SWOT yourself

Instructions: Everything you need for this assignment is in this document

  • ·         Review the material below to develop your personal SWOT
  • ·         Complete your personal SWOT using the attached MS Word doc/s
  • ·         Create a cover sheet before turning your SWOT

The Assignment

What channels have you developed to access your target market, such as associations, personal contacts, professors, etc?  Do some careful research on these.  Don’t assume that intensive distribution is necessarily the way to go.  Focus your efforts to those target markets that hold promise.

NOTE: Please write one page or one and 1/2 pages for this assigment, Double-Space MLA format with Cover sheet.

Please use this guild line to do the assigment you, can use bullet points for this assihment.

Internal Forces

·         Strengths (for you)

·         Weaknesses (for you)

External Forces

·         Opportunities (for you)

·         Threats (affecting you)

Post-Graduation Planning

·         Goals Upon Graduation

o   Personal

o   Professional

·         Desired Position/s

·         Target Industry

·         Target Organizations

·         Geographic Location

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