stat paper

statistics hw

Come up with a specific and directional hypothesis that you would test and analyze using the within-subjects t test.  Be SPECIFIC.  Specify:

1. A little bit of background information as to why you chose this hypothesis (using 2 references, academic or non academic).

2. The Independent and Dependent variables in your hypothesis.

3. How you would analyze the data using this specific t test  (walk me through the steps) .  Be sure to discuss why you have to rely on this t test compared to the between subjects t test.  I know you aren’t using “real” data in this example and that is ok.

4. Expected findings, given the literature (hopefully what you have written in step 1).  Be sure to use at least two non-Wikipedia references.  They don’t have to be ONLY academic; they can be from the news or pop culture.  

5. The example does NOT have to be political! **All of the above should be formatted in ONE document.