Short essay on Carl Friedrich Gauss (algebra and writing related)

Carl Friedrich Gauss, known as the Prince of Mathematics andGermany’s greatest Mathematician, was solving mathematical problems atan early age. During your research for this Discussion Board forum youwill read how, at age three, he corrected his father when the elder wasfiguring out a payroll problem. There was also the famous incident inprimary school, when his teacher gave him the challenge to add theintegers, 1 to 100, progressively. Within a few minutes, he had ananswer by using pairwise addition. And of course, you have alreadydiscovered he is responsible for the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra.

The goal of this discussion is to become appreciative and gain anaccumulated awareness of a great mathematician/physics/genius and how hereally mattered in Western scientific progress.

  • Research the algebraic and scientific contributions by Gauss.
  • Identify two significant accomplishments and/or other famous people in science or mathematics that he mentored.
  • In a short summary of 300-500 words, explain specifically how theaccomplishments you describe are used or influence us in the currentcentury.
  • All of the summaries should be different since Gauss has contributed so much.
  • Be sure to make appropriate APA citations when quoting or listing your sources.