Read the following instructions below for the full details.

Required text: Readings in the Philosophy of technology by author, David M. Kaplan

As you know, the required reading for 2/7 is pp. 17–32.

Writing assignment due 2/7, by 11AM.Submit the paper through Canvas Assignments. The paper must be between 500 and 650 words (not more; not less). I’ll grade these assignments in this way: 30 points (= good), 10 points (= sub-par), and 0. Include the word count in your heading. 

Instructions for 2/7: Explain the following ideas in plain language. Imagine that you are trying to explain the text to a friend who has not read it. Importantly, your imaginary reader is not me, but someone who does not understand the text. Do not quote the text—but obviously, you will be working very closely with the text to try to figure out what H means. Answer these two questions; give each one about equal space:

1. After reading the second portion of Heidegger’s text, and Dreyfus’s, which of Dreyfus’s contributions help you to better understand Heidegger’s essence of technology? In other words, Dreyfus introduces some new concepts, and explains some of Heidegger’s ideas in different ways, select one or two of his contributions that helped you most, then explain these to your imaginary reader. 

2. According to Heidegger, and Dreyfus’s interpretation of Heidegger, now that we know what the essence of technology is, what should we do about it?