Prepare a word document addressing the following: 1.)Philosophy As a professional ready to enter the field of child development it is important that you know where you stand regarding how children grow, develop, and learn. To help your potential employer know what you believe, you will need to create a philosophy statement. Remember that you should use the theorist/philosophy. Your philosophy statement must: Include your beliefs regarding how children grow, develop, and learn including typical and atypical development, as well as children with exceptionalities. Be grounded in research and supported by theory. Be a minimum of 500 words. 2.)Periods of Development: the five periods of development (Prenatal, Infancy and Toddlerhood, Early Childhood, Middle Childhood, and Adolescence for a total of five subspaces). you will create Periods of Development Fact Sheets, as word documents, that included information on physical, language, and cognitive development. Add additional information to these sheets to demonstrate your comprehensive knowledge of child development domains. Explains at least two milestones that typically developing children should achieve in this stage of development for EACH developmental domain (e.g., two physical milestones, two cognitive milestones, two social-emotional milestones, two language milestones, two moral reasoning/self-regulation milestones). For preconception, you need to include all of the developmental milestones except moral reasoning/self-regulation. Explains at least two signs that may signal atypical development during this developmental stage. Identifies at least one social factor that influences this stage of development. Identifies at least one cultural factor that influences this stage of development. Describes (for each fact sheet, with the exception of your prenatal fact sheet) at least two play-based strategies (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.that families can use to influence their children’s learning and development at this developmental stage. Please include your own unique example for each period of development fact sheets. Includes a combination of at least three videos or graphics that enhance the content presented on each page. Includes at least one reference on each page. 3.)Professional Library Part of being a child development professional is being able to locate resources to share with families. For this you will create a professional library. Please make sure the following is included in your library: At least five websites, videos, or books that are research based and could be easily shared with parents, families, or caregivers. For each of the resources, include two or three sentences that explain the developmental stage the resource most benefits and briefly summarize the resource. Review the references and sources you used in your discussions and assignments throughout the course. These may be good resources to include in your professional library.