Texas FABUS305 Final exam


Question 1

When actual performance falls outside an acceptable range of variation, it is termed a(n) ________.

significant deviation

acceptable deviation

large deviation

insignificant deviation

Question 2

This is the primary reason for why managers often travel long distances to have a face-to-face meeting with someone.

Most communication is done through body language.

It shows respect.

Other forms of communication have security concerns.

It communicates a sense of power, rank, and mobility.

Question 3

Value is any aspect of a product that customers ________ in the product.


want to see

will pay for

like or admire

Question 4

The great advantage of a written message is that it ________.

is unambiguous

is informal

provides a permanent record

is easy to provide feedback for

2 points

Question 5

U.S. managers tend to rely on this style of communication.

formal and written

verbal and informal

verbal and formal       

informal and unwritten

Question 6

Everything a manager does involves communication.



Question 7

A management information system (MIS) provides managers with ________ data.



analyzed and processed


Question 8

________ is a measure of how readily a company can use its assets to generate profits.





Question 9

One advantage of a written communication is that it provides a record of the information.



Question 10

Control is the process of monitoring and evaluating activities to ensure that they are being accomplished as planned.



Question 11

A ________ is the actual physical product encoded by the source.





Question 12

Annual losses from organizational theft and fraud amount to about ________ per worker.





Question 13

McDonald’s recently made productivity gains by cutting the ________.

weight of an order of French fries

wages of workers

time it takes to make French fries

time workers were trained

Question 14

Since Deming first proposed his 14 points for improving productivity, his prescriptions have ________.

been confirmed for U.S. workers only

been confirmed repeatedly

been largely discredited

fallen into disuse

Question 15

MBWA stands for management by ________.

walking around

work area

work action

written action             

Question 16

Along the grapevine, ________.

good news travels fastest

good news travels slowest

bad news travels fastest

bad news travels slowly

Question 17

Value is created during the process of ________.

inputs being stored

outputs being measured

operations being controlled

inputs being converted into outputs

Question 18

Which kind of control takes place after the actual work has been carried out?





Question 19

This is the primary goal of active listening.

avoiding premature judgments or interpretations of the speaker’s message

developing empathy with the speaker

understanding the full meaning of the speaker’s message

focusing on the speaker

Question 20

The manager has control over all three components of customer service interactions.



Question 21

When a budget is formulated, it is being used as a(n) ________ tool.





Question 22

W. Edwards Deming thought that ________ the key to productivity.

managers were

controlling costs was

both managers and workers were

workers were

Question 23

A car company that puts more effort into measuring quality than total units sold most likely wants to excel at ________.

customer satisfaction

employee satisfaction


cost per unit

Question 24

A drawback to instant messaging is that it creates security problems.



Question 25

The ________ is the series of work actions that add value to a product as it is being transformed from inputs to finished product.

value chain

output chain

supply chain

input chain

Question 26

With respect to planning, Deming believed that ________ was most important for productivity.

long-term planning

short-term planning

medium-term planning

flexible planning

Question 27

The difference between male and female styles of communication exists ________.

only in western cultures

only in the United States

in every culture

only in Asian cultures

Question 28

With respect to product quality, Deming believed that a company should never ________.

put quality ahead of profits

be satisfied with its current level of quality

pay more attention to quality than to price

try to fix a product if it “ain’t broke”

Question 29

Control is the only managerial function that allows managers to make sure that organizational goals are being met.



Question 30

Firewalls, data backup, and encryption help prevent security breaches in organizations.



Question 31

In the Six Sigma system, this is the highest level of quality.

Zero Sigma

One Sigma

Four Sigma

Six Sigma

Question 32

A spelling mistake in a message is an example of ________.

a decoding error

an encoding error

a receiver error

a transmission error

Question 33

A business model is ________.

a competitor that a company seeks to emulate

a strategic design for how a company intends to make profit

a theoretical ideal that a company seeks to emulate

 an unrelated organization whose practices a company seeks to emulate

Question 34

________ management oversees the transformation process that converts resources such as labor and raw materials into finished goods and services.





Question 35

Immediate corrective action is designed ________.

to get performance back on track

to punish employees for poor performance

to shake up an organization

to get to the root cause of a problem

Question 36

________ is the process of managing the sequence of activities and information along the entire value chain for a product.

Supply chain management

Supply management

Value chain management

Customer management

Question 37

Which of the following is a disadvantage of written communication?



not permanent

hard to store

Question 38

Controlling is the ________ in the management process.

final step

most important step

first step

least important step

Question 39

The channel is the ________.

actual physical product from the source that conveys a purpose

person who sends the message

person who receives the message

medium that the messages travels through

Question 40

Feedback is a response that confirms a message.



Question 41

Where did the modern era of manufacturing primarily begin?

the coal industry

southern cotton plantations

northeastern textile mills

Detroit automobile factories

Question 42

An example of nonverbal communication is ________.

a smile

a whisper

a voice mail

an email

Question 43

________ is a measure of an organization’s ability to meet its current debt obligations.





Question 44

Japanese managers tend to rely on this style of communication.

verbal and formal

formal and unwritten

informal and verbal

formal and written

Question 45

The control management function ensures that ________ in an organization.

goals are set

goals are met

plans are realistic

plans are made

Question 46

Which action best shows a speaker that you are paying close attention?

smooth transitioning from listener to speaker

direct eye contact

avoiding overtalking

avoiding interruptions of the speaker

Question 47

Henry Ford basing his assembly line on practices he viewed in Chicago slaughterhouses is an example of benchmarking.



Question 48

When a budget is used for controlling, it provides ________ against which resource consumption can be compared.

flexible standards

quantitative standards

nonnumerical standards

qualitative standards

Question 49

An advantage of management by walking around is ________.


personal contact


perceptual biases

Question 50

Feedback ________.

must be written

must be spoken

can be spoken, nonverbal, or written

can be spoken, verbal, or oral

Question 51

A bus company is a ________ organization because its product is ________.

manufacturing; buses

service; transportation

manufacturing; transportation

service; buses