Philosophy of Education   – You will write a 3 page paper (APA style) about your philosophy of education, specifically discussing your philosophy about working with young children. Your paper must include an introduction section, purpose section, main body with subheadings and a conclusion section.  Please keep in mind that your philosophy of education is the very heart of your teaching because your philosophy is what you understand, believe and value. These things have profound and undeniable effects on your teaching behavior. Your philosophy includes the answers to the following fundamental questions that guide your decision making as an early childhood teacher of young children.

1.What do I believe about how young children learn? What do I see as the children’s role in learning?  What do I see as the teacher’s role?

2.What aspiration do I have for young children’s growth now and in the future? What dispositions and knowledge do I hope children will develop?

3.What kind of classroom environment, teaching methods, learning experiences, and assessment practices will enable me to support young children’s growth?

4.How can I meet young children’s developmental levels, celebrate their individual differences, and respect their cultural diversity?

1. What role do other people have in supporting young children’s growth? How will I educate others about how young children grow and learn?

2. Include a reference page


1.Write in first person. Personalize your stance. Avoid jargon.

2.Be articulate! Avoid generalized statements.

3.Write as if defending yourself to someone who doubts your beliefs.

4.Use reference to educational research and/or theory (as needed) to support your opinion from textbooks, articles, and the NAEYC statements.