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Create an original webpage 

Use Google Sites or another webpage authoring program to create an original webpage. Present a definition for future-focused thinking. Describe how future-focused thinking and security intelligence are connected. Summarize at least three main ideas in The Hunt for KSM OR The Rise of ISIS. Based on the main ideas, make at least three policy recommendations. Process  Read The Hunt for KSM OR The Rise of ISIS. 

On or before Tuesday, submit the Internet address for your original webpage. Use appropriate text citations and references. Evaluation Create an original webpage – 5 points; Reply completely to the assignment criteria – 5 points; Total = 10 points

Conclusion Modern security intelligence professionals are skilled in using information technology. Successful security intelligence professionals maintain high levels of situational awareness by actively reading the current literature. And exemplary security intelligence professionals are future-focused thinkers. Furthermore, future-focused thinking is a transferrable critical thinking skill. How can you use future-focused thinking to increase your success trajectories at home, at school, and at work? How will you use future-focused thinking in your future career in the security intelligence industry?

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