. It also “tells a story…

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The Leader Qualities I Posses

Throughout my life, I have always seen myself as a leader. After taking the StrengthsFinder 2.0 evaluation, I am again seeing the qualities and traits that a good leader should possess in myself. According to the evaluation, my top five strengths are individualization, activator, futuristic, command, and communication (Stre…

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An Examination on Why AmerisourceBergen Should Expand Their Operations to South Africa

AmerisourceBergen is an international pharmaceutical supplies distributor. They are currently a global leader in the industry. This is a notable achievement, as the company has only been around since 2001. They currently work in many different parts of the world, working with various hospitals, health clinics and pharmacies…

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The Importance of Customer Service Quality in the Case of Samsung

As anybody working in the retail industry would know, customer service quality is almost as important as the quality of the goods and services themselves. In order to provide consumers with a truly favorable experience, it is important to consider the factors which will influence their perception of a company. For example,…

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The Positive and Negative Consequences of Evidence Based Practice

A properly implemented Evidence Based practice (EBP) will consider
the potential consequences that may come from it, whether they are positive
or negative. Ultimately, any such change in medical or business practices
will likely have both good and bad effects. While this is virtually
inevitable, it is important to assume th…

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The Proper Way to Observe and Grade Employee Performance in the Construction Field

A. 1. In the construction field, laborers should be expected to carry out their essential job duties safely and efficiently. Anybody who makes this their line of work should be expected to be knowledgeable to the extent that their position requires. It is of utmost importance, above all else, that workers should know ho…

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An Assessment of Pricing Strategy for Cancer Screening and Treatment in the Cleveland Clinic

Introduction Pricing is an important factor for most companies. In the healthcare industry, pricing is particularly important. Some healthcare providers compete with many other healthcare companies that could potentially offer goods or services for a lower rate. In addition, things like quality also play a role. Consumers…

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The Role of Pharmacy Benefit Management in Handling and Creating Prescription Drug Plans

Introduction Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) companies are third-party organizations that handle prescription drug plans. They work with insurance companies, employers, and pharmacies in order to establish deals for prescription drugs. PBMs aim to offer discounted rates on prescription drugs, while still retaining a high…

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The Similarities and Differences between a Minister and Manager with Administration

Ministers are responsible for running a church, just as managers are responsible for running a business. How they handle these tasks are similar in some ways and different in others. An interview of a Bishop and a McDonald’s manager has been conducted in an attempt to examine the administrative styles, successes and chal…

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The Opinions on Teenagers Working as Fast Food Employees in Working at McDonald’s, an Article by Amitai Etzioni

Working At Mcdonalds Nowadays, when we pull up to a McDonald’s drive-through, we usually see people around teenagers to adults at the window taking orders. Sometimes you might see an elderly person at the drive-through but that it’s very rare. Would you rather see a teenager then an elderly? In the article “Working At M…

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Good and Bad Sides of the Growing Popularity of Casinos

Over the past several centuries, Casinos have become more and more popular. It has turned into a trend in which many people have had and still do have their doubts. However, many other people believe that casinos are something amazing. These people see something different, an uprising in our glorious future. In this paper I…

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Timeline of the Evolution of New York Times, a Quintessential Paper Known as the Grey Lady of America to Public Audiences and Viewers

The New York Times has been opening eyes of the American people since the 18th of September, during the year of 1851. This quintessential paper became known as the Grey Lady of America to public audiences and viewers. This network first began with only a few sectors in an old-beaten newspaper when majority of Americans were…

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A Report on the Personality Traits of Great and Effective Leaders

What Makes a Great Leader? When it comes to leading, and having what it takes to be a great and highly effective leader, several characteristics as well as qualities come to mind, to begin with, being a highly “Charismatic” individual always helps. Being Charismatic means that the leader does well and is a very sincere in…

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