Sports Final Paper-FOR TOM MUTUNGA

The final paper should contain approximately 2,500-3,000 words (not including references, tables, figures, or appendices), typewritten, following the American Psychological Association (6th edition) guidelines for paper style. Students are required to include a minimum of 10 scholarly sources (not including the assigned textbook). Final paper due Wednesday, June 14 by 5pm PST. NO Wikipedia sources are allowed. Information about APA style is available at

Sample Final Paper Outline Contents I. Introduction II. Synthesis of Literature (10 scholarly sources) III. Conclusions IV. Recommendations

I. Introduction a. Introduction should place the paper within the context of the ongoing research about your topic usually by discussing groups of studies b. Identification of the problem addressed in the paper (consider statistical data and examples from personal experiences) c. Brief description of the significance of the problem d. State the purpose of the paper and what you plan to accomplish in the paragraphs that follow. This should be made explicit.

II. Literature Review a. Analyze and interpret the bodies of related literature (at least 10 articles) for the identified problem. Organize the studies/literature by targeted population, theme, and/or topic.

III. Conclusions/Recommendations a. Provide a conclusion as well as bold and sensible recommendations that are supported by related literature.

Final Paper Rubric Maximum Points

Your Points Title page and clear introduction 5

Well-developed review of the literature that contains relevant references 5

Appropriate conclusions drawn 3 Included 10 scholarly articles 3

Used APA style in writing style and citations 2

Used correct grammar and spelling. 2

Total 20