1-What do the terms brahman, atman, maya, karma, samsara, and moksha mean? How do these terms relate to each other in Hindu teachings?

2-Since this is such a key concept for Hindus, I would like the class to participate in a little exercise: in your own words, define Supreme Reality.

3-So, how do Hindus treat a guru?  And how do gurus treat their disciples?

4-Here is a question that I would like the class to explore: emotionally, how does death affect a Hindu, such as when a loved one dies?

5-All, what are some sayings in our culture that remind you of this concept called karma?  The first one that comes to my mind is “you reap what you sow.”

6-So, would you categorize Hinduism as Pantheistic, the belief that all reality is God, or Polytheistic, the belief in many gods?

7-How does Jainism differ from Hinduism? How did Hinduism influence Jainism?

8-From what I’m learning, Hindus teach that is a force, like gravity, but Jains teach that karma is material.  So, how then do Jains rid themselves of karma?