Summerize and write opinion the book about the reading the world

Summarize the part of the book (Austin, Michael. Reading the World. 3rd Edition. New York: Norton & Company, 2010) and write your opinion.

Desmond Tutu: Nuremberg: A Third Way [450]

Gandhi: “Economic and Moral Progress” [40]

New Testament: “Luke, Chapter 16” [541]

Lucretius: from “De Rerum Natura” [292]

Walker: When the Other Dancer is the Self [271]

King: Letter from a Birmingham Jail [425]

Scarry: On Beauty and Being Just [279]

Morrison: Nobel Lecture [217]

Aung San Suu Kye: In Quest of Democracy [442]

Boethius: from Of Music

Mohandas Gandhi: Economic and Moral Progress [560]

Pericles: The Funeral Oration [158]

Tolstoy: What is Art? [265]

Burke: The Sublime and the Beautiful [256]

Epictetus: “To Those Who Fear Want” [536]

Po Chu I The Flower Market [8]


-Desmond Tutu: Nuremberg: A Third Way [450]


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           Something is…