Qualitative Perspective

Economic development literature often emphasizes the association between health and mortality with economic development and improvement in the standard of living. Nowhere is this more evident than in poorer countries with higher levels of infant mortality and prevalence of deadly diseases such as malaria, measles, and tuberculosis. Because of this, some governments have instituted free immunization programs for disease in their respective countries.

Imagine that you are a researcher in an impoverished African country and are puzzled that in the north of the country, which has one of the worst child mortality rates in the world, parents are rejecting health clinics’ offer of free immunizations against deadly diseases such as measles and tuberculosis. Your task is to design an evaluation to determine the causes of the problem of rejection of free immunizations and to encourage parents to have their children immunized.

Post by Day 3 an explanation of how you would go about applying the evaluation tasks. Also, explain how you would acquire the information you need to design an evaluation.

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