Skills of a Successful Project Manager

Respond to the following:

•  What do you think are the essential skills of a project manager? Please identify three to four skills. In your answer, focus on the skills specific to the project manager role, and not on skills common to all team members.•  Explain why and how each skill is useful in fulfilling a project manager’s responsibilities.•  For each skill, give an example of how it helps a project manager perform. You may use examples from your experience or construct fictitious ones.•  Identify an example, based on your experience or via Internet search, of a failed project that is attributable to the project manager’s lack of any one of the above-mentioned skills.

Upon completion of this discussion, you will be able to: Identify the skills a project manager needs to have.

Schwalbe, K. (2015). An Introduction to Project Management (5th ed.). Minneapolis, MN: Schwalbe Publishing

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Project, Program, and Portfolio Management

Chapter 2: Project, Program, and Portfolio Selection