Purpose You will demonstrate your skills and knowledge by completing a scenario-based project. Task overview and context You receive an email from Sayo Yoshida, Managing Director: Human Resources. Subject: New opportunities for continuous improvement Hello, As you know, BizOps Enterprises has experienced an expansion in operations across the whole business. This operational expansion will be a good opportunity to review and revise key organisational documents and procedures, to ensure all staff have a thorough understanding of BizOps’s goals, values and objectives and how these impact on their individual roles and jobs. I would like you, as the Human Resources Manager, to develop a number of documents and procedures to ensure department managers have a consistent approach to leading and managing the new and existing staff within the BizOps organisational frameworks. Two key documents that need to be developed are a communications strategy and leadership guidelines. I know that you are aware of the need for continuous improvement. I remember that you recently told me you would like to know more about leadership strategies when working with team members from different cultural backgrounds, as BizOps’s teams are becoming more diverse. Please develop a professional development plan along these lines. You will find details about the tasks that I wish you to undertake in the ‘Instructions to the candidate’ section that follows. Best wishes, Sayo Yoshida Managing Director, Human Resources Instructions to the candidate You will need to access the following BizOps Enterprises documents, forms and policies: • Company vision, mission and values statement • Company business plan • Organisation operational plan • Code of conduct policy • WHS policy • Incident and injury report form See the ‘Resources required’ section for how to access these. Complete the following tasks in an appropriate format. 1. Develop a communications strategy for BizOps Enterprises so that managers can follow the key principles of effective communication when dealing with staff and other stakeholders, including specifications for the media and language to be used. Your plan must include strategies for: • clarifying and explaining BizOps’s mission, values and standards • describing BizOps’s objectives, plans and strategies • explaining to team members BizOps’s expectations of them, and how their role contributes to the organisation’s mission and broader organisational goals • consultation with team members and other stakeholders in decision-making, to ensure their needs are met • how incidents should be investigated and results communicated (using the incident report form and keeping in line with the WHS policy). 2. Write leadership guidelines for the leaders at BizOps, including information on the following: • An outline of ethical conduct and how to encourage others to adopt business ethics • How leaders can create and maintain a positive workplace culture and foster creativity, innovation and commitment to ensure that BizOps’s workplace culture is characterised by empowered team members • Strategies to collaborate and cooperate with others and play an active role in leading, facilitating and resourcing effective group interaction, decision-making, influencing direction and encouraging innovation • Strategies to ensure decision-making occurs in accordance with management plans for all options, and within appropriate time frames • Appropriate leadership styles for BizOps and how these styles can be flexible and adaptable to meet situations and circumstances while supporting BizOps’s mission and directions • How leaders can represent the organisation positively in the community and media 3. Develop a professional development plan. You must include the following: • Three personal work objectives written using the SMART method • Three opportunities for professional development activities • Details of a professional body and/or business networks to join to develop required skills, including their participation requirements and relevant membership costs The final documents you submit for assessment will be assessed using the project criteria provided. All project criteria outlined must be covered satisfactorily for Part B to be completed satisfactorily. You must complete the project unassisted by the assessor or other personnel, but may refer to reference material as needed.