After completing the course readings and viewing the course presentations for Modules/Weeks 1 and 2, you will write a 2–4-page research paper evaluating not only the balance of power in America’s federal system, but also its structure. To that end, you will develop an argument for or against this structure, why it may or may not be important. With this in mind, consider what you now think the role of government should be.

This assignment must be formatted in current Turabian format, including a title page, sectional headings, and a bibliography. It must also utilize 3–5 scholarly sources, which may include course materials (textbooks and presentations) and the Bible.

Use the following concepts to guide you as you analyze power and the role of government:

·      In our federal system, where does power come from?

·      What is the structure of the federal government?

·      What is the dissolution of power within the federal government and among the several states?

·      Why did the framers dissolve this power? And was it necessary?

·      Finally, with all of this in mind, develop an argument for the proper role of government and then provide an example.