Privacy with Ethics Considerations

Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation evaluating the three areas of privacy issues specific to FERPA, HIPAA, and EEA. Develop scenarios in all of the three areas that you feel are most important to the recipients protected by these laws and the methodology used in each.

Include how each of these laws affects the requirements of companies or colleges and how each manages their security strategy to enforce compliance.

Compare the effectiveness of each industry’s efforts to ensure privacy issues are addressed and protected.

Address and comment on the following issues in your analysis:

Define privacy in the three areas Apply privacy and privacy protection to Information Systems Repercussions to the companies protected by the three laws Differences in the protection methodologies used by the 3 industries represented by these laws Differences in security strategies used by the three industries Describe how these three laws can change a company’s security policies and mitigation plans Explain why public corporations have the same privacy issues (for intellectual property) as people do (for personal information) Conclude your assignment with ideas regarding how each law can be improved

Include detailed speakers notes within your presentation.