Quantitative Analysis Paper on Diabetes.

Quantitative Analysis Paper Outline 

This course requires writing a quantitative analysis paper in your area of interest. It includes identification of topic and any issues you want to deal with. Writing a paper with applications of data analysis and econometric model will build an understanding of theory of quantitative method and its application in the real business world. Thus students taking this course need to understand quantitative techniques.

The following things that you are required to complete

  •   Identification of topic of research, and finding out the hypothesis that you want to test,

  •   Collecting data form secondary source or you can use the data that you already have, (I

    can help you to find data if you need any help)

  •   Decision of the types of model you want to use,

  •   Analyze the data and run the regression models and

  •   present the results

    In general your paper may have following sections but you can choose a different format but has to have these components in the paper.

  1. Introduction

  2. Literature Review

  3. Method

  4. Data

  5. Results and Discussion

  6. Conclusions

  7. References

  8. Tables/Chart/Graphs

Paper should be typed at12 point font size and double spaced. Students are required to review at least 8 recently published journals in their literature review and cite them in the text with a standard citation method. I will provide constructive comments and feedback on your writing assignments to improve the professional quality of the paper.

Grading policy of your paper grading in 100 points but it will be converted to 25% towards your final grade. So, put your time seriously.

  1. Introduction: 15 points for a clear introduction about what you want do and your hypotheses. It should be between 1.5 to 2 pages long in double space 12 font size.

  2. Literature Review: 10 points for relevant review of literature. You have to have at least 8 relevant literature reviewed and cited. It should be between 1.5 to 2 pages long in double space 12 font size.

  1. Method: 20 points for a clear application of data analysis tools/methods (regression or any other methods discussed in the class). Explanation of variables, hypothesis test set up, etc.

  2. Data : 15 points relevant data

  3. Results and Discussion: 20 points for clear discussion of results. Test of hypothesis and

    its results. It should be between 1.5 to 2 pages long in double space 12 font size.

  4. Conclusions: 10 points for a clear conclusion. It should be between 0.5 to 1 pages long in

    double space 12 font size.

  5. References : 5 points for consistent/standard references

  6. Tables/Chart/Graphs: 5 points for clear tables and graph

Things to do

  •   Identify topic and problem

  •   Identifying the research questions

  •   Design hypothesis/hypotheses

  •   Find data to test that hypothesis or hypotheses

  •   Write down econometric model

  •   Run regression and perform several test of hypotheses

  •   Present results and discuss.

    Any topic that you are interested and doable for you is good. But here are few simple workable topics

    My interest will be on to test your knowledge on identifying issues, methods, data, regression, test of hypotheses and discussion of results.

  •   Types of major in undergraduate to become an entrepreneur in future (I have data for that)

  •   Effects of school district on housing price (data are available from Zillow, housing department)

  •   Effects of human capital and gross domestic product (data are available in World Bank site)

  •   Energy price and demand (data are available in department of energy, but very difficult to clean the data)

  •   Research on automobile sale and price

  •   Or simple pull any data available in book and find out relevant research issue and do your research.

  •   You can ask me about the appropriate issue that you want to deal with and relevant data you can have from any book or any source.