poster and speech draft for urban studies

TURB 102 – Winter 2017 Poster   Poster – 10% Final Grade – Due in Class – March 8 

Presentation – 5% Final Grade – March 8 


Your poster will address ONLY the following chapter: 

Ch. 8 – “Urban decline and growth since 1950,” especially the first 4 pages (and I will also add more to the information in lectures) 

Specifically, you should present visual evidence of some of Lees’ themes or issues by finding local examples in Tacoma and/or the Puget Sound Region. In other words, what evidence of “urban decline” and then “regrowth” can you find in Tacoma and the region? 

Examples include: 

– Urban decay – Deindustrialization – Intensified suburbanization – Sprawl – Urban renewal – i.e., downtown development: culture and business, gentrification, transportation, infrastructure, housing 

Use your visuals to develop a poster theme (i.e. pictures you take or find; charts, newspaper headlines; maps, etc.).  You should include captions and short blurbs, which can be handwritten, typed, or produced from newspaper headlines.   

We will mingle, eat, and discuss the various poster boards informally.  

The poster should be at least the size of a large computer monitor (about 15×20). 

important: U can upload some pics and the speech draft for me that i can make poster on my own, i will upload the book that needed.