The Advantages of the Idea Of “Global Village” in the 21st Century

The Advantages of the Idea Of “Global Village” in the 21st Century

As we approach the 21st century and as the idea of a “global village” is fast becoming a reality, it is vital that we enlarge our worldview and reach an understanding of, and appreciation for, the cultures of the other peoples who share the planet with us. As cultural beings, we are raised with an certain way of…

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An Introduction to the Issue of Fur Trade; France’s Greatest Mistake

The furtrade: New France’s greatest mistake The fur trade began as a by-product of the fishing industry and slowly blossomed into the French colony of New France. The French concentrated the fur trade along the Atlantic coastline and soon developed a good trading relationship with their business partners: the Natives (O…

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The Three Phases of the Flight of Charles a Lindbergh

The flight of Charles A. Lindbergh was actually three phases. The preflight that was step of obtaining the plane, the arrangements of sponsors, and making a list of land marks. Probably the most important phase out of all was the actual flight from New York to Paris, France. The final phase would consist of a man turning in…

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An Analysis of the Famous Russian Bank Scandal in 1999

On October 6, 1999 the news hour with Jim Lehrer air a focus topic called Following the Money . This focus discussion dealt with the Russian Bank Scandal. This scandal deals with the transfer of about seven billions dollars out of the Bank of New York to companies with Russian associations. Robert O Harrow , a banking expe…

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A Biography of Sam Adams (1722-1803)

Samuel Adams (1722-1803) My name is Samuel Adams. I was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on September 27th, 1722. I was a leader of the fight against British Colonial rule, and a signer of the Declaration of Independence. I am the cousin of John Adams, who became the second President of the United States of America. I gradua…

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Understanding the Closing Process in Miller’s Outpost

hrystal Howard 2/28/99 Process Closing Miller’s Outpost To be an essential and productive assistant manager at Miller’s Outpost, you must understand the closing process. Closing can be difficult at first, but with practice it becomes much easier. The three key things to remember when closing are cleaning up the…

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An Analysis of the Concept of the Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Statistical Process Control Consistent high quality has become a requirement in today s competitive market. One vital tool for preventing problems is Statistical Process Control (SPC). SPC is the use of statistics to analyze a process or output so actions can be taken to achieve and maintain statistical control and to imp…

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A Comparative Analysis of Coca-Cola and Pepsi in Select Countries

Coke vs Pepsi Comparison and the Internet Introduction The soft-drink battleground has now turned toward new overseas markets. While once the United States, Australia, Japan, and Western Europe were the dominant soft-drink markets, the growth has slowed down dramatically, but they are still important markets for Coca-Cola…

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An Analysis of Coca-cola and Pepsi

Mounting competition between Coca-Cola (Coke) and Pepsi Cola (Pepsi) had a very long standing in the American history. Both cola have thus made themselves a household name in the global market, almost 200 countries since their introduction at the turn of the 19th century. The history of beverages industry begins in May 188…

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A Biography of Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, The Founder of Porsche Cars

The Porsche is a legacy of Ferdinand Porsche, and his belief in what an automobile should be. Porsche believed that cars should be the products of engineering innovation, careful development and diligent craftsmanship. Dr. Ferdinand Porsche was born in 1875 in Bohemia, and early on he devoted his time to mechanical and ele…

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A History of the First Ford Mustang Car Sales

Mustang Ford took bits and pieces from the Falcon and Fairlane cars and created what took the car industry by storm in 1964. The Mustang was the first of its kind and is the number one selling car of its class. The first generation mustangs, 1965 1973 set the pace for the following generations of mustangs. The advertiseme…

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An Introduction to the Historical Relations Between the Metis Nation and Canada

Historical Relations Between the Metis Nation & Canada The origin of the Metis Nation is rooted in the historical fabric of Canada. It was in the Canadian Northwest that they evolved into a new and distinct Aboriginal Nation. The mixed-blood offspring of French fur traders from the North West Company or Scottish and E…

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An Analysis of Carriage of Goods by Sea

Carriage of Goods by Sea Transportation is a key element in todays business world. Along with the sale of goods one must ship them some how to the customer. In cases of international shipment there are many different rules and regulations that the shipper must follow in order to legally transport their goods. When a compan…

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How Workers in the U.S Were Affected During the Industrialization

During the Industrialization workers in U.S cities were strongly effected. Times were changing and instead of getting better, conditions only got worse. While manufacturing was at the greatest, living conditions were horrible. Major company’s such as Pullman had their company’s run on the outskirts of town. They owned what…

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A Biography and Life Work of Henry Ford, an American Car Businessperson

Henry Ford grew up on a small farm near Dearborn, Michigan. As Henry grew up, he spent most of his free time tinkering, and finding out exactly how things work. A pastime that developed thinking and logic abilities. But being a farmer’s boy, he had little spare time, for there were always chores to be done. By twelve years…

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An Introduction to the Marketing of Honda Motorcycles in the USA

Marketing of Honda motorcycles in the USA The American Honda Motor Company was established as a subsidiary by Honda in 1959. During the 1960’s the type of motorcycles brought by Americans underwent a major change. Motorcycle registrations increased by over 800,000 in five years from 1960. In the early 60’s the major co…

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An Overview of the City of Seattle’s Business and the Estimation of the Chief Seattle

The city of Seattle is known for it s many booming businesses, where innovation is produced. But what was Seattle like before the new settlers of eager entrepreneurs, before all the commerce and businesses? How did Seattle even get its name? Seattle was founded by members of the Denny party, who arrived at Alki Beach on Nov…

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An Analysis of Belle Corporation

Ongpin mounts proxy campaign to regain control of Belle Corp. by :Rocel C. Felix 5/21/00 Ousted Belle Corp. chief executive officer and former Trade Minister Roberto Ongpin is gearing up for a full scale war to reclaim his seat and recover control of the property and…

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A Biography of Henry Ford, the Founder of the Ford Motor Co.

Henry Ford revolutionized the American automotive industry and forever changed transportation. Born on the morning of July 30, 1863 in a patch of Michigan woods, Henry Ford matured into the founder of the Ford Motor Co. that made the Ford name famous. The Ford Motor Co. would develop American automotive icons that continue…

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An Overview of the Business Revolution Reflected in the Ford Motor Company

The Ford Motor Company led what has been called a revolution. Henry Ford restructured everything from the salaries of employees to the work ethic they demonstrated. He did numerous things that were considered absurd and unrealistic at the time. This included the introduction of the $5.00 work day, and with this the desire t…

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An Overview of the Business Strategies of Hyundai Business Group

Most Americans know Hyundai as a brand of automobile. In reality, the Hyundai Business Group is one of the world’s largest and the successful businesses with more than fifty subsidiaries that produce everything from cars to computer chips (Steers. 45). Who would have guessed that the founder of Hyundai started out growing r…

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An Analysis of Andrew Carnegie, Eugene V. Debs and Horatio Alger’s Views on the Redistribution of Wealth in the United States

During the late nineteenth century rapid industrialization paved the way for extreme economical wealth of many business. In accordance with the overflowing wealth in the nineteenth century many individuals held similar but yet contrasting views toward the wealth that was created in the United States. Among these individuals…

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The History of Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana, an Italian ready-to-wear line, was founded in 1982 by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Since the distinguished duo established they have become influential and innovative to the fashion industry. Their clothes signify a sanguine, sexy glamour, which, however raw, never over powers the wearer’s characte…

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The Diversity of Leadership in the American Society

Diversity of Leadership in American Society The best speeches demonstrate the power of a single voice. They may be delivered by politicians, preachers, or athletes. Some such as Abraham Lincoln s Gettysburg Address or Martian Luther King Jr. s I have a Dream speech, may inspire and encourage us, unite and guide us. Others,…

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A Comparison of the A&P and the Society

Comparison of The A&P with Society John Updike has succeeded in writing a very simple short story portraying society with conformists, the A&P, and idealists, such as Sammy. The story is merely five pages long, but is filled with symbolism that can be analyzed and written in the length of a novel. Society usually…

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