Project Planning:Execution and closure

Your CEO is a visionary who wants you to transform the way the company conducts business. She is fascinated by computer software for project management and requires that you conduct a SWOT analysis of this service in relation to your specific project. You wish to gain good favor of the CEO by introducing innovative technology in addition to computer software. After all, the CEO is scheduled to retire this year and will probably be able to appoint her successor.

  • Describe 2–4 innovative tools that can help the project manager analyze and improve success.

    • State the respective advantages and disadvantages of each innovative tool.

    • Provide your rationale for why each tool is an innovative one for enhancing projects.

  • Analyze one piece of project management computer software, and develop an extensive SWOT analysis of it.

    • Include how weaknesses and threats can be transformed into strengths.

The following is a basic checklist for solutions:

  • Identify and address the main issue.

  • Provide real-life solutions (more than just theoretical considerations).

  • Address the criteria and measurements for success for this project.

  • Use proper APA formatting and citation.

  • Provide solutions which display critical and innovative thinking.

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Reading Assignment

Evans: Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8

Assignment Objectives

  • Assess the various project management tools used to analyze and improve processes.
  • Discuss the opportunities provided by technology for businesses.

Other Information

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