Project Management: Integration,Scope, Time, and Communication

Vivian, you did a fine job completing your Unit 4 Marketing deliverable post!! You are our DB 4 post trailblazer for this week.

  • A marketing plan is a written document that covers the situation, objectives, and actions for an organization for the time period covered by the plan.
  • The time period covered by the plan depends on the volatility of that   organization’s market:

o    Annual Planning Cycle : Sufficient for stable, well-established markets like industrial products

o    Quarterly Planning Cycle : Recommended for dynamic markets, such as high technology

o    Ad hoc Marketing Plans : Recommended to take advantage of market opportunities

  • Marketing plans do not include details on non-marketing-related activities such as operations and human resources.

QUESTION: The marketing planning process diagram includes a feedback loop. What type of information would be useful for such feedback? How would it change future plans?