Read Cerfully- ONLY MBA , INFORMATION SYSTEM, COMPUTER SCIENCE, BUSINESS background Message me please

conduct a system analysis and design of a functional area of a real business.

shouldhave thefollowingdocuments/coverage:

–     Executive Summary(Whatproblem(s),What solution(s),Why,Howmuch, Howlong)

–     Backgroundof theCase(businesslocation,activities,contactinfo)

–     ProjectPlan


oProjectScope/ SystemObjectives


–     SystemModeling

o  ProcessModeling(Context,Level-0,Level-1DFDs:LogicalforCurrentSystem, Logical andPhysicalfor Proposed System)

oDataModeling(ERD,Data Dictionary for Proposed System)

oObjects  Modeling  (UML  Diagrams  for  Proposed  System:  Use  Cases,  Class,


–     CandidateTechSolutions (CandidateSystems-Solutions Matrix)detailsforeach.

–     Feasibility  Analysis  /  Cost-Benefit  Analysis  /  ROI  /  Critical  Success  Factors  /  Risk

Management (FeasibilityMatrixofCandidate Solutions)detailsforeach.

–     Proposed Solution.

–     SystemDesign(Input/ Output, Databases, Software/Hardware/ Interface)

–     ImplementationSchedule (GANNT / PERT charts/Conversion plan)

–     OtherRecommendations(remainingminorproblems,futureupgrades)

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