Read & Follow All Instructions Carefully! Due May 31st @ 3:00 PM. All Original Work Please!! Utilize Attachments!!

Complete a mini-unit of three informational text-based lesson plans and a corresponding assessment plan.

Complete three informational text-based lesson plans that will be taught as a unit for a fifth grade level based on the “Class Profile.” Complete Parts I, II, and III of the “Lesson Plan Template” for three lessons. Elaborate on Part III of the “Lesson Plan Template,” which includes examples of summative assessment, within your assessment plan.

Each lesson plan should share a theme around your previously chosen informational text (Volcanoes). Be sure to mention the materials and technology utilized within each lesson.

Utilize research-based strategies and technology that facilitate critical thinking and problem solving. Provide opportunities for questioning, collaboration, and supportive interaction among your students within your lessons. Include at least two of the following strategies within each of your three lessons:

Direct instruction

Indirect instruction

Collaborative learning

Experiential learning

Independent study

Interactive instruction

Describe how your activities would be differentiated for your students in the “Class Profile.”

Create an assessment plan for the mini-unit that includes demonstrating alignment between formal and informal assessment strategies and techniques. Your assessment plan will consist of the following two parts:

Part I – Introduction

In a 100-250-word introduction, include the following:

A brief summary of the mini-unit for context.

A description that demonstrates alignment between the standards, learning targets/objectives, learning activities, and formative and summative assessments.

Identify other content areas in which your theme could be utilized. Provide examples.

Part II – Summative Assessment

Three summative assessments (one for each lesson) with answer keys or rubrics.