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titles resourse 

capabilites :talk about operations how do they use thier resourse good for their functions 

competinces : talk about the competitive advantage sadafco has 3 growth m qulity and diversity .

Resources, capabilities and competencies

SADAFCO has a divisional structure due to the large corporation they have with many product lines in several related industries. The annual Net Sales currently exceed SAR1.5 billion. They have been a leader in the UHT (Long Life) Milk market in Saudi Arabia; also the company manufactures Tomato Paste, Ice Cream, Snacks, and Drinks.

The head office is in Jeddah and they are operating in more than one country. It has sales and distribution facilities in Riyadh, Dammam, Abha, Madinah, Makkah, Taif, Tabuk, Yanbu, Al Jouf, Jizan, Najran, Al Sahil, Al Alaya, Buraidah, Hail, Dawadmy, Hofuf, Hafr al-Baten, Doha (Qatar), Amman (Jordan), Manama (Bahrain) and Kuwait City. Distribution in the U.A.E. is handled by third-party agents. Manufacturing facilities are located in Jeddah (two locations) and Dammam.

The company has several departments to facilitate its management process which are manufacturing, sales and distribution, marketing, trade Marketing, finance, IT, human resources and supply Chain. Also, SADAFCO has the following resources which make her different from any other company :

·       Physical resources:

1-     SADAFCO  have  five working factories and equipped with the latest techniques in the KSA

2-     The company has several warehouses for sale and distribution of products in Saudi Arabia ,Qatar,Bahrain and Jordan. These warehouses facilitate the company expanding in the markets place.

·       Financial resources: 

SADAFCO profits has been increased by 26% at the end of December 2016 compared to pervious year, from 180.9 to 227.8 million SR.

·       Human resources :

They have currently employ close to 2 000 employees representing more than 30 nationalities including the GCC nationals.also, they strongly supports the objectives of the Saudization program in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, all of the employees are expatriates and ready to take up the challenge of working hard in their dynamic regional market leader operating in a competitive and demanding market. In addition, sadafco has a large proportion of employees who have worked for the organization for more than 20 years and more were recognized for their long service and loyalty.

·       Intellectual capital resource:

The company’s flagship brand is Saudia but it also produces and markets Baboo Ice Cream and Crispy Snacks

When it comes to the company capabilities, SADAFCO is using its human resources and intellectual capital resource effectively to have a strong competitive capability over its rivals which is the high quality .As we mentioned before they are hiring the most expertise people who can handle the purser and can work as team , besides the company strong brand they have.

Thecapability SADAFCO has is that they implementing a Food Safety Management  System (FSMS) according to the internationally accepted ISO 22000:2005 Standard.SADAFCO is becoming aligned with what is considered a leveled, universal regulation which facilitates food production and trade.the process of preparing, auditing and certifying SADAFCO factories with ISO 22000 Standards has begun. The Jeddah Ice Cream Factory achieved the ISO 22000:2005 status in February 2012 and the Jeddah Factory achieved the same in August 2012. These certifications guarantee SADAFCO quality and confirm to consumers that the trust that they have placed in our products for more than three decades is justified. The company emphasize that the quality assurance everyone’s responsibility and not the sole domain of only one person or one department. It is a shared focus of all business functions within the company to achieve the objective of satisfying consumers’ needs at the highest quality standards.

SADFCO in specific has unique core competencies that make it stand out among other firms in the industry

As a dairy product producers, SADAFCO insists on the quality of their products. It is one of the principle features that encourages the consumers to use their product. It is clearly stated that they comply with ISO standards on Food Safety Management System issues. Also, their policies are supportive of environmental aspects. 

Still, under the context of products, the firm has a wide variety of dairy products. They include soy drink, Saudi milk, Saudi Laban, evaporated milk, ice cream, Saudi junior, crispy snacks, cheese, tomato products, Saudi cream, French fries, instant milk powder, Arabic coffee, and sparkling fruit drinks (SADFCO, n.d). The varieties of products mean they capture most of the consumer’s needs, thus the reason behind success. 

Also, the management skills in the company areimpressive. They adopt the top-down type of office management, which has enormous effect in the way duties are delivered in the enterprise. It influences the flow of chain of commands in the firm, thus increased productivity. In this context, the career section talks of diversity in their employment tactics.

ADFCO is a prosperous dairy firm. The principle factors that have influenced its improved productivity is attributed to management pattern, work skills, policies, and their product’s diversity. It is no doubt that they will continue to grow and diversify further, as seen in their current project of solar power project recently initiated in Riyadh.

q2- technological ( talk about the technological developments about the food procssing market in sadia arabia and how sadafco is effected )