Position Paper on an Issue-AIDS in Africa


OVERVIEW  This essay is about one of the issues facing the community of nations in the 21st century.  You be discussing the issue throughout the semester on Blackboard, and at the end of the semester you will have a panel discussion about the issue.  By researching and writing the essay, you will give yourself the background that you need to persuasively the topic on line and in your panel. 



Global energy policy

Economic and development issues

Nuclear Non-proliferation

Global terrorism

Biotechnology and the food supply

Human rights issues

Narcotic drug trade/control/interdiction

Greenhouse gasses and global warning

Here are some suggestions for what you might want to cover.                   What  is the basic issue?

         Background of the topic.  What is the issue, why is it a point of controversy?  Why is it important?  How do most/many/some countries feel about the issue, etc?

         Since you’ll also be writing a short country profile, you should know somewhat more about that country and its position on the issue—if it has an identifiable position. (In some instances your research will reveal that the nation has a documented official position.  In some instances, however, you will have to extrapolate from what your research tells you about the country’s other policies and views.)

         What is your proposal for addressing the issue and solving the problem? Remember, you can’t just wave a magic wand and say, “poof, the problem is solved.”  Your suggestions have to be realistic, taking into account the realities of international politics.

         What are other possible solutions to the problem?  In other words, your essay might want to provide a summary of the varying and opposing solutions, before you get to the explanation of what your views are.

         Quotations from specific government officials, or from international organizations, or from other countries, will provide a stronger sense of the stakes involved.

         Statistics will also help to strengthen your position, especially if you’re trying to convince others of your position.

         Other information not covered by the above but which would help to provide an understanding of the issue and your nation’s likely or documented position on the issue.