Real Estate Professionals and Brokerage

Real Estate Professionals and Brokerage

Real estate is made up of many skilled professionals who play different roles within the larger context of the industry. Some typical professions in this industry include brokerage, appraisal, site selection, and mortgage securitization. Real estate professionals can also be found in non-real estate companies that happen to…

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Mattel and New Field in Toy Making

Licensing Agreement As inventions started to become more and more relevant in society is completely changed the way entrepreneurs started to go about their business. Inventors started to become extremely relevant, while advancing society in technology. While inventions became an importance to the world, many businessm…

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A Biography of Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes For the better part of the 1900’s, Howard Hughes was known to America as many things. Hughes was a millionaire playboy, an insecure man with endless amounts of oddities, a tycoon, a filmmaker, and most notably, a record-setting aviator. In every industry he set foot in, Hughes was just like everybody else. He…

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Food Waster and Overweight Problem in Mainland China

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Business Description Food waste and overweight problem have been serious in Mainland China in recent years. Our business is to produce an app about food and healthy and aims to raise people’s awareness and reduce food waste. Our app is to help people to plan having a healthy diet and remind them to save…

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A Case Study on the Sustainability of Chevron Corporation

Chevron and Sustainability Introduction Chevron Corporation is an American global energy corporation that has successfully operated in more than 180 countries in the provision of standard oil. According to the chairman and chief executive officer of Chevron Corporation, John S. Watson, different media resources that incl…

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Bureaucracy in Enabling Creative Chaos: The Organization Behind the Burning Man Event

Bureaucracy is a method of organization in which the goals are predetermined by the leaders, people’s positions are set up in a hierarchy, labor is divided in a set way, and there are fixed rules and procedures. Many have a positive view of bureaucracy, seeing it as efficient and the only practical form of organization, per…

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Wal-Mart: A Combination of Ruthless Business Strategies, Exploitation and Illegal Practices in Return for Low Prices

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices Wal-Mart is one of the biggest retail companies in the world, and continues to grow to an unprecedented size and power. But how do they do it year after year? Well, Wal-Mart uses a complex system of ruthless business strategies, exploitation of their employees (or “associates”, as Wal-…

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Steve Jobs: The Qualities of a Leader

Steve Jobs Some men were born to be leaders and some men were born to be followers. Steve Jobs was a leading technology pioneer and trailblazer who propelled the innovation of technology. His presence in the tech industry has been nothing less than iconic. This impression and legacy will only continue to grow. Just as the…

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Different Ways of Advertising

Advertising in a Different Way In today’s world it is all about advertising because that’s what
everyone sees wether on TV, the computer, driving to work, or walking
around; they are every where. To advertise is to “publicize for the purpose
of selling or cause of one to want” ( Advertisements come

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The Controversial Hiring of Convicted Felons by Uber

A general overview of sexual assault is any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the consent of the recipient. Uber is hiring convicted felons that have a criminal background history of sexual assault and other felonies. Uber doesn’t make it clear that they only disqualify drivers that have had convictions…

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Advertising Companies Making a Hard Push to Sell E-Cigarettes

Is There Always a Right Answer? Advertisements such as “Rise from the Ashes” and “Take Back
Your Freedom” demonstrate how much the e-cigarette industry is pushing for
us to use their product. E-cigarettes are booming in popularity. They are
“hip” and “cool” among high school students; however, I don’t feel tha…

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An Evaluation of the Different Strategies Business Can Adapt to Issue of Globalization

Business and Management 20m Question Essay With reference to one or two organizations that you have studied, evaluate different strategies businesses can adapt to issues of globalization. Strategy is defined as devising plans to achieve the long term goals of an organization to get to where it wants to be. In this case,…

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An Analysis of the Pros and Cons of the STEEPLE Categories

BnM Essay OUT OF INDIA part b) The STEEPLE Categories stand for social, technological, economic, environmental, political, legal and ethical. It requires us to analyse the pros and cons of each section, and see how it can impact the company, both in the long run and the short term. The first social threat that we can…

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A Discussion on the Topic of Stakeholder Conflict in a Business Setting

BnM Essay “Mattel and Chinese Manufacturing” part d) In this essay, we talk about stakeholder conflict. Due to varying interests in business, the company will find it impossible to meet every interest of the stakeholders, causing conflict. The differences in their opinions may cause stakeholder conflict. Firstly, we c…

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My Response to Accusation of Corruption Against Me as the CEO of an Energy Company

Corruption: A Necessary Evil “Survival of the Fittest.” That is what corruption is. As the CEO of a renewable energy company, I have to say that if you want to achieve your dreams you need to stomp on some people to get there. Look at all the multibillion-dollar people in the world; I guarantee you that every one of those…

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The Importance of Workplace Decisions

Workplace decisions should definitely be made by those who are actively involved and present in the affected work environment. This is very important in corporations of larger scale and that have numerous employees. Those chosen to withhold high up positions and leadership roles must have attained some type of degree qualif…

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An Overview of Salesperson’s Job

According to Armstrong and Taylor (2014), a job is the primary unit function of the organization. Similar jobs are synchronized to make a department, with several units building up to form the organization. In spite of it being the basic and, therefore, smallest unit of the organization, a job entails different components…

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The Five Main Types of Power Within an Organization

Within each organization, there are five main sources of power, which include legitimate power, expert power, referent power, coercive power, and reward power. Power is crucial in an organization, and each of these forms tells a different story of power among people. Legitimate power occurs when there are people considere…

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NatureView’s Plan to Increase Its Yearly Revenues

NatureView Case At the time of this case, NatureView had some important decisions to make. Their objective was to create a plan in order to increase their yearly revenues from $13 million to $20 million by the beginning of 2002. In order to do this, they had to create three different options and evaluate which one is t…

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Corporate Greed of the United States

Corporate America: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Throughout history, wealth and poverty have always been separate entities. The rich would give to the poor as trickle-down economics would say, but the poor usually never had enough. And what about in the middle? The employees of large corporations are the fundamental back…

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The Destabilizing Power of Oil in Recent Years

In recent years, the destabilizing power of oil has diminished in some respects, but has also stayed constant in others. At a time when oil production has been increasing since the 1980s and is being produced by more countries than ever before (Spiro & Hart, 2010:339;348), the balance of power has certainly been redistribut…

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The Importance and Domination of Oil on the Global Stage

I find the claim that oil is a declining factor of influence is not an entirely accurate assessment. In fact, more than ever, the power politics of oil dominates the global stage. From the Arctic Circle to the deserts of Sudan, the presence of oil and its value to extractors and producers give geo-political relevance to act…

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The Influence and Domination of OPEC

The power that oil once held over the modern world has markedly diminished in recent years due to a number of changes that have occurred since the heyday that oil once enjoyed. While oil does still continue to play a large role in the international political economy of the twenty-first century, its role has diminished signi…

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The Power of Oil is Shifting

In recent years, the climate for oil on the international stage has undergone a period of transition, influenced by many factors. Increased cognizance of the role of carbon emissions in global climate change, for example, has led to increased environmental regulations which at times hinder the production of oil. Steady supp…

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The Role of Multi-National Corporations in the Export-Oriented Growth Strategy

No, Multi-National Corporations should not necessarily be held to the first world health and safety standards when conducting business in third world nations. These MNCs played a critical role in the export-oriented growth strategy that was utilized by countries such as the Asian tigers during the late 20th century to achie…

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